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ResultsNXTWWE NXT March 11, 2020 Full Results & Report

WWE NXT March 11, 2020 Full Results & Report



NXT strikes gold in the Performance Center!

For the first time ever, NXT will be live from the WWE Performance Center! And with both North American and Tag Team Championship matches!


  • NXT North American Championship: Keith Lee VS Cameron Grimes; Lee wins and retains the NXT North American Championship.
  • NXT Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Qualifier: Mia Yim VS Dakota Kai w/ Raquel Gonzalez; Yim wins and advances to the TakeOver: Tampa Ladder match.
  • KUSHIDA VS Raul Mendoza; KUSHIDA wins.
  • NXT Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Qualifier: Tegan Nox VS Deonna Purrazzo; Nox wins and advances to the TakeOver: Tampa Ladder match.
  • NXT Tag Team Championships: The Broserweights VS The Undisputed Era; The Broserweights win and retain the NXT Tag Team Championships.


NXT North American Championship: Keith Lee VS Cameron Grimes!

The Limitless One heard a lot of words coming out of the Carolina Caveman’s mouth when this match was announced, but now it’s time for Grimes to put his money where his mouth is. Will Grimes finally have his Breakout moment with the biggest Cave In ever? Or will NXT continue to #BaskInHisGlory?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and the PC has its first ever championship match!

Grimes and Lee circle and some fans chant, “Let’s Get Grimy!” Many more fans boo those chants down. Grimes rushes Lee with a kick but Lee catches it to flip Grimes! But Grimes lands on his feet and gets to a corner. Grimes moves around but Lee shows no wasted movement. Grimes grabs a leg but Lee pries him off it with a lift! Lee swings and throws Grimes away! Grimes composes himself and moves around again. He goes for the legs again but Lee again grabs him. They end up on the ropes and the ref calls for the ropebreak. Grimes waistlocks instead, but he can’t lift Lee. So he clubs Lee on the back and whips. Lee blocks that to whip Grimes into a corner.

Grimes dodges Lee and runs, but into Lee’s grip! Lee whips but Grimes holds ropes. Grimes kicks but Lee GRIZZLY MAGNUM CHOPS! Grimes falls to his knees but fans want “One More Time!” Lee drags Grimes up but Grimes throws forearms. Lee shoves Grimes out of the ring! Fans cