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ResultsDYNAMITEAEW Dynamite March 25, 2020 Full Results & Report

AEW Dynamite March 25, 2020 Full Results & Report



Plans change but AEW rolls on!

AEW cannot go forward with Blood & Guts at this time, but Dynamite will still be explosive! Luchasaurus, Wardlow, and Lumberjacks, oh my!


  • Cody VS Jimmy Havoc; Cody wins.
  • Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford VS Darby Allin; Allin wins.
  • Jake Hager VS Chico Adams; Hager wins.
  • Brodie Lee VS QT Marshall; Lee wins.
  • AAA Mega Championship: Kenny Omega VS Sammy Guevara; Omega wins and retains the AAA Mega Championship.


AEW opens with Tony Schiavone alongside Kenny Omega and Cody Rhodes!

The American Nightmare will be up first on the card, but there’s a lot more to tonight’s Dynamite! Y2J wants to confront Matt Hardy now that he’s in AEW! But without further ado…

Cody VS Jimmy Havoc!

Lance Archer is targeting Cody while the hardcore addict is waiting for Luther to show himself again. Will this match be able to end definitively with lethal enemies lurking?

We get a look backstage, and Shawn Spears is hosting another Dynamite betting pool party. The Gunn Club joins him, are they putting their money on The Elite tonight?

The bell rings and Cody circles with Havoc. They tie up and go around, and Havoc headlocks. Cody endures as Havoc grinds, and he powers out. Havoc bumps Cody but Cody runs Havoc over. Things speed up, Cody whips and Havoc hurdles to stop himself. Havoc Oklahoma Rolls Cody, ONE! Cody rolls Havoc, ONE! Havoc sweeps the legs and covers, ONE as Cody slips out a la Riho. Cody blocks the arm-drag once but Havoc goes the other way to get it. Havoc goes after Cody’s arm and pulls on the wrist and fingers. Cody endures and powers Havoc to a corner and pushes him into buckles. The ref calls for the break but Cody whips. havoc reverses, Cody goes up and sunset flips, TWO!

Havoc matchbook, TWO to a sunset! TWO, and the two men back off. Ring crew applaud but Havoc tells them to shut up. Havoc offers a handshake, Cody takes it, and surprisingly there are no tricks. But then Havoc ROCKS Cody out of the grapple! Havoc digs a knee int Cody but backs off at the ref’s count. Cody ROCKS Havoc back! Cody throws more hands but walks into a HARD right! Havoc drags Cody up to wristlock ripcord, but Cody dodges and springboards, NIGHTMARE CUTTER! Cody seethes as he puts on the Figure Four! Havoc endures, reaches up and grabs Cody’s ear! The ref reprimands but Havoc lets go. Havoc endures the hold more, but he rakes Cody’s eyes! Havoc is free and the two men stagger.

Cody throws Havoc out of the ring but uses some water to clear out his eyes. Havoc stands, Cody runs and DIVES! Direct hit sends Havoc into barriers! Cody whips Havoc into the stage! Spears shouts for Havoc to get back in this, but Cody whips Havoc to the far side! Havoc crashes into railing but Cody keeps on him with clubbing forearms. Jericho has joined the betting pool and is of course anti-Cody. Cody puts Havoc in the ring and hurries in, but Havoc goes to the stage. Cody pursues but Havoc throws body shots! Havoc brings Cody to commentary to bump him off the desk. “Hey, Cody. Well I’m on commentary now.” Havoc knows Cody will return to commentary one way or another, but he needs a tongue to talk. He grabs Cody’s tongue before hitting a European Uppercut!

The ref reprimands Havoc as he stalks Cody back to the ring. Cody gets in and Havoc follows, but Cody kicks low! And hits the Rhodes Uppercut! Cody throws hands on Havoc in the corner then bumps him off buckles. Cody runs corner to corner, but Havoc arm-drags Cody into buckles! Jericho likes that! And the snap suplex into buckles, too! The ref checks on Cody and the Gunn Club rally for Cody, but Havoc drags Cody up. Havoc ROCKS Cody with a right, then wrenches an arm for an armlock. Havoc stands on the hand to STOMP the arm! Cody writhes but Havoc stomps him more. Havoc puts Cody in a corner to rake the eyes! The ref reprimands and Havoc backs off. Havoc runs but Cody TOSSES him to the STAGE!

