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ResultsNXTWWE NXT April 1, 2020 Full Results & Report

WWE NXT April 1, 2020 Full Results & Report



NXT’s towering titans battle for one title!

WrestleMania is coming but NXT is taking over! Will Keith Lee continue his Limitless reign as North American Champion in tonight’s huge match?


  • The Velveteen Dream VS Bobby Fish; Dream wins.
  • Dexter Lumis VS Jake Atlas; Lumis wins.
  • NXT Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Ladder Match, Second Chance Gauntlet; Dakota Kai wins and joins the Contender’s Ladder Match.
  • KUSHIDA VS Joaquin Wilde; Kushida wins.
  • NXT North American Championship Triple Threat: Keith Lee VS Dominik Dijakovic VS Damian Priest; Lee wins and retains the NXT North American Championship.


The Velveteen Dream VS Bobby Fish!

Adam Cole does not see The Experience worthy of an NXT Championship match. If Dream wants to take over, he’ll have to get through the Undisputed Era’s Infamous One first! Can he do it?

The bell rings and the two circle. Fish waistlocks but Dream pries free to wrench to a wristlock. Fish drags Dream down with a leg but Dream pushes him away. Dream slithers up on Fish but the two circle. Fish kicks the leg but Dream stays up. Dream keeps Fish back with a chop feint. They tie up again and Dream gets the arm, but Fish rolls through to ROCK Dream with a right. Fish throws kicks but Dream DECKS Fish with haymaker after haymaker! Dream whips Fish to ropes and clotheslines him down! Dream goes after Fish in a corner and wrenches him to a snapmare. Big knee drop! Cover, ONE, but Dream keeps his cool. Dream drags Fish up with a hip swivel and suplexes. But Fish slips out to a sleeper!

Dream flails about and reaches for ropes. Fish traps an arm then spins Dream to throw hands! Fish kicks the legs out and Dream crawls to a corner. The ref keeps Fish back to check on Dream. Dream refuses to quit but Fish BOOTS him down! Fish runs in but Dream slingshots out to escape. Dream’s leg slows him down and Fish pursues. Dream backs away and gets back in the ring. Fish stalks up but Dream slithers out to ROCK Fish with that uppercut! Dream leaps with ax handles! Dream grits his teeth and rallies through the pain. He back elbows Fish to a corner and throws big haymakers! The ref counts and Dream whips corner to corner. Fish reverses but Dream boots him back. Dream swings but Fish dodges, so Dream SUPERKICKS!

Fish is down and Dream goes up! Dream stands, blows a kiss to the cameras, but Fish bails out of the ring. Dream just LEAPS to ax handle Fish down! Both men slowly rise and Dream puts Fish back in the ring. Fish bails back out so Dream pursues. Fish RAMS Dream into railing! Dream is down as NXT goes to break.

NXT returns and Fish DECKS Dream off the apron! Fish argues with the ref but Dream crawls back into the ring. Dream hooks Fish’s face and then throws Fish out! Dream slowly pursues but Fish sweeps the legs! Fish hurries in after Dream and grabs the bad leg. Dream holds ropes but Fish Dragon Screws anyway! Dream clutches the knee but Fish is after him. Fish turns Dream around to tweak the knee in knee drop. Fish drags Dream to a corner and digs his knees in. The ref backs Fish off and Dream gasps as he sits up. Dream kicks Fish back and hobbles over, into a big back elbow! Fish drags Dream around by his legs and stomps away at the bad one. Dream flounders and pushes Fish away but Fish comes back with body shots.

Fish rams knees into Dream, then drags him around for a grounded dragon screw! Dream writhes and pounds the mat in frustration. Fish drags Dream up to snapmare. Dream anchors Fish’s feet but Fish stomps him down. Fish slingshots out then in for the senton! Cover, TWO! Dream is still on the defense as NXT goes back to break.

