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Karl Anderson – ‘Sometimes You Gotta’ Sit And Be Patient In WWE’



Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows briefly appeared in WWE NXT earlier this year, and Anderson recently appeared on the “Busted Open Radio” podcast to discuss The O.C’s time on the NXT brand.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On their NXT run: “That was fun. Having the opportunity to go down there and seeing guys that are truly new to professional wrestling, a couple of the kids that we worked about a month ago, that we wrestled with, they’re only two years in pro wrestling and only two years into training. So being able to talk with them about talking through a match and talking inside the ring about a match, and then after the match, talking to them about the match, it was kind of fun to be able to talk to legitimate kids that are 23, 24,25 years old that are hungry, and they’re really hungry because they’re passionate about the business. It’s been cool to go down there and see that.”

On if they felt like they weren’t getting used enough on the main roster: “I don’t know so much that it’s not being used the way we think we should be used. It’s just, WWE, sometimes you gotta sit, and you gotta take your time, you gotta be patient, and you gotta wait. We’re competitive guys, right, so we always want to be used. We always want to be on TV, we’re always ready and willing to go. We want to be on Raw, we want to be on SmackDown. We want to be on all the PLEs. But sometimes you gotta take a step back because there’s a lot of guys there, a lot of girls there, a lot of stuff going on, especially with the last year, the last couple years, especially with the way it’s been. So you gotta be patient. Also, getting the call to go to NXT, zero negative. If anything, we got the text, I believe we were actually driving to SmackDown that day. We got the group text about going to NXT from one of the writers, and it just excited us. We’ve been doing this a long time, over 20 years, for us to get in the ring, talk wrestling, talk about promos, talk about storylines, and physically get in the ring and do it, it still excites us. It’s the only thing that really gets me going anymore in the world, besides watching my kids hitting a home run or something. So being able to go to NXT, total positive. We did it for about a month, I think it was a month or five weeks or whatever it was, and I wouldn’t mind it being more. Any chance we get to be in a pro wrestling ring, we’re just ready.”

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