Impact Wrestling Results (7/28/2020) — Edwards vs. Trey


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing July 28th, 2020. Check the link if you missed the previous episode here: The North vs. MCMG

#1. [World Championship] Eddie Edwards (c) vs. Trey — Winner: Eddie Edwards with the Boston Knee Party

After the match, Eric Young threatened to attack Eddie Edwards, but instead said he will do it on his own time.

Wrestle House


– It’s reality show time. Taya Valkyrie wants to leave, but she opens the door to exit and the house is surrounded by fire and “Abyss” (the actual wrestler). Wrestle House introduces the participants. Looks like Tommy Dreamer is the host and it’s his house. Acey Romero asks the dumb question “is this House of Hardcore?”. The Deaners chant “EC-DUB!”. Apparently this show is going to happen for as long as it takes, says Rosemary.

Tension is already building between the tag teams, til Susie says they should form a truce. No Way Jose! Wait… Tommy Dreamer says they didn’t sign him. Kylie Rae & Susie persuade them to call a truce. Valkyrie asks Rosemary why they are even here. Dreamer says they have all been handpicked to have the opportunity to win $1,000,000. Ok, that gets them excited. Rosemary tells them it’s not true… but Dreamer says it is.

There’s only six bedrooms in the house, so they frantically scatter to claim one. Acey Romero finds a wrestling ring and wants to claim it as his bed… but Crazzy Steve rolls in. They’re going to have a match to decide who gets it, and Kylie Rae is the special guest referee. After a short match, Acey makes Steve pass out to a submission hold. This is insane.

Backstage Antics

– Fallah Bahh and TJP do not appreciate Rohit Raju getting close to them without wearing a face mask or keeping to social distancing. Raju wants TJP back in the X-Division so Chris Bey can have a challenger… which he accepts. It’s a ploy so Raju can share some spotlight with the new X-Division Champion.

– The Good Brothers have Ace Austin’s attention, and they should watch out tonight during their match with Reno Scum.

– Ethan Page is lost for words. Josh Alexander says they are missing something… their tag team championships. Understand this Motor City Machine Guns, they have a rematch clause. The North is not dead and it’s only a matter of time til they get their championships back.

– Katie Forbes tells her love Rob Van Dam that her new pics will break the internet. He says no one’s gonna’ be able to handle that.

– Who has the longest undefeated streak in Impact history? Ethan Carter III. He has to go back down his path and destroy it block by block. This isn’t about him being buried or whatever, it’s about him overcoming failure. The failure is personal, because every win he took, took away from his soul. He doesn’t fear his past anymore, it’s his biggest foe. EC3 will destroy the past so he can move forward and take back the power. To control his narrative. You have been warned.

– Moose destroyed “Panda Boy” last week. He’s the most dominant champion in Impact Wrestling history. Moose is handing out another invitation… and no, it’s not extended to EC3. Heath chimes in and says he got the invitation. Moose says he didn’t get one and he’s not even contracted to Impact. But Heath says he is to TNA and the TNA committee gave him a shot. Moose eventually gives him a shot and walks away. Scott D’Amore approaches Heath and tells him that he likes his style, so if Heath can win the match next week he will get an Impact Wrestling contract.

#2. Deonna Purrazzo vs. Kimber Lee — Winner: Deonna Purrazzo with the Fujiwara Armbar submission

Jordynne Grace makes her way to the ring with her arm in a sling. She gets in the ring and takes it off! Jordynne jumps on her and pounds the champion down til she escapes to the floor.

– Backstage, Katie Forbes bumps in to Sami Callihan. She isn’t talking to fans right now… Callihan tells her he is a former World Champion, but she doesn’t believe him. Forbes plugs her website, if he wants to see more.

– Back to Wrestle House. Johnny Swinger offers to bunk up with Crazzy Steve again… who looks maniacally in to the camera and says that sounds like a great idea. Cousin Jake is woke up by some snoring and blames Cody. After getting in to an argument, Tommy Dreamer appears from under the covers and tells them the only way they will settle this is with a match… in the morning.

Fast forward to the crack of dawn, and we get a match between The Deaners to decide who leaves the room. Alisha Edwards is the special referee. Cousin Jake wins the match and gets the bedroom to himself. Cody looks elsewhere and finds a RV where he’ll rest up instead.

– Ken Shamrock has no explanation for Sami Callihan, for what happened at Slammiversary. Katie Forbes tells RVD that Callihan had been perving on him. RVD tells him to stay away from her, and Sami says he won’t see him at all.

– RVD & Katie Forbes enter the ring. She’s excited to be herself again. Normally people have to pay to see more on her website, but tonight, the fans will get to see more for “Free, Ninety Nine”. Sami Callihan hacks the photoshoot she worked so hard on by putting his face over her candid shots. She’s pissed off.

– The Rascalz are in the treehouse. Dez has invited someone again without asking. Apparently Suicide is a power ranger and Wentz is afraid of him? Hey! It’s Suicide. They light up and cream the treehouse full of smoke. Suicide starts dancing… and Wentz thinks it’s Acey Romero. Suicide gets some major munchies.

– Rich Swann says Eric Young went off the rails and cost him an opportunity and changed his life. The doctors are saying too many things for him to stomach. He’s in a dark place right now, but he will be at the Impact Zone next week to let everyone know what’s going on. That’s all.

#3. The Good Brothers, Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson vs. Reno Scum, Adam Thornstowe & Luster The Legend — Winners: The Good Brothers with The Magic Killer

Ace Austin distracts them long enough for Madman Fulton to enter the ring. They brawl to the floor and head to the backstage area. Soon enough, they are battling outside in the parking lot. Gallows kicks Fulton in to the camera and breaks it, ending the show like that. We do not find out who came out on top.

— Impact Wrestling Results (7/28/2020)–

Impact Wrestling Results (7/28/2020)

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