NXT returns again, and Fish has Dream in an ankle lock! Dream writhes and flails and reaches, and manages the ROPEBREAK! Fish lets go for just a moment, arguing Dream tapped during the flailing. Fish grabs the ankle again but Dream throws hands! Dream still holds ropes, so Fish spins him to get a sleeper. But Dream fireman’s carries! Fish holds onto ropes and the ref counts. Fish slips out, and hops on for a backpack sleeper! Dream stays standing, and manages to throw Fish off. Fish runs into the DREAM VALLEY DRIVER! Cover, Dream wins!!

Winner: Velveteen Dream, by pinfall

Fish gave Dream quite the fight, but the Experience isn’t done yet. Will Dream continue to fight his way up to the NXT Championship?

But before leaving, Dream grabs a mic. “NXT Champion, Adam Cole. If you’d put your video games down long enough and take a second to open your third eye, maybe you would realize that the time for playing is over. Your Experience is coming. Play hard, because you’re about to work harder than you ever have before, courtesy of The Dream.”

Backstage interview with Malcolm Bivens and his associates.

The NXT Universe saw the debut of this new stable when they beat down Matt Riddle last week. What exact message were they trying to send? First, it is great to know Bivens’ reputation precedes him. He is a business manager and traveled the world to find the biggest and the baddest team to bring to NXT. And that team is right here before you now. Rinku Singh at 6′ 4″, 275 pounds! “When he hits you, you will drop like a sack of bricks.” Then there’s Saurav Gurjar, 6′ 8″, 300 pounds. “I dare someone to get in his face!” Together, they are Indus Shera, and they are #BivensEnterprises. Saurav and Rinku each speak in Hindi to tell the NXT Tag Team Division that this is their brand now. They put it on the Broserweights now.

Dexter Lumis VS Jake Atlas!

One of the Breakout Tournament entrants finally returns from “an undisclosed location”, but his opponent is brand new to NXT TV. Will Atlas crumble under the weight of Lumis’ unsettling stare?

The bell rings and Lumis stares into Atlas’ soul. Atlas paces but Lumis just stands like a statue. Atlas rushes in but Lumis dodges and clubs away! Lumis throws body shots and haymakers. Atlas shoves but Lumis just hits back. Lumis stomps and uppercuts Atlas, then claws his face! The ref reprimands and Lumis stops. Lumis whips but Atlas dodges to springboard and arm-drag Lumis! Atlas adds an enziguri and Lumis staggers! Atlas whips but Lumis reverses to a SPINE BUSTER! Lumis drags Atlas around into clubbing crossfaces over and over. Lumis stops to bring Atlas up for a BIG uppercut! He paces and stomps Atlas down, then brings him up to club on the back.

Lumis whips Atlas to a corner but Atlas boots and huricanranas! Lumis staggers up but dodges Atlas to put him on the rope! Then Lumis runs to slide out, turn around, and UPPERCUT! Cover, TWO! Atlas lives but Lumis is on him with a neck wrench. Lumis digs his fingers into the eyes and jaw but Atlas endures. Atlas fights his way up, throws body shots, and then hits a jawbreaker! Lumis clotheslines but Atlas handsprings to dodge! And then jumps for a neckbreaker! Lumis flounders out of the ring but Atlas builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit sends Lumis into railing! Atals puts Lumis in and rushes, into a throat chop! Lumis sit-out URENAGES, into an ARM-TRIANGLE! Atlas taps, Lumis wins!

Winner: Dexter Lumis, by submission

Lumis stops, pats Atlas on the head, then shoves him away. Lumis’s thousand yard stare returns, but it seems he isn’t spacing out. In fact, it may be Lumis seeing and analyzing everything before him. Will Lumis use that calculating coldness to conquer NXT?

NXT receives another message from… him.

His face is visible in shadowy darkness as claw-like hands reach out. More images of destruction and doom. Tick tock, time is running out. When will he arrive in NXT?

Next week, it’s #OneFinalBeat!

As Triple H promised both Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano, a location has been secured for these two to finally have it out. It will be the Black Heart VS the Rebel Heart, for the last time in NXT!

