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ResultsINDIENWA Powerrr Results & Review 3/3/2020

NWA Powerrr Results & Review 3/3/2020



Here we are with a Golden Episode of NWA Powerrr this week! The reason why it is golden is because we have two championship matches tonight.

Eli Drake and James Storm have a defense against Ring of Honor’s Bouncers for not only Tag Team Championship chances but; Crockett Cup Implications also at stake in April. The second championship match of the night is Television Champion; Ricky Starks looks to make his third defense of Lucky 7’s against the “Outlandish” Zicky Dice after Dice got the victory last week for a shot at the champion. Will we get new holders of Gold at the end of the night? Will Villain Enterprises or Strictly Business have another altercation leading up to Marty Scurll and Nick Aldis’ match up with the NWA World Championship on the line?

Find out on this weeks NWA Powerrr!

Powerrr Results:

  • Zicky Dice vs Ricky Starks (c) for the NWA Television Championship: Zicky Dice wins via Roll Up TITLE CHANGE!!!!- **
  • CW Anderson & Caleb Conley vs The Dawsons: Anderson & Conley win via Spinebuster/Moonsault Combination- ***
  • Eli Drake & James Storm (c) vs The Bouncers for the NWA Tag Team Championship: Drake & Storm win via Superkic/Elbow Drop Combination TITLE DEFENSE!!!- ** 1/2

Powerrr Review:

Zicky Dice vs Ricky Starks

Zicky starts with a quick power showing in the beginning with a takedown but, can’t be outlandish without showing off his charisma; burning time off the clock though as Starks toys with Zicky before a quick flurry of offense sends Zicky Dice to the outside. Zicky, trapping and attack the champ as he follows him outside for the upper hand; targeting the back of Ricky Starks.

After too much showboating, Ricky Starks gets the quick advantage, going for a Tornado DDT from the ropes, gets it blocked but; cleans it up and gives Zicky a Falcon Arrow only getting a two count. Zicky Dice gets a little tricky and tries to get the upper hand by sending the fanny pack to Ricky Starks, saying that he was using the fanny pack illegally and tries to get the ref the DQ Ricky Starks. To no avail, Zicky Dice then counters Ricky Starks finish for a roll up and victory.

Aftermath: Zicky has no chance to celebrate as Thom Latimer comes out to tell Joe Galli that Camille will FINALLY speak like Galli has been trying to get since the beginning of Powerrr.

A recap is shown of the Aldis/Scurll’s Press Conference for the NWA World Championship at the Crockett Cup. Marty gives his heart out telling the fans to buy a ticket to watch a great show as Nick is next, tells everyone that he is the NWA and he is currently on his nearly 500 day reign on his second championship reign.

David Marquez has The Question Mark and Aron Stevens out saying that he wants more Championship Belts. To prove himself to the Tag Team Champions, he wants to face the most legendary tag team in the NWA as the Rock n Roll Express come out to respond to Stevens’ challenge. Ricky Morton says he accepts for the next show.


CW Anderson & Caleb Conley vs The Dawsons

 Under the Tornado tag Team rules, all four men are inside of the ring and make it as chaotic as it sounds because the LOSER’S contract is set to expire. The Dawsons get the advantage early by separating Anderson and Conley with two on one advantages throughout. As it seemed like The Dawson’s look to be winning and get their contract renewed; CW Anderson pulls the ropes down to take the Zane Dawson out of the ring and set up the Anderson Spinebuster; and Conley doing a Mero Moonsault to get the pinfall and contracts within the NWA.

Joe Galli has May Valentine and Sal Rinauro out to talk about Valentine’s blog about her time around the NWA. Galli suggests there should be a live episode of ‘The Diary of May’ as Royce Issacs comes out in jealousy, threatening to break Sal’s other arm. May gets angry and tells Royce to stop and leave with Sal Rinauro after.

The Pope and the Bruisers are out with Marquez about what Pope is doing; helping the Bouncers get to the spotlight and shine just like The Pope. The Beer City Bruiser says they will be the new Tag Team Champions and will do it easily.

Eli Drake & James Storm (w/ Eddie Kingston) vs The Bouncers (w/ The Pope)

The Bouncers get a very early dominance against the champions being the bigger competitors inside of the ring. No matter what Eli and James try against the two behemoths, they can’t get the upper hand. After a few failed attempts at their usual game of ground and pounding; Drake and Storm use the Bouncers advantage against their opponents and with their own momentum against them; Eli and James finish off The Bruisers in fine fashion, retaining the gold.

Final Thoughts:

There is a lot to break down from this weeks episode from just the matches alone. Aron Stevens and Question Mark going for their conquest of gold will be a very interesting story; with going to try and prove themselves worthy by facing the Rock n Roll Express. Makes you think if the Karate experts will try to pull a fast one on the legends; or will they actually fight them fairly to get the thumbs up and weasel their way into a Tag team Championship opportunity.

Sadly, Ricky Starks couldn’t hold onto the Television Championship; which is much of the price of being the Television Champion, defending the championship more than anyone in the company. I’m personally not the biggest Zicky Dice fan but, this could lead to Ricky Starks getting his revenge against Zicky or someone else like Matt Cross or Trevor Murdoch perhaps taking the championship away from Zicky Dice.

Finally, the Bouncers couldn’t get the job done and didn’t win the tag team championships like The Pope promised. With Eddie Kingston looming in the corner for Drake and Storm; will we see The Pope return into the ring and fight Kingston finally? With all of those thoughts circling around, the NWA will not have Powerrr next week. They will have Episodes 2 and 3 of Circle Squared airing next week; which will be covered next week by your’s truly.

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