Cody goes out to the stage and drags Havoc up. Cody suplexes Havoc, and hangs him out on the ropes. Havoc flops down, Cody refreshes the count, and then goes back out. Cody goes up the tunnel, runs all the way back, and CLOTHESLINES Havoc into the ring! Cody wrings Havoc’s arm out, then suplexes for an X-Plex! He takes off the weight belt, tosses it to wife Brandi, and drags Havoc up. Cody runs, springboards, into an ARMBAR! Havoc has Cody as Jericho and Spears go wild! Havoc tortures the fingers to get the armbar in full! Cody push Havoc back to a cover, TWO! Havoc keeps on the arm, but Cody uses a leg for the ropebreak! Havoc lets up but the damage is done.

Cody slowly stands and blocks a kick to spin Havoc around! Havoc kicks out of Cross Rhodes to PELE the ARM! Havoc rolls Cody for a mounted wristlock! Cody resists even as Havoc bends fingers! Cody rolls around to get another ropebreak. Havoc wristlock ripcords, ACID RAIN MAKER! Cover, TWO!! Cody survives and Havoc can’t believe it. Neither can Spears or Jericho. Havoc stalks Cody to a corner for body shots, then he climbs up. But Cody pops out to put Havoc on the top rope! Cody climbs up from behind and drags Havoc into the dragon sleeper. INVERTED SUPERPLEX! Cody glares as he gets his bad arm working. He drags Havoc back into the dragon sleeper, CROSS RHODES! But that’s not all, ANOTHER CROSS RHODES! Cover, Cody wins!

Winner: Cody Rhodes, by pinfall

The American Nightmare ends Havoc’s 2020 win streak, and the Gunn Club wins big money! Will this help The Elite be in the right mindset for the eventual Blood & Guts showdown with Jericho and his Inner Circle?

Wait! Jake the Snake Roberts has a message for Cody and AEW!

“Lance Archer is romping and stomping, chomping at the bit just to get in the ring with somebody from All Elite Wrestling.” When AEW started, it basically took the best from other companies that wanted to change things. It all started a year ago, claiming to be what no one ever saw before and to be what the people wanted. Jake the Snake feels he’s the best mind wrestling’s ever had, and yet not a single phone call. Archer was doing some of the best work, but he wasn’t called. But that’s the key right there! The Elite saw what Archer was doing, and were afraid. Jake gets that, because he’s still paying for doctor bills from that last training session.

But Jake pleads with “Caesar” that they finally do something. “Give us a chance. Bring your people.” It could be anyone, even that “old man” Arn and “what’s her name.” Samson’s Delilah, Caesar’s Cleopatra, or Bill’s Monica (he means Brandi). But someone needs to sit down with Jake and Archer to give them something to sign that says, “Cody will meet them.” Just once. They want it done and they want it now. But it’s all on Cody. Just trust Jake. What will the American Nightmare say to The Snake and his Murder Hawk?

AEW returns with Cody back on commentary.

Cody admits his elbow is going to need a “look see,” but he focuses on that message from Jake The Snake. Jake just sounds bitter to Cody. And yes, Archer did great in NJPW but that doesn’t mean he gets a free pass in AEW. But since they’re demanding it, fine! Archer gets to have his AEW in-ring debut next week. Will the Murder Hawk continue to have an impressive run when he finally shows All Elite Wrestling what he can do?

Darby Allin has a new video message.

“Kip Sabian. I don’t see anything Superbad about you. Those are just words.” Allin’s eyes tell the story of a man who, before he learned his lesson, wanted to see how bad things could get first. Allin knows super bad people. He’s gotten too close to those people. He takes off masks of Jake Hager, Santana and Ortiz, and says he learned his lesson the hard way. Kip learns tonight that he is nothing more than a sacrifice “for the sins of the Inner Circle.”

Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford VS Darby Allin!

We heard what the undead daredevil thinks about Kip, and what this match is really about. Is Superbad about to have a real bad time tonight?

