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Bully Ray Praises Drew McIntyre’s New Character, Tam Nakano Staying With STARDOM



Bully Ray is a big fan of the new version of Drew McIntyre.

On a recent episode of the “Busted Open Radio” podcast, Bully Ray had nothing but high praise for McIntyre’s new heel character. He said,

“That Drew McIntyre might not be good for everybody else, but it’s really working for me. I like it when the package matches … the total package of Drew McIntyre — the bass in the voice, the extremely rugged man … not the whiny Drew McIntyre, that I believe, we’d gotten in the past.”

He continued, “This Drew seems to be a lot more in control, clear and concise, knows what he wants to do and knows what he wants to say. Since he’s put Punk on the shelf, he’s a more focused Drew McIntyre.”

While Rossy Ogawa has been accused of “poaching” talent from STARDOM and was recently fired from the company, Tam Nakano says she’s staying with her current home.

Speaking with Tokyo Sports, Nakano revealed that she will stay with STARDOM. She said,

“We will make it the best organization in the world. That is the goal of Chapter 2 of Tam Road! During my absence, I was helped by STARDOM’s fans and friends.I promised to repay the favor to Stardom, so no matter what happens to Stardom in the future, I feel that I must continue to protect STARDOM.”

Ogawa will be starting a new company following his exit.

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