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NBA Fans Chant Yeet, Jim Ross Note, Mustafa Ali Teases Reprising WWE Finisher, More



WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is set to launch his latest book titled “Business Is About To Pick Up” co-written by Paul O’Brien, tomorrow. The book delves into Ross’ illustrious career and showcases some of his most memorable calls.

During a recent Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game, the audience was prompted to participate in a “Yeet” chant as Jey Uso’s theme song played.

During a timeout of Game 7 of the Cavaliers versus Orlando Magic game, the in-house hype man played Uso’s song, and the crowd began to cheer.

WWE CCO Triple H shared a clip of the moment on social media, writing,

“All the way from #WWEBacklash France to the @NBA… Jey Uso’s aura always translates.”

TNA X Division Champion Mustafa Ali noted on Twitter that he is contemplating reinstating his signature move from his WWE days. Specifically, Ali is considering using the 054, a variation of the 450 splash performed backwards.

He tweeted,Might need to bring back the 0-5-4.

And finally, Pro Wrestling NOAH has announced that Gabe Kidd will challenge Kaito Kiyomiya for the GHC Heavyweight Title at the ‘NOAH Grand Ship’ event on June 16 in Yokohama.

Kidd’s participation in the event was announced following his attack on Kiyomiya during the recent ‘All Together’ event. 

You can check out the announcement below:

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