The bell rings and Darby circles with Kip. They tie up, Darby headlocks but Kip powers out. Darby runs Kip over and covers, TWO! Kip scrambles to where Penelope is and she coaches him up. The two circle again and they tie up again. Darby wrenches to a hammerlock then headlock and grinds tight. Kip powers out but Darby ducks and dodges to roll Kip up! TWO, and Kip bails out. Penelope calms and coaches Kip again while Darby waits. Kip goes back in and circles with Darby. Kip calls for a test of strength, and Darby accepts. But Kip kicks low and puts on a headlock. Darby powers out but Kip runs him over. Kip talks trash then runs but Darby drops, jumps and whips. Kip reverses but Darby hits a flying arm-drag!

Darby rushes after Kip but Kip bails out again. Kip again regroups with Penelope but Darby goes out and runs their way. Penelope gets Kip clear and Darby wipes out into railing! Kip drags Darby up to throw into the empty stands. The ref tells Kip to bring this back to the ring, but Kip only refreshes the count. Kip rams Darby into apron! Kip stalks Darby over to steel steps and stomps him into them. AEW goes to break just as Kip puts Darby back in the ring.

AEW returns as Penelope gets in a cheap shot on Darby! The Superbad Girl gets away with stomps before Kip goes out to fetch Darby. Kip puts Darby in and drags Darby up for a torture rack. Darby lands on his feet out of the toss to SLAP and SLAP and SLAP! Darby whips but Kip reverses. Kip runs in but Darby elbows him away. Darby boots Kip then leaps over him to shotgun dropkick Kip into buckles! Darby fires himself up and goes corner to corner, for a big back body check! Both men stagger but Darby gets around Kip for the THROWBACK STUNNER! Cover, TWO! Penelope panics while Kip and Darby writhe. Darby gets up and drags Kip up, but Kip rams him into a corner. Kip rams Darby more and more then goes to the apron.

Kip brings Darby to the corner and PULLS him against the post! The ref counts and Kip lets up at 3 to get back in the ring. Kip grins as he runs and springboards, but Darby ducks the enziguri! Darby slingshots over Kip’s baseball slide, but Penelope again gets Kip clear. Darby stops his dive, but sees where Kip is headed, and DIVES out that side! Direct hit into railing! Darby drags Kip up and into the ring, then aims from the apron. Penelope grabs Darby’s feet! The ref is busy with Kip, Kip triangle enziguris! Kip drags Darby up and drags him onto ropes, for the DRAPING NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Darby still lives and Penelope is furious!

Kip keeps his focus as he pushes Darby around. Kip gives toying kicks but Darby gets mad. Darby stands up to throw forearm after forearm! Darby runs, but into a pop-up KNEE! Kip hits a spinning HAYMAKER! But Darby gets Kip’s leg for a takedown! Figure four cover, the Last Supper! Darby wins!!

Winner: Darby Allin, by pinfall

The undead underdog takes the win! Will this “sacrifice” be what helps Darby rise up and bring down the Inner Circle?

Jake Hager VS Chico Adams!

The Big Hurt has done a lot to earn that nickname, just ask Dustin Rhodes. Hager ruined an AEW debut for Joe Alonzo, will he do the same thing tonight?

The bell rings and Hager circles with Adams. They tie up, and Hager waistlocks to bring Adams to a corner. Hager POSTS Adams, then does it again! Adams flops out of the corner but Hager hits the HAGER BOMB! Hager digs his knee into Adam’s back, no hands! He lets up and lets Adams stand, to then scoop Adams up. Adams slips out and throws hands but is put in a corner. Adams dodges to corner clothesline! But then he runs into an URENAGE! ARM TRIANGLE! Adams fades out, Hager wins!

Winner: Jake Hager, by submission

And once again, Hager puts the hurt on another man. But wait! Jon Moxley is here!! The AEW World Champion stares Hager down as he gets in the ring. And the fight is on!! Moxley kicks low, PARADIGM SHIFT!! Hager revives?! And gets the Ankle Lock! Moxley rolls and throws Hager out. Moxley uses the belt as a weapon and Hager backs off. The Inner Circle needs to keep their heads on a swivel. Will the Maniac put them all down soon enough?