NXT Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Ladder Match, Second Chance Gauntlet!

Mia Yim, Tegan Nox, Candice LeRae, Chelsea Green and the returning Io Shirai are all in the Six Woman Ladder Match originally meant for TakeOver: Tampa. But with one spot left, the six not in get this second chance! And first out, it’s the wild child, Shotzi Blackheart and the Virtuosa, Deonna Purrazzo! Will either one make it to the end and into the high stakes Ladder match?

Shotzi Blackheart VS Deonna Purrazzo!

The bell rings and Shotzi circles with Deonna. They tie up, Deonna forces Shotzi to a corner and throws body shots and stomps. The ref counts but Deonna lets up at 4. Deonna whips Shotzi corner to corner but Shotzi reverses. Deonna goes up and under and baits Shotzi in for a roll up, ONE! Shotiz runs in but Deonna waistlocks. Shotzi bucks Deonna off, slides under and enziguris back! Deonna flounders to ropes and Shotzi fires up. Shotzi runs for a CANNONBALL! Cover, TWO! Shotzi headlocks but Deonna powers her off the tornado bulldog and BOOTS her down! Deonna catches his breath while Shotzi goes to ropes. Deonna stomps Shotzi down then drags her back up for a big clothesline! Cover, TWO!

Deonna grows frustrated and stomps Shotzi down. She drags Shotzi back up to throw big forearms. She clotheslines Shotzi against the ropes over and over then snapmares her down. Deonna scrapes her soles on Shotzi’s face! Cover, TWO! Shotzi gets to ropes but Deonna drags her up for another snapmare. Deonna clamps on with a chilock and leans on Shotzi. Shotzi endures as Deonna grinds her down. Shotzi fights her way up and throws body shots. Deonna clubs Shotzi on the back, then drags her up for a headbutt! Shotzi ends up in a corner and Deonna stomps her more. Deonna runs from the center of the ring, into a BOOT! Shotzi hops up, but Deonna forearms her back!

Deonna climbs up top but Shotzi brawls with her. Shotzi gets the edge, then headbutts Deonna down! Shotzi adjusts and leaps, SUPER SENTON! Cover, Shotzi ELIMINATES Deonna! One down, four to go! But Shotzi must now prepare for… Xia Li! Things are about to get spicy! Can Shotzi handle the heat?

Shotzi Blackheart VS Xia Li!

No hesitation from either woman, but Xia ducks Shotzi’s clothesline to shotgun dropkick her down! Xia is fired up after being screwed out of her match last week, by who we still don’t know. Shotzi stays on her feet to throw forearms. Xia fires off a strike fest then whips but SHotzi leaps over the sweep. Shotzi ducks and slides under the roundhouse but misses the enziguri. Xia HEEL KICKS Shotzi down! She talks trash in Mandarin while Shotzi checks her face, and NXT goes to break.

NXT returns and Shotzi fireman’s carries but Xia slips out. Xia shoves and lariats and BOOTS Shotzi down! Shotzi gets up to get a SUPERKICK! Xia fires up, runs in and hits a forearm! Xia keeps moving and DYNAMIC DROPKICKS Shotzi down! The spice is fired up, but her spinning kick misses! Shotzi hits an Edge O’Matic, to a butterfly variant of Cattle Mutilation! Xia TAPS and Shotzi ELIMINATES another opponent!! Shotzi is ready to #TCB, Take Care o’ Business! But now, Aliyah heads to the ring. The Bougie thought she was in when Xia was taken out, but Io Shirai changed all that. Can Aliyah change things again here and now?

Shotzi Blackheart VS Aliyah!

