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Roxanne Perez Names Her Target Opponents For Main Roster, Nick Khan On WWE/UFC Crossover



WWE NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez made her RAW debut this week, and she has revealed who she would like to face on WWE’s main roster.

In an appearance on the “MuscleManMalcolm” podcast during WrestleMania 40 weekend, Perez named five people she would like to face from the main roster.

“Oh my gosh, so many. But first, off the top of my head, Bayley. I do want to wrestle Rhea Ripley again. Becky Lynch, IYO SKY…that fifth one, there’s so many, it’s hard to choose the fifth one.”

When asked about AJ Lee, Perez replied, “AJ Lee, but she’s not a part of the roster. But of course, I would love to wrestle AJ Lee… Probably Dakota Kai.”

In a recent appearance on “The Town” podcast, WWE President Nick Khan discussed why TKO is avoiding any crossover between the UFC and WWE thus far.

While certain WWE Superstars have appeared at UFC events and vice versa following the TKO merger, there has not been any crossover yet.

Khan said, “We’re predetermined. We think our athletes are the best in the world and all of those great things. Those guys are fighting each other for their lives and their livelihood. It’s a great sport and they’ve done a tremendous job.”

He continued, “I think Mark Shapiro said at a conference a couple of years ago, UFC’s the number four sport in the country. So we at WWE think that UFC has earned that status. People talk about it, it’s pervasive, it’s penetrated society. You might say to your kid I’m gonna tap out. Like, I’m done for the night. That’s all UFC.”

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