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Cassie Lee Reveals The Origin Of The IIconics Tag Team Name



Cassie Lee was a recent guest on the “Ring the Belle” podcast to discuss her partnership with Jessie McKay as part of the IIconics tag team.

During the podcast, Lee revealed the origin of the IIconics tag team name. She said,

“Well, they told us we couldn’t be ‘The Iconic Duo.’ It’s not copyrighted. I think it couldn’t be trademarked because it was just a regular phrase. So they were like, ‘You’ve got to come up with something new.’”

She continued, “So we were going to come up with something completely different away from that. Then we’re like, ‘No, this is who we are, and we’ve put all our work and energy into creating The Iconic Duo.’”

Lee (Peyton Royce) and McKay (Billie Kay) were released by WWE in April of 2021. They went on to work for Impact Wrestling as The IInspiration before stepping away from the ring.

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