Aliyah rushes Shotzi to waistlock, but Shotzi bucks her off. Aliyah comes back with a sunset flip, TWO! Shotzi jackknifes, TWO as Aliyah bridges out! Aliyah backslides, TWO and the two stand up together. Aliyah spins Shotzi to a cradle, TWO! Shotzi has the cradle, TWO and the two roll and roll and roll until the separate. They’re both dizzy but Shotzi gets Aliyah for a takedown! Shotzi traps an arm, rolls with it and gets a Rings of Saturn, with a headscissors! Aliyah fights her way out of this to a cover, TWO! The two stand, Aliyah swings but Shotzi waistlocks. Aliyah bucks Shotzi off and throws her down by her hair! Aliyah grins and covers, TWO! Shotzi gets to ropes but Aliyah stomps her down.

Aliyah drags Shotzi up to a corner and throws her across the way! Aliyah runs corner to corner to BOOT Shotzi down! Cover, TWO! Aliyah grows frustrated, because she shouts, “I’m more deserving!” Aliyah pushes Shotzi around and then drags her up. She grabs Shotzi’s hair, but Shotzi grabs Aliyah’s hair! Shotzi CHOPS and CHOPS and forearms back. Then she hits a big knee lift then a question mark kick! Shotzi waistlocks but Aliyah grabs ropes. The ref calls for the break but Shotzi gets Aliyah to let go, with a TIGER SUPLEX! Aliyah flounders but Shotzi’s on her with that BUTTERFLY MUTILATION!! Aliyah TAPS, Shotzi ELIMINATES her third opponent!! But that just brings out the fourth, Kayden Carter!

Shotzi Blackheart VS Kayden Carter!

The fiery Filipina wastes no time going after the exhausted Shotzi. KC chops and forearms away on Shotzi then whips. KC tilt-o-whirl scoops but Shotzi headscissors out. But Kayden handsprings through to then dropkick Shotzi down! Cover, TWO!! Shotzi survives but Kayden stays right on her. Kayden whips, Shotzi reverses and reels Kayden in for a knee smash! Shotzi fireman’s carries for a BIG knee smash! Shotzi heads up top but Kayden is up fast! Kayden mule kicks the legs out, and Shotzi is stuck in the ropes! Kayden runs to dropkick Shotzi down out of the corner! Shotzi’s hot streak might come to an end, but NXT goes to break!

NXT returns and Kayden runs into the corner. Shotzi dodges then comes back with a shining wizard! To a DRAPING DDT! Shotzi goes up top again, for the SUPER SENTON! Cover, Shotzi ELIMINATES Kayden!! Shotzi’s about to run the gauntlet! But the last competitor is of course Dakota Kai! Raquel Gonzales follows behind as #CobraKai gets in the ring!

Shotzi Blackheart VS Dakota Kai w/ Raquel Gonzales!

Dakota BOOTS and clubs away on Shotzi! Cover, ONE! Dakota sneers as she stomps away on Shotzi. Shotzi rises but Dakota AX KICKS her down! Cover, TWO! Dakota laughs at Shotzi as she stands on her neck! The ref counts and Dakota lets up at 4. Shotzi gasps for air but Dakota drags her up to grind her foot into her face! Dakota lets up again, then clubs Shotzi. Shotzi hits back but Dakota boots her down again. Dakota drags Shotzi up and whips, but Shotzi holds ropes. So Dakota goes out to trip Shotzi! Then spin her around for another BOOT! Dakota puts Shotzi in and covers, TWO! Dakota stalks Shotzi to ropes then drags her away to choke her on them! The ref counts but Dakota lets up, and Raquel gets her shots in!

Dakota drags Shotzi around to cover, TWO! Dakota keeps her cool as she stalks Shotzi. She kicks Shotzi around and Raquel encourages it. Dakota snapmares to a grounded cobra twist! Shotzi endures as Dakota cranks on her, but then Shotzi pushes back! It’s a cover, TWO! Dakota BOOTS Shotzi and covers, TWO!! Shotzi survives and Dakota grows further frustrated. Dakota stands on Shotzi again but the ref counts. Dakota backs off but grins again. Shotzi slowly stands in the corner but Dakota goes side to side, for the BOOT! Cover, TWO!! Shotzi will not die! Dakota kicks Shotzi around, toying with her. Dakota stands on Shotzi in the corner, then lets up. Shotzi stands, blocks the kick and then kicks back. Dakota blocks but Shotzi rolls her! Dakota kicks Shotzi away, runs into the corner, but only gets post!

