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Drew McIntyre Would Love To Have WWE World Heavyweight Title Match At Clash At The Castle



Drew McIntyre won the World Heavyweight Championship at WWE WrestleMania 40 (Night Two), but lost it to Damian Priest when he cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase. Priest has already said McIntyre will get the next title shot.

Speaking with Mike Johnson of PWInsider, McIntyre discussed next month’s Clash at the Castle pay-per-view event. He said,

“This is something beyond a dream. I talked about for years and spoke about it with yourself and everyone else has listened to me for years that the UK needs to get a significant event. I’ve been asking since the day I was in WWE and I always heard the logistics excuse, this and this, then suddenly we’re doing shows all across the world places like Australia, they’ve got the craziest time difference. Finally the original Clash at the Castle, it happened. That was, my goodness, a dream come true. I wrestled in the main event, could have done without singing that stupid freakin’ song afterwards. Nonetheless, it was just an amazing experience. But never thought for a second, ‘Hey, we’re gonna get you know, a PLE and big event in Scotland.’ I was smartened up a few months ago, ‘Hey it’s going to happen.’ It’s beyond dreams… growing up, I didn’t think about this because it wasn’t a real thing. The idea to get to go back there and be part of such a big show while the industry is so hot. If the industry wasn’t as hot, I can assure you the Scottish wrestling fans were just as crazy, and if you think Backlash was something, just wait for the songs. The Scottish fans will be bringing it, and if I’m in less than a title match, quite frankly, I’ll be upset.”

McIntyre also stated that he would love to wrestle CM Punk, who is currently injured, at the event. He said,

“As much as I’d love to slap [CM] Punk around in front of all my friends and family and in Glasgow where I went to university for a year, one of the roughest places in the world. If I don’t finish the job, they’ll finish it for me. It’s about getting that title back. Having the title for five minutes and 46 seconds at WrestleMania was pretty cool. It was a legitimate very special moment and you could tell how much it meant to me, having that moment with the fans and my wife and my brother before we went into the other stuff, which obviously advanced stories, but I want that type of magic. [Damian] Priest has still got the title, we had words last week, and whatever he said everyone thinks, Priest got one over on Drew – you can never get one over on Drew, nobody gets one over on Drew, cause Drew’s playing chess, while Priest is playing with his guyliner. Give him a rematch, that’s all I wanted. McIntyre is always one step ahead. I would love to have that title match if he’s still the champion in Scotland and finally have that moment with the title and actually keep the title, but I could never have imagined it could potentially be in Glasgow. So that’s my dream scenario.

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