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NewsWWEChelsea Green Requested The Return Of Samantha Irvin's Sassy Introduction

Chelsea Green Requested The Return Of Samantha Irvin’s Sassy Introduction



Fans have Chelsea Green to thank for Samantha Irvin bringing back her sassy announcement of Green’s name, according to the RAW Superstar.

In late 2023, Irvin stopped announcing Green to the ring in her unique way and it was reported that this was an edict from a WWE higher-up.

In a recent appearance on “The Ten Count” podcast, Green spoke about Irvin bringing her unique entrance back and revealed that she pushed for it. She said,

“I did go and I did ask and verbalized, ‘Hey, I love my announcement. I really don’t want it to go anywhere.’ But of course, at the end of the day, I just have to let it be because I’m still going out there to the ring, I’m still doing my job, I’m still wrestling, you know?… I said what I had to say and I left it and then three weeks later, after the internet kind of went up in flames over it, it came back and all I have to say is thank you Twitter. For once in my career, thank you Twitter.”

Green was part of last weekend’s women’s Royal Rumble match. While she didn’t win, she fared far better than her record-breaking short run in the 2023 match.

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