AEW Media catches up to Moxley backstage.

“I told you, you big gruesome son of a bi*ch: check your blind spots.” Moxley goes where he wants, when he wants, and does what he wants. He’s 100% cleared and out for blood! Hager walked away tonight, but “when this comes to a head, and it will” with the title on the line, Hager ain’t walking at all. Hager is going to be carted out on a stretcher, or Moxley will die trying. When and where will the Big Hurt have his golden opportunity?

AEW has footage of The Exalted One and the Dark Order.

Brodie Lee revealed himself as the leader of The Dark Order. He cuts a juicy steak while asking the Beaver Boys, John Silver and Alex Reynolds, if they understand what “the new rule” means. How do they not grasp the concept of strength in numbers? This is the new Dark Order. Do they not get it yet? They do what they want, when they want. Understand? They are the lions of AEW, and they prey on the weak. What part of that do they not understand?

But as John Silver goes to cut into his own filet mignon, Brodie tells him no. Does it look like he’s done eating yet?! Go! Get out of here! Silver leaves, and Brodie tells Reynolds they don’t even touch their food until he’s done. Reynolds then sneezes! Brodie kicks him out, too. Brodie finishes his civilized meal in peace. But will there be peace in AEW now that the Exalted One is here?

Brodie Lee VS QT Marshall!

We saw last week how The Exalted One treats his enemies when his arrival also brought the beat down of SoCal Uncensored. We just saw tonight how The Exalted One treats his minions like they’re beta males in a pride of lions. What kind of treatment will we see Brodie Lee give to the Nightmare Family’s Gift?

Spears’ betting pool party continues, and Dasha’s joined the action? She and the Gunn Club taunt Kip, both about losing and apparently about being gassy. But in the ring, Brodie BOOTS QT before a bell! The ref calls for the bell and Brodie stomps QT out of the ring. Brodie fetches QT to TOSS him at the apron! And then RAM him into the railing! The ref counts but Brodie takes his time bringing QT up for a CHOP! Brodie rakes QT’s eyes as the count passes 5, and puts QT in the ring. The ref reprimands but Brodie slingshot sentons! Brodie glares at the ref before aiming at QT. He runs corner to corner to back elbow, then he whips corner to corner for another elbow!

Brodie brings QT up for a HUGE suplex! And then he brings QT up for another! QT writhes but Brodie runs to CLUB him on the back. Brodie paces, and even stares at the timekeeper’s area where Brandi sits. Brodie drags QT up by his ear, but QT uppercuts back! QT throws hands, Brodie pushes him, but QT kicks back! And enziguris! Brodie ends up in a corner but he puts QT on the apron. QT enziguris again then climbs up top. QT leaps but Brodie gets under. SCRAPBUSTER! Brodie paces before making sure his Creeper is watching. Brodie drags QT up again, and a familiar hold again, before the DISCUS LARIAT!! Cover, Brodie wins!

Winner: Brodie Lee, by pinfall

The Exalted One has his first win in AEW. But is it just the first of many as he and the Dark Order take over?

But wait, the Creeper gets in the ring and presents QT with a green mask. It seems it is an open invitation to #JoinDarkOrder. Will QT accept?

Matt Hardy has a message for AEW!

“Do to the transgressions against my allies, the Bucks of Youth and The Elite, the Inner Circle must be BROKEN!” Hardy is ready to DELETE them! But will Jericho’s unified unit stay strong even against the broken power that has joined The Elite?

AEW has a medical update for Nick Jackson.

One of the reasons The Elite called upon Hardy was because The Inner Circle brutally attacked Nick to the point where he was taken away from the arena and hospitalized. With that update is the “west coast correspondent,” Vanguard 1. Vanguard 1 flies into the Jackson family garage/gym in Rancho Cucamonga. Nick is exercising when he notices Vanguard. He wants to get closer but the drone keeps its distance and ends transmission. Clearly Nick is in good health and raring to get back to action. When and where will the Bucks of Youth be reunited in the ring?

AAA Mega Championship: Kenny Omega VS Sammy Guevara!

