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ResultsINDIENWA Powerrr February 11, 2020 Results and Analysis

NWA Powerrr February 11, 2020 Results and Analysis


NWA Powerrr this week has a few bigger matches to set up for the future. Eli Drake and James Storm try to find their new challenges for their Tag Team Championships. Ricky Starks faces off against Max Cross for his Television Championship and tries to add another defense to progress through the Lucky Sevens.

Finally, with Marty Scurll in the head of Nick Aldis, will the National Treasure and Strictly Business be victorious in this episode or will the mind games of “The Villain” be too much for the World’s Champion? Find out on tonight’s NWA Powerrr!


  • The Dawsons (w/ The Pope) vs The Bouncers (w/ Eddie Kingston): The Bouncers def. The Dawsons via The Blackout – **1/4
  • Tom Latimer vs Tim Storm: Tom Latimer def. Tim Storm via Brighter Side of Suffering – **1/2
  • Ricky Starks (c) vs Matt Cross for the NWA Television Championship: Time Limit Draw – **3/4
  • Melina vs Tasha Steelz: Melina def. Tasha Steelz via Primal Scream – **
  • Rock N Roll Express vs Royce Issacs & Nick Aldis: Issacs and Aldis win via Pinfall – ***


The Dawsons vs The Bouncers- Opening today’s NWA Powerrr, it’s continuing the feud with Kingston and The Pope with the Tag Champions, Eli Drake and James Storm, on commentary. The match starts off as your typical big man fight with chops, punches, basically the mass of humanity between these four men is overwhelming and suspenseful. There was no real advantage for majority of the match until the Bouncers got a quick upper hand with hot and quick tags and quickly takes care of Dave and Zane Dawson with The Blackout (Superplex/ Frog Splash Combination).

Joe Galli has Tom Latimer out to talk about his match against Tim Storm, saying he is nothing to Strictly Business and they want their Tag Titles back around The Wildcards waists and says Drake & Storm aren’t even a real team and are of no threat to him and Royce.

Tom Latimer vs Tim StormTim Storm gets the very early advantage by taking Latimer out of the fight and out of the ring. Once they come back in, they try to take each other off their feet with Tests of Strength, running shoulder tackles, collar and elbows tie ups and exchanges of punches until Latimer gets the advantage with a quick spear off the ropes. The ground and pound offense, targeting the shoulder and neck region of Storm until her begins to rise up and take Latimer down with a Lariat and continuing his burst of offense. Storm puts up a good fight until Latimer cuts him off and hits him with Brighter Side of Suffering (Elevating DDT) for the victory.

David Marquez has Trevor Murdoch for an interview about the time limit draw and Murdoch says he wants and deserves another match for the NWA National Championship. The Question Mark comes out to do the very well respected and serious Mongrovian National Anthem and challenges Trevor Murdoch to a match.

Sean Mooney has an update from Ring of Honor where Marty Scurll has a counter offer where if Scurll loses, he will personally pay Nick Aldis half a million dollars. There is a show that will come out called Circled Squared which is a lot like Tough Enough or British Bootcamp for next weeks NWA Time Slot.

Ricky Starks vs Matt Cross- As every Television Championship match, this has a Six minute, Five Second time limit. Usually both of these competitors are very high paced and high action but, they are going with more of a grounded, technical pace with grounded and standing headlocks and wrist locks. Finally, the pace picks up for both men as they show their more fast paced moves and Matt Cross gets the advantage. While Cross keeps his offense going but Starks resiliency is keeping him into the fray. As Cross finally puts Ricky Starks down and goes for the top, the time ends and Ricky retains his Championship.

Marti Belle is out about the upcoming Women’s Title match and says Melina is the reason why she is better than when she was with Allysin. Allysin Kay comes out to confront Marti about Melina’s manipulation and Marti is not having it.

Melina vs Tasha Steelz- This match is all Melina. She was not granted her title opportunity against Thunder Rosa so she has to wrestle and show she will be a competitor for a future opportunity to the Women’s Championship. After her signature Primal Scream (Inverted Bulldog Legdrop), she tells the world that she will get her Women’s Championship match because she says so.

NWA Powerrr

Rock N Roll Express vs Royce Issacs & Nick Aldis– The Rock N Roll Express take over the match from the beginning, making sure Aldis never enters the ring and taking it to Issacs with quick tags. Issacs creates separation and gets Nick Aldis in; possible advantage to Strictly Business but Ricky Morton cuts Aldis off with a Standing Frankensteiner. Strictly Business starts to get dirty and underhanded by taking Ricky Morton to the outside and using the referee’s distractions to take advantage. Robert Gibson gets a tag and takes over shortly after but, from the referee getting distracted from Ricky Morton and Nick Aldis in the corner; Royce Issacs cheap shots Morton and pins the legends with the assistance from the middle rope.

Final Analysis

NWA Powerrr was a well put together shot and drove every story forward. Storm and Drake are looking for competition, Pope and Kingston have their feud to take Eddie Kingston away from Homicide. Murdoch being angry and furious with the actions of Aron Stevens and The Question Mark. The story between Ricky Morton and Nick Aldis started before their Championship Match; and has an added element of Marty Scrull as a looming threat. Hopefully they can keep up this beautiful story driven pace and keep it going because personally; I’m a fan of it and want to see how each story progresses forward.

As told before, the NWA Powerrr will take a week hiatus for their new show that will be around; Circled Squared but, their will be coverage for how it is next week on NWA Television!