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Bruce Prichard Reacts To Ole Anderson & Virgil’s Deaths, Dijak News



Dijak’s Asylum match with Joe Gacy at NXT Roadblock was praised internally, but it was also criticized by some fans online for its use of duct tape.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday, the former T-BAR responded to a fan who said they appreciated the match because they didn’t take it too seriously. He wrote,

“Pro wrestling is a variety show and I love every variety. Everyone’s preferences should be respected and served. I love having serious matches, funny matches, weapons matches, all matches. Don’t let other people tell you something you liked was stupid. I’m glad you enjoyed it!”

Bruce Prichard recently took to his “Something To Wrestle” podcast to pay tribute to Virgil and Ole Anderson, who both passed away earlier this month.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Virgil: “Soul Train Jones is what [Virgil] worked as before he came in as Virgil, the assistant to the ‘Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase. A phenomenal physique. He was a natural bodybuilder and prided himself on that. In later years, I think that people had a little fun with the character, but [it’s] a sad day. Very very sad to hear about the passing of Mike Jones – Virgil. It’s that kind of stuff that hits you when it hits because he was a few years older than me … [We are sending] our condolences and our thoughts and prayers to the family of Mike Jones. Godspeed.”

On Ole Anderson: “Ole was one of those guys who had a mind for the business. He was a very straightforward, rough and rugged guy that ruled with an iron first. When you think of Georgia and you think of Georgia Championship Wrestling and later World Championship Wrestling … Dusty [Rhodes] was a great name that came through there and booked and was very successful, but always in that mix was Ole Anderson, who stayed in until WWF came in and they bought [it] out.”

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