The crossover of AEW and AAA returns as the Double Promotion Champion takes on The Spanish God. But Sammy, ever the egotistical artist, has posters set up in seats at ringside. He has Captain Kirk and Le Champion cheering him on, as well as a drawing of Brandi Rhodes. That last one is of course to mess with Cody, but Sammy’s focus may be on the wrong person. Will the Best Bout Machine win in this golden sampler of Blood & Guts?

AEW returns as Omega makes his entrance. Sammy hops out to join Le Champion in chanting “Kenny Sucks!” But Sammy returns for the introductions, the raising of the belt, and the beginning of this AAAEW crossover!

Omega and Sammy circle and tie up. They go around and Sammy puts Omega on the ropes. Sammy lets up before the ref counts, and they tie up again. Sammy waistlocks and slams Omega down, then floats over to flex on him. Omega gets up as Sammy facelocks, and Omega pries free to a wristlock. Omega wrenches but Sammy pie faces him to the ropes. But Omega gets around Sammy to slam him down and float to his own facelock. Omega slaps Sammy around but Sammy gets away to a corner. Spears’ betting pool party continues and is still rowdy, except for Kip. Sammy stands up and ties up with Omega again.

Sammy trips Omega and gets the facelock back on, but Omega gets up. Omega pries out again and wrenches gain, but Sammy flips and wrenches back. Omega slips through to get up and under and throw Sammy! Sammy kips up to arm-drag Omega, and things speed up. Sammy jumps, flips and dropkicks Omega out! Then he hits a Sammyrooni! Omega gets in but Sammy dodges and rakes Omega’s eyes! The ref reprimands and Sammy backs off, only to rake eyes again! The ref pulls Sammy off but Sammy dropkicks Omega out! Omega staggers around the corner but Sammy follows after. Sammy whips Omega into the post! The ref counts as Sammy slams Omega’s arm on the apron.

Dasha and the Gunn Club are all fired up backstage and Kip wakes up to see Omega down. Kip likes that as he cheers for Sammy. Sammy brings Omega up as the ring count climbs, and he whips Omega into railing! The railings sure are getting a lot of attention tonight. Sammy slaps Omega around, then clubs him on the back. Omega CHOPS back but Sammy throws another forearm. Omega CHOPS, Sammy throws a forearm. Sammy clubs and knees Omega then refreshes the count. Sammy whips again but Omega reverses, only for Sammy to JUMP the railing! He says hi to Le Champion and sits with “Brandi” as Omega storms over. Sammy ROCKS Omega with a right outta nowhere! Sammy hotshots Omega’s bad hand on the railing!

Omega staggers away as Sammy pulls the Brandi poster off the chair. Sammy kisses it?! The Spanish God French kisses it, even. Spears and the betting pool can be heard chanting, “More Tongue! More Tongue!” as AEW goes to break.

AEW returns again as Sammy throws Omega out of the ring. Omega bumps apron and into railing but Sammy pursues. Sammy slams Omega’s bad hand on railing again! Sammy says hey to the real Brandi but Omega turns him around to DECK him! Omega brings Sammy up for a back suplex, but Sammy slips out! Sammy dodges Omega’s punch to again say hey to Brandi, but she SLAPS him! Omega snap suplexes Sammy to the floor! Omega drags Sammy up to throw into steel steps! Sammy clutches his knee but Omega brings him up to throw him back into the steps! Omega drags Sammy up and into the ring to stop the count. Omega goes up top and leaps, BIG crossbody! Cover, TWO!

Omega stays on Sammy, and Spears shoves Billy Gunn in frustration. The Chair Man storms out of his own party while Omega stands Sammy up. Omega CHOPS Sammy as the Gunn Club goes after Spears. Omega clubs and elbows Sammy to the corner then whips him corner to corner. He runs in but Sammy dodges! Omega hits buckles, Sammy runs and tilt-o-whirls. Omega blocks but Sammy victory rolls to an ARMBAR! But Omega blocks with a tight grip, so Sammy clubs away on the hands. Sammy gets the arm but Omega’s leg gets the ropebreak. Sammy lets go to stomp the bad hand. Omega clutches that hand but Sammy grabs the other and drags Omega to the apron. Sammy slams the arm on the apron!