Shotzi rolls and LARIATS! She rallies on Dakota and enziguris! Dakota flounders and Shotzi runs in, to waitlock and SAIDO SUPLEX! Dakota bails out and Raquel goes to her side. The two get to the ramp side and want a time-out. But Shotzi builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit on them both! Shotzi howls, having her second wind! She drags Dakota up and into the ring, but Raquel attacks! But Shotzi throws her into steel steps! Shotzi hurries back in but Dakota BOOTS her again!! Dakota drags Shotzi into a fireman’s carry, for the GO TO KICK!! Cover, Dakota wins!!

Winner: Dakota Kai, by pinfall (joins the #1 Contender’s Ladder Match)

Captain Kota better be sharing some of the winner’s purse with Raquel after that one. But will Raquel be an even bigger insurance policy in the Six Woman Ladder Match?

KUSHIDA VS Joaquin Wilde!

The Time Splitter returns, still on a winning streak. Will that streak continue as he takes a walk on the Wilde Side?

The bell rings and Kushida circles with Wilde. They tie up, Wilde gets the wristlock and wrenches. Kushida rolls and drop toeholds to a facelock. Kushida holds on as Wilde rolls around, then Kushida floats all over Wilde. He pats Wilde on the back, then drags him into a cover! ONE, and Wilde sweeps to cover. ONE and Kushida sweeps to cover, ONE! Wilde stands up but Kushida wheelbarrows to a victory roll, that he then stands on. Kushida rocks back to pop Wilde up into an armbar capture!! Wilde moves around to get the ropebreak! Kushida lets go and the two back off. Kushida says it was that close. Wilde and Kushida circle again then approach. Kushida kicks but Wilde stays back.

Kushida jumps on for a body scissors and knuckle lock. He uses that to wrench but Wilde steps in to headlock. Kushida powers out but Wilde slides under to headscissors back! Wilde arm-drags Kushida to an armlock! Kushida endures, powers his way up but Wilde wrenches again. Wilde grinds Kushida down but Kushida endures. Kushida fights up but Wilde wrenches and elbows away. Wilde runs but Kushida hip tosses to handspring and dropkick! Cover, TWO! Wilde gets to ropes as NXT goes to break.

NXT returns and Wilde has Kushida in a corner. Wilde CHOPS and whips to then run and hit a falling inverted DDT! Cover, TWO! Wilde keeps his cool and drags Kushida up with a chinbar. He scoops and flips Kushida for a modified knee smash! Cover, TWO! Wilde grows frustrated that his unique move didn’t work. Kushida gets to a corner but Wilde drags him up. Wilde bumps Kushida off buckles then stomps away. The ref counts and Wilde backs off, but he CLUBS Kushida back. Wilde bumps Kushida off more buckles then rams his shoulder in. The ref counts and Wilde backs off to then wrench and whip. Kushida reverses but Wilde goes up, only to get caught and kicked down! Wilde clutches the targeted arm and Kushida wonders if Wilde’s okay. Kushida brings Wilde up but Wilde throws forearms!

Wilde keeps on Kushida so Kushida kicks back! Kushida ROCKS Wilde with a right then runs, but into a jawbreaker! Wilde and Kushida both stagger, then Wilde whips. Kushida handsprings to back elbow! Kushida whips Wilde and hip tosses, INTO the armbar!! Wilde taps, Kushida wins!

Winner: Kushida, by submission

The Super Junior gets another win! Will Kushida reach a title in NXT in the near future?

NXT Media catches up with Joaquin Wilde.

