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Johnny Gargano Wants The Kelce Brothers vs. The Paul Brothers For WWE SummerSlam 2024



The city of Cleveland will host the SummerSlam 2024 pay-per-view event, and Johnny Gargano hopes to be part of the show. 

In a recent interview with Fox News, Gargano expressed his excitement about the event taking place at Cleveland Browns Stadium and discussed the possibility of a match between Logan & Jake Paul and Travis & Jason Kelce.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On the notion of a Paul brothers vs. Kelce brothers tag match at SummerSlam: “Yeah, that’d be big. You never know. Look, it’s in Cleveland Browns Stadium, I will say. There are members of the Cleveland Browns roster that are wrestling fans. I’ll mention David Njoku especially. I know Myles Garrett’s done a Shawn Michaels pose a few times as well. I would not rule out any Cleveland Browns being in attendance that night. But Paul brothers versus Kelce brothers, that is definitely box office. Big headlines. You never know.”

On SummerSlam taking place in Cleveland: “I heard a few months ago that it was a possibility. And when I heard it was a possibility, I said, ‘Please, just please.’ You know how freaking cool that would be? This is something I’ve been waiting for, I don’t want to say my whole life, but essentially my whole life, for the majority of my life. A huge big four WWE event in Cleveland, Ohio. The fact that it’s in Cleveland Browns Stadium is something I never thought would happen.”

On possibly wrestling at Browns Stadium: “The fact that it’s actually happening, it’s actually a real thing, not just a daydream … the fact that SummerSlam is coming to Cleveland, Ohio, and I am an active member of the WWE roster, and I have a chance to wrestle in that stadium on that show, it feels like destiny, man. It really, really does.”

On his goal for the show: “I just want to be on SummerSlam in any way, shape or form. But if it were to shake out that way, if we were to get a shot at the WWE tag-team titles at SummerSlam in my hometown, and the fact that it’s in Cleveland Browns Stadium. I had my senior prom in Cleveland Browns Stadium. I had my 30th birthday party, thanks to my lovely wife, in Cleveland Browns Stadium. I trained for Takeover: New York for my NXT championship in Cleveland Browns Stadium. I have so much history in that building. I pride myself on being the Cleveland professional wrestler because I am very proud to rep it wherever I go. If I were to get the opportunity to win the WWE tag-team titles in that stadium for my family and friends, that would be… something I would remember for a very, very long time. Until the day I die really. That’s the culmination of years of work. So, who knows? We’ll see what happens.”

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