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Bully Ray Believes WWE Will Turn Roman Reigns Babyface, Tommy Dreamer Talks Jade Cargill



At WrestleMania 40 (Night Two), Roman Reigns lost the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship to Cody Rhodes in the main event and Bully Ray recently took to the “Busted Open Radio” podcast to comment on where he believes WWE will go next with the Tribal Chief. He said,

“Roman Reigns, as of right now, in my eyes — babyface. The whole place was chanting, ‘Thank you, Roman,’ just because Cody suggested it.”

He added, “Especially after the documentary and what we learned about him, I think they’re setting Roman Reigns up for a nice babyface run.”

Also on the “Busted Open Radio” podcast, Tommy Dreamer commented on Jade Cargill’s WWE main roster debut, the upcoming WWE Draft and where Jade could land, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Jade Cargill’s potential opponents: “The ultimate money with her is her versus Rhea, but that’s why I say, she has to go through everybody to get to Rhea Ripley. Another match I would probably want to see at SummerSlam … have her first title [shot] at a marquee place. Whether she wins it or she loses it, that is going to be the bigger business. But you could put different people in her path. She could literally dominate the entire division.”

On where Cargill could go in the WWE Draft: “For Jade, I want to see her on Fox [on Smackdown]. I want to see her on USA [on Raw]. I want to continue this build because she is everything … I praise this woman for her time she’s in the business [and] what she has created about herself.”

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