Wilde is in the parking lot when he’s asked about his match with Kushida. What is going through his mind after that defeat? It was a great match, but another loss. That just seems to be the pattern ever since arriving in NXT. Wilde thought he was going to be a Breakout star, make an impact, but whoa! An SUV just pulls up outta nowhere! And two luchadors are telling Wilde to get in!? This is just like what happened to Raul Mendoza! We haven’t seen Mendoza since that night, either! Wilde is given little choice but to go with the luchadors! Will he end up in the same place as Mendoza? Will we ever see either man again?!

NXT North American Championship Triple Threat: Keith Lee VS Dominik Dijakovic VS Damian Priest!

The Limitless One and the Croatian Colossus have already redefined what supersized superstars can do in the ring. Now the Archer of Infamy interjects himself into their storied rivalry! Will Priest #LiveForever off the legacies of Lee and Dijakovic? Or will he only be a footnote in the history of this feud that quite possibly could #FightForever?

The introductions are made, stats are given for the first time ever as an upper third, and the belt is raised. The bell rings and this massive main event begins!

Priest swings a kick at Lee, but Lee catches him! Lee throws Priest at Dijakovic, who catches Priest in a choke grip! Priest ROCKS Dijakovic to free himself, but Lee ROCKS Priest! Dijakovic ROCKS Lee but Priest kicks. Dijakovic blocks and kicks back, but Priest also blocks. Lee spins but both Dijakovic and Priest duck the big heel kick! All three men ROUNDHOUSE the man to their left! All three titans stagger back and lean on the ropes, and NXT goes to break!

NXT returns again and Dijakovic runs corner to corner at Priest. Priest boots him away and ducks the discus to hit a COMPLETE SHOT! Both men slowly rise with Lee on the outside. Priest throws big body shots and a haymaker on Dijakovic in the corner. Priest climbs up to rain down rights but Dijakovic powers up and lifts Priest off! Only for Priest to counter with a DDT! Cover, but Lee pushes Priest off. Lee clotheslines Priest out but Priest lands on his feet! Priest ROUNDHOUSES Lee back! Lee wobbles and Priest climbs, but Lee ROCKS Priest back! Lee climbs the corner and drags Priest up top with him! Priest fights the superplex off, clubbing away. Lee clubs back and brings Priest around. Lee tries again and has a bearhug! Dijakovic slides in and joins in!

Priest and Dijakovic both club Lee, then an ear clap staggers Lee! Dijakovic has Lee on his shoulders in the Electric Chair, and Priest adjusts. HEEL KICK DOOMSDAY!! All three titans are down in the ring! Priest flounders over towards Lee but so does Dijakovic. Dijakovic stands first, but Lee follows. Priest is up last and Dijakovic clubs him. Priest clubs Lee then Dijakovic forearms. They work on Lee together with haymakers and kicks. They double choke grip, for a DOUBLE CHOKE SLAM!! But Lee rolls away before either man can cover. Dijakovic grabs Priest for the torture rack but Priest fights free. Priest whips Dijakovic to a corner then drags him up in a crucifix! Dijakovic resits, but Priest still THROWS out of the ring!! And Lee CATCHES him!

Lee and Dijakovic brawl but Priest builds speed to FLY! The tope conjilo wipes them all out and NXT goes to another break!

NXT returns once again, and Dijakovic MOONSAULTS, but FLOPS!! Priest avoids disaster and then choke grips Dijakovic, for a SOUTH OF HEAVEN Choke Slam!! Cover, TWO!?! Dijakovic lives and Priest grows frustrated. But Priest takes aim as Dijakovic slowly rises. Priest spins but his kick misses. Now Dijakovic choke grips, but Priest slips out, to a dragon sleeper! Priest drags Dijakovic up but Dijakovic brings Priest up instead! Lee returns as Dijakovic spins Priest. Priest lands on his feet, so it’s TIME TO FLY! Dijakovic THROWS Priest, but Lee catches Priest! Lee brings Priest up to swing into Dijakovic! And then BOMBS him on Dijakovic’s back! Lee holds on to DO IT AGAIN! And AGAIN! Lee keeps going, for a FOURTH bomb on Dijakovic’s back! And then SPIRIT BOMB!! Cover, Dijakovic breaks it!!

