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NewsWWEEric Young Had To Sign An NDA Before Being Granted WWE Release

Eric Young Had To Sign An NDA Before Being Granted WWE Release



Former WWE NXT Tag Team Champion Eric Young had to sign an NDA during his most recent run with the company in which he never appeared on TV.

Young was part of the names rehired to WWE in 2022 but after months of not being used on TV, he left the company in April 2023 after being granted his requested release.

On a recent edition of the “Sunday Night’s Main Event” podcast, Young spoke about his departure from WWE and the circumstances behind his exit. He said,

“I actually never left my house. I mean, the whole story’s wild. Again, I had to sign an NDA, and I’m not allowed to say names… [He is asked if the NDA is as ironclad as Janel Grant’s NDA] I don’t know. It depends if it goes federal or not. I mean, I might be able to say everything here within a few months but, the truth is, I don’t need to talk badly on it.

“It is what it is and I talked to Hunter and he hired me back and wanted me back there and I was and another person came back and I won’t work for that person, I won’t be around that person and I said that when I left there the first time when I got fired and I meant it and you know, for me, there was tons of professional reasons. But mostly, it’s a personal and moral decision.”

While not specified, it is believed that the person brought back that Young refused to work with is Vince McMahon, who forced his way back into WWE in early 2023.

McMahon would resign from WWE for the second time in January 2024 due to the Grant lawsuit. Following his WWE release, Young returned to TNA Wrestling.

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