Sammy stalks into the ring and tackles Omega down to the mat! He STOMPS the arm! Omega clutches the hand but Sammy pulls on the arm. Sammy standing moonsaults, but FLOPS as Omega gets away! Omega gets up and Sammy follows. Omega CHOPS Sammy at the ropes! And CHOPS again! Sammy is stinging as Omega prepares his right hands. Omega fakes Sammy out to kick low! Omega headbutts Sammy down! Sammy checks his nose but Omega drags him up. Omega fireman’s carries, “YOU! CAN’T! ESCAPE!” But Sammy BITES the bad hand! Sammy slips out, back suplexes, and KICKS Omega on the way down! Cover, TWO! Omega survives and Sammy is seething.

Dasha and the Gunn Club are fired up backstage, apparently having dealt with Spears. Kip and his puppy are the only ones left cheering for Sammy, and even then it might only be Kip. Sammy tortures Omega’s arm and finger then stomps the hand. Sammy drops an elbow on the hand, then drags Omega into a cover. TWO, but Sammy is on Omega with a half straitjacket, using the bad arm. Omega endures as Sammy leans on him. Sammy cranks on the arm but Omega fights his way up. Omega gets to his feet and throws elbows and body shots. Omega is free but Sammy CLUBS him! Sammy ROCKS Omega with a right in the corner! Sammy brings Omega up for a suplex as AEW goes to break.

AEW returns yet again as Sammy and Omega brawl with haymakers. They hit back and forth, back and forth, and Sammy gets an edge with forearms. But Omega ducks and waistlocks! Sammy resists and elbows free. Omega BOOTS Sammy into buckles! Omega goes to the far corner and dares Sammy to stand. Sammy staggers into Polish hammers! Omega’s bad hand slows him down, and he spins into Sammy’s back kick! Sammy runs, into the POLISH HAMMER! Cover, TWO! Dasha and the Gunn Club are more frustrated than Omega is right now. They’re also more fired up than he is right now.

Omega drags Sammy up, whips but Sammy holds ropes. Omega keeps trying but Sammy holds on. Sammy clubs the bad hand then whips Omega. Omega ducks, redirects and dropkicks the legs out! KOTARO KRUSHER! Cover, TWO! Omega grits his teeth and clutches his hand but he won’t be deterred. He drags Sammy up by his hair and puts on the full nelson. Sammy resists by grabbing his own leg, then breaks free. Sammy runs, Omega reels him in and CLUBS him on the back! Omega full nelsons, but Sammy pops up to a victory roll, STOMP 182! STANDING SHOOTING STAR! Cover, TWO!! Omega survives and Austin Gunn sings, “Hallelujah!” Is this still all for a bet?

Omega goes to a corner as Sammy slowly rises. Sammy runs in but into Omega’s boot. He tries again but Omega puts him on the apron. Sammy throws a punch to the bad hand then enziguris Omega away. Omega staggers, Sammy springboards for a CUTTER! Omega bails out but Sammy FLIES! Direct hit wipes both men out to the railing! The ref checks on both men as the betting party is thunderous. Sammy puts Omega in and springboards, bu Omega counters to a POWERBOMB! And V-TRIGGER!! Sammy is wrecked but Omega won’t end it there. Omega drags Sammy up, underhooks, flips but Sammy huricanranas out! Sammy hits a STANDING SPANISH FLY!! Cover, TWO!!

Sammy catches his breath as he stands and heads for a corner. The party rallies for Omega but he’s in the drop zone. Sammy reaches the top rope and says BANG, Shooting Star! It FLOPS as Omega moves! Omega aims at Sammy as he stands, for a V-TRIGGER!! Omega drags Sammy up, takes aim, but Sammy BITES the bad hand again! The ref counts, but Omega POINT-BLANK V-TRIGGERS! Omega drags Sammy into position, then runs, but Sammy dodges! Sammy waistlocks, Omega standing switches, SNAP DRAGON! But Sammy lands on his feet! Sammy kicks, Omega blocks and spins Sammy, but Sammy Dragon Whips! Sammy torture racks and flips Omega, FEAST YOUR EYES! Omega staggers but he V-TRIGGERS back!

