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ResultsDYNAMITEAEW Fyter Fest Day 2 Results for July 8, 2020

AEW Fyter Fest Day 2 Results for July 8, 2020



Kenny Omega (C) and Adam Page (C) vs. Private Party – AEW Tag Team Championships

Omega and Page are eventually able to isolate Kassidy and Page pins him for the win.

Winners: Kenny Omega and Adam Page

Lance Archer vs. Joey Janela

Before the match, Janela is seen carrying Sonny Kiss over his shoulders and tosses him onto Janela. Archer wins after hitting the Black Out on Janela through the table and pinning him.

Winner: Lance Archer

Tazz is standing by with a major announcement. We get a Darby Allin vignette, and he says he hasn’t forgotten about Brian Cage.

Tazz is holding something, and he says it’s something he created decades ago, and something that is his body of work. And it’s the FTW World Championship, a championship that no promotion has ever recognized. But wrestling fans recognize the respect for the man who holds that title, because the man who holds that title is the baddest SOB in the business. He says the FTW Champion is Brian Cage and he is no longer uncrowned.

Tazz then says Moxley is done and who better than Brian Cage.

FTR and The Young Bucks vs. The Butcher, The Blade and The Lucha Brothers

There is miscommunication between FTR and the Young Bucks, and The Lucha Brothers are able to hit their finisher on Nick Jackson for the win.

Winners: The Butcher, The Blade and The Lucha Brothers

After the match, The Young Bucks and FTR argue.

Nyla Rose vs. Kylinn King and Kenzie Paige

Rose dominates with a powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Nyla Rose

After the match, Rose says that actions speak louder than words and she notices that a lot of the prominent wrestlers have managers, so she hired one herself. She won’t tell us who it is, but she will say that everyone with managers have something in common. Those with managers have championships, and her manager will ensure that she leaves AEW one day as the women’s champion once again.

Medical staff check up n Colt Cabana last week and he has ecchymosis and a hematoma, but he’ll be cleared to compete. Lee says that with him around, these kinds of accidents won’t happen, but he now needs him to get ready for their match.

Outside of the arena, Big Swole has been served. She is also not let into the arena. She knows who did this; that trick Britt “Basura” Baker. She said they could have called her for this, or faxed it. Three and a half hours she drove just to be told she couldn’t come in.

The Dark Order vs. SCU

Cabana pins Kazarian for the win.

Winners: The Dark Order

Big Swole is in disguise and looks to pick a fight with Baker. She throws a paper ball at Baker.

Chris Jericho vs. Orange Cassidy

Jericho wins with the Judas Effect.

Winner: Chris Jericho

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