All three men are exhausted, but Lee rises again. Priest crawls to a corner but Lee brings Dijakovic up. Dijakovic elbows and forearms Lee back. Lee SLAMS Dijakovic with a huge spine buster! Lee runs and splashes Priest in the corner! He hops up top but Priest enziguris Lee first! Then spinning ROUNDHOUSES the arm! Priest climbs up top and rains down hands. Priest SUPER STEINER, but Lee blocks it! Lee brings Priest back up, for a SUPER SPIRIT- NO! Priest gets the Super Steiner after all! Dijakovic with the MACHO ELBOW outta nowhere!! Priest aims at Dijakovic and Dijakovic aims right back. Both men hit CYCLONE KICKS!! They both fall onto Lee for a cover, TWO?!? All three men are down but this match is not over yet!

Priest and Dijakovic crawl to ropes. They are on opposite ends of the same corner. Dijakovic choke grips Priest but Priest choke grips back. Lee breaks they bonds to GRIZZLY MAGNUM each of them! Lee climbs up top again and brings each man up. But Priest choke grips, and so does Dijakovic! DOUBLE SUPER CHOKE SLAM!! Dijakovic mule kicks Priest off the top and adjusts. His target is Lee, and he CORKSCREW MOONSAULTS!! Cover, TWO?!?! Lee is superhuman! But he, Dijakovic and Priest are still moving. Wait, Priest has his BATON! Triple Threat means No Disqualifications, but Dijakovic ducks the attack! FEAST YOUR EYES! And a POUNCE!! Priest is sent out of the ring! Lee fireman’s carries Dijakovic, for the BIG BANG CATASTROPHE! Cover, LEE WINS!!

Winner: Keith Lee, by pinfall (still NXT North American Champion)

You could call controversy on Priest’s nightstick hitting Dijakovic’s knee in all that, but a win is a win. Forget #LiveForever or #FightForever, will Lee #ReignForever so that we all shall #BaskInHisGlory?

My Thoughts:

A great episode that also starts the TakeOver compensation programming. If you aren’t sure what I mean by that, the TakeOver: Tampa logo was on the titantron the entire main event. Honestly, I thought this night could’ve been just Dream VS Fish, the Women’s Gauntlet and the NXT North American Championship. But Lumis’s return was really good character work, and even Atlas looked good for his debut. Kushida VS Wilde was really good, and I did not expect Wilde to be brought into the same luchador abduction angle as Mendoza. Are they going to return as brainwashed luchadors to fill the NXT Tag Team Division during this era of travel bans and pandemic policies?

Dream VS Fish was a solid opener, and naturally Dream wins so he can advance in his story. If anything, taking the time for Dream to run an Undisputed Era sweep works out since the world is having to take things very slow right now. We can get Cole VS Dream for the title at whatever TakeOver we get when things return to somewhat normal, with an audience shouting and dueling and what not. The Women’s Gauntlet was great, and I am pleasantly surprised to see Shotzi booked so strong! However, I knew 50-50 booking of equal Faces and Heels would require Dakota Kai to win it all. The Six Woman Ladder Match is going to be great just on story with both Mia and Tegan wanting payback on Dakota.

And then the Triple Threat was definitely TakeOver worthy, if not the direct copy and paste of the match they were going to have. For a moment, I thought Lee was losing, but they did a great job of steering it back to his win. Yes, Dijakovic can claim controversy with the nightstick, but I feel that we need Lee VS Priest 1v1 first before bringing things back to the Lee VS Dijakovic feud. And speaking of feuds, I really liked the video package for #OneLastBeat. Ciampa VS Gargano is going to deliver again next week, and could honestly go either way to me. I’m just curious to see if Killer Kross goes after the winner or the loser, which in itself could be a very creative twist on things.

My Score: 9.1/10

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