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Cassie Lee On Why A Feud Between The IIconics & The Bella Twins Never Happened, More



A planned feud between the IIconics and the Bella Twins never wound up taking place, and Cassie Lee recently appeared on the “Ring the Belle” podcast to discuss the feud that never was. She said,

“All I know is that we were supposed to go into a story apparently from WrestleMania to the SummerSlam. That’s all I know.”

She added, “That would have been great. That would have been a dream come true for us, but everything happens for a reason.”

The IIconics were released from WWE in April of 2021 and had a brief run in TNA.

The official synopsis for the premiere episode of VICE TV’s Who Killed WCW? docuseries, which arrives on June 4th at 10:00 PM EST as part of a four-part series, has been released. It reads as follows,

“Through a series of unlikely events, brash young salesman Eric Bischoff lands control of WCW and aligns with star Hulk Hogan to create a ’90s pop culture phenomenon.”

Speaking of VICE TV, they will be releasing extended editions of previous Dark Side Of The Ring episodes in the coming weeks.

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