Omega drags Sammy up, underhooks, and hits a JAY DRILLER! Cover, TWO!?! Sammy survives Omega’s take on a move from #DemBoys! But Omega has ammo to spare. Omega watches Sammy rise, and Sammy flips Omega off. So he gets a V-TRIGGER! Omega drags Sammy into the Electric Chair, ONE WINGED ANGEL!! Cover, Omega wins!!

Winner: Kenny Omega, by pinfall (still AAA Mega Champion)

Omega’s return to the ring is truly golden! Will he and The Elite go into Blood & Guts this strong?

Chris Jericho is here!

Y2J notices a cameraman singing along with Judas, and takes the camera for him. Jericho records the cameraman singing along, “Judas in! Judas in my mind!” But when the music ends, we can hear the cameraman himself and… Well, he’s about as good as Sammy was last week. But all that aside, Jericho goes to the ring and speaks without a mic. “Last week, even in these uncertain times, it was one of the biggest shows in AEW history with two huge debut appearances.” The first was The Exalted One, Brodie Lee. The other, was Matt Hardy. Jericho was in the ring when Hardy appeared in the upper deck and “pledged his allegiance to The Elite. Those arrogant sons of bi*ches got Matt Hardy to join their team and take the place of that idiot, Nick Jackson.”

But Hardy doesn’t understand something. That is why Jericho will give Hardy this chance. They’ve known each other for over 20 years, so Jericho wants Hardy to make the “right decision.” And that is to join The Inner Circle before it’s too late. Hardy is surely somewhere in the arena, so Jericho wants him to show himself. But here comes Vanguard 1! How did it fly from California to Florida so fast? But Jericho will play along. He’s glad to see “Guard.” There’s something he wants to tell the drone. “I don’t like you. I’ve never liked you.” Jericho doesn’t like what Vanguard stands for. He doesn’t like Vanguard’s beliefs, or his arrogance in sharing his political views on social media. “You’re a piece of s*it, Vanguard!”

But despite not liking Vanguard, Jericho does respect him. That is why Jericho is asking Vanguard to also join the Inner Circle. Think about it: all the power will lie in his propellers. Vanguard’s propellers will spin with all the money, and he can pour endless amounts of The Bubbly into his gas tank. Instagram drone models will be flocking around him while he smokes only the finest robot cigars. What do you say, Vanguard 1? For old time’s sake? Vanguard “considers” the offer, and flies away! That’s a no to Jericho! Jericho is angry now and says Vanguard better tell Matt Hardy- But wait! That piano music. Hardy appears in the upper deck again! And then in the blink of an eye, he’s on the middle deck! Then the lower! And then over there! And over there! How is he doing this?!

Hardy finally appears ringside, a wild grin on his face. Jericho is spooked to say the least as Hardy gnashes his teeth. Hardy joins Jericho in the ring and the two circle. “Maker of Pain! You know I’d come~!” Of course he did, they scheduled this time last week. But how did Hardy do all that blinking about? “I am MAGIC!” Oh. Well, impressive. Hardy is very impressive and is one of the hottest free agents in the world. But Jericho wants to explain how things work in AEW. It is Jericho’s show, because this company was built on Jericho’s back, and this company was organized, raised and put into the mainstream spotlight by Jericho. Now that Hardy is here, Jericho is the one that he should align. Not the arrogant SOB’s of The Elite.

Hardy says he does understand. The reason Hardy sides with The Elite is because Hardy owes a debt. The Bucks of Youth helped resurrect BROKEN Hardy! And on top of that, Hardy has seen the tyranny the Inner Circle is creating. “This place, for me, AEW represents FREEDOM!” Hardy cannot allow the Inner Circle to ruin this paradise of wrestling. It must be protected at all cost. Jericho says he is the master of resurrecting wrestling careers! He resurrected Jake Hager’s pro-wrestling career. He brought Jon Moxley to AEW! And he made Sammy Guevara, Santana and Ortiz into stars! Jericho could make Hardy a star, too. Everyone makes mistakes, so Hardy deserves a “mulligan.” Jericho gives Hardy that second chance. Don’t join the Elite. Join the Inner Circle.

