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Hulk Hogan Says Rescuing Woman Involved In Car Accident Was ‘A Miracle’



Last month, Hulk Hogan, accompanied by his wife and a friend, was driving on a highway in Clearwater, FL, when an accident unfolded right before them. The car involved in the accident veered erratically across lanes to exit but collided with another vehicle, causing it to flip over.

Hogan and his friend immediately pulled over and rushed to the driver’s aid without hesitation. They successfully rescued the woman from the car. With their combined efforts, the woman was safely unbuckled from her seatbelt and they got her out.

In a recent interview with Erick Stakelbeck, Hogan addressed his heroic deed.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On moving in immediately to help the girl: “My main concern was that so many cars were coming off at speed that we might get rear-ended and then run into her and finish the job that might have already happened in the car. The main thing was to get the traffic stopped and see how many people were in the car, and get her out of the car.”

On the girl being relatively unhurt after the accident: “It was like a miracle. She was 17 years old, shaking like a little wet puppy, scared to death. And by looking at her, she had no injuries, no broken arms, no broken legs, no blood, no nothing.”

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