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NewsWWEDrew McIntyre Comments On Being A WWE Locker Room Leader

Drew McIntyre Comments On Being A WWE Locker Room Leader



Drew McIntyre recently spoke with Mike Johnson of PWInsider where he discussed a wide range of topics.

During the interview, the top WWE Superstar discussed being a locker room leader. He said,

“I think there’s a few now more than one specific person. When the guys have been around for a long time, when people go alright, that’s the you know the leader there but I was there when Taker was there, it was very clear and didn’t have to say a word. Like that’s the man right there.

“Just the way he carried himself and Roman when he was full-time, he had that very similar, you know, just cool, very in control and had wrestled, you know, at the top level for so long, even though I’d been around longer, like that’s the guy right there. Now he had that same kind of Taker vibe and now there’s a bunch of us.”

McIntyre also discussed his locker room leader style. He stated,

“I’d say I’m a quieter leader. Like I don’t force my opinion. There’s a few guys I’ll go directly and say ‘Hey, you need to do this, this, this’ unless it’s genuinely terrible and hurting our show I’ll 100% say something, but a lot of time they’ll come to me and I’m there for anybody that wants my opinion.

“Somebody that you know, came up through the system, had to get fired to find themselves, has been part of the independent scene, has been part of the growth of social media, being part of the old ways and being part of the new ways. You know, I have some advice to give and you can take it or leave it because in the end, it’s going to be what works for you. I take advice all day long from everybody. And the thing I’ve learned is take what works for me and discard what doesn’t.”

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