Hardy says he was repaying a debt. Jericho doesn’t understand what he is looking at. Jericho may recognize the vessel, and may know the name “Matt Hardy.” But there is a new ESSENCE~ behind the will. This is DAMASCUS, a spirit that is over 3000 YEARS OLD! And when it comes to creating chaos, violence and brutality, Damascus is practically perfect. Alright then, Damascus, being so old means you are very wise. Jericho gets the reinvention. He knows that better than anyone. But Jericho sees the cloak and the red slash of hair. Hardy’s outside is very different, but Jericho knows deep down, he’s still the same Matt Hardy he’s known for 25 years. The same goes for Jericho. Jericho is like a chameleon and changes many times, but he is still “an evil essence, rotten to the core. Truly a hole of the ass.”

Jericho wants Hardy to see this. He’s still the same Hardy who was a step behind, “always living in the shadow.” First it was the shadow of younger brother Jeff. Then it was the shadow of bad booking. Now it is the shadow of Le Champion. Hardy is not in anyone’s shadow! The Broken Brilliance shines brighter than ever! Then use that brilliance and make the right choice. This is the last time Jericho offers. Is Hardy with the Inner Circle or The Elite? DELETE! That’s not what Jericho asked! DELETE! Elite? DELETE! ELITE!? DELETE!! STOP IT!! STOP IT!! Can’t Hardy see there is no one here to chant along? But Jericho is wrong! There are essences everywhere in this venue! Hardy knows Jericho revels in the audience, too, as they sing along to his song. Damascus knew Judas and was betrayed, too.

But the essences of the AEW Faithful are all here, and they sing a new song. “You are Inner Circle shall fade away, and classify yourselves as obsolete! OBSOLETE!!” Hardy sings that again but Jericho says there’s still no one here. Jericho banned all fans until he says so. But there are souls all around them. Jericho can’t see them but that doesn’t mean they’re not here. Look! Over in 15 C, it’s Abraham Lincoln! Honest Abe does not lie, Hardy does not die. Then Martin Luther King Jr, Maximilian, and many more! Jericho sees no one, but that doesn’t mean they’re not there. Take off the sunglasses and take a long, hard, WONDERFUL~ look at the entity that will DELETE the Inner Circle!

Jericho doesn’t see an “entity,” because it’s just Hardy. Maybe he can smack it out of him. And Jericho SLAPS Hardy! So Hardy DECKS Jericho! Wow, he really is a wizard for taking Le Champion down with one punch. But Jericho has his own magic. “Abracadabra, Matt Hardy gets his ass kicked!” And Sammy Guevara attacks outta nowhere! Omega and Cody hurry to the ring with chairs! They JAM and SMACKS the Inner Circle down! The Inner Circle’s leader and Spanish God retreat as the American Nightmare and Mega Champion stand tall with Damascus. The pyro starts up with the power of Hardy! Will The Elite DELETE the Inner Circle come Blood & Guts?!

My Thoughts:

An incredible episode even after moving Blood & Guts. Similar to the other AEW wrestlers being audience members last week, it was a great touch for there to be an ongoing viewing party backstage. They really brought a lot of energy that was missing with no fans, especially Dasha. I must’ve missed the part where the Lumberjack match and Parking Lot Brawl were moved, but I guess they want to keep those with the Blood & Guts episode. Also during this time of cracking down on number of people in one place, I suppose a bunch of Lumberjacks would be against health guidelines. All the matches were great, but went about as expected. Cody beats Havoc to keep strong, and Cody does really good on commentary for everything else.

Hager of course beats his opponent, but it was great for Moxley to show up and have a scrap. I feel like it might be a bit too much for Hager to survive a Paradigm Shift, but that’s already planting the seeds of their match needing to go above and beyond in intensity. Brodie was of course going to beat QT, but he was far more impressive in his promo intimidating his Dark Order followers. Darby VS Kip was really good, and it works for Darby to win to stay strong in his own story against The Inner Circle. The AAA Mega Championship was an incredible match, and Jericho confronting both Vanguard 1 and Matt Hardy was great. AEW might be the one company still thriving creatively in these dark times.

My Score: 9.3/10

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