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NewsWWER-Truth Says He's Still In The Judgment Day, Ripley Thanks Damian Priest...

R-Truth Says He’s Still In The Judgment Day, Ripley Thanks Damian Priest For ‘Mami’ Nickname



The Judgment Day attacked R-Truth last Monday on WWE RAW, but it seems Truth believes he is still part of the heel faction.

After posting the definition of a gang initiation, Truth tried to calm his critics on Twitter.

He tweeted, “Calm down my peoples, I really appreciate your support and concerns, but it’s part of the gig… Live, Laugh & Love I’m DEFINITELY in The Judgement Day now #dontbelievethehype #imin”

During a recent appearance on the “NotSam Wrestling” podcast, Rhea Ripley revealed the origin of her ‘Mami’ nickname in WWE.

As it turns out, the ‘Mami’ nickname was actually Damian Priest’s idea. In fact, Ripley had a different nickname in mind. She said,

[Mami] was a Priest thing. I went out there, came back after kneeing myself in the face and busting my front two teeth, I had braces for a week, it was great. I came back from that, and we came back on Rey’s anniversary. That’s where I decided to be a little menace, be myself, and I ordered an Eddie Guerrero shirt and I came out with ‘I’m Your Papi’ shirt, just to see what the hell was going to happen from that. That was a me call and just me doing something that I thought was right and I wanted to stir the pot a little bit. I started the whole Papi thing, I got told I couldn’t be Papi, so Priest was like, ‘Well, you’re Mami.’ I was like, ‘Damn straight I’m Mami. We’re going to roll with that.’ The Mami thing makes me feel comfortable. I just got out there and I’m a child version of myself. I go out there, have fun, do little menace things, make fun of people. Just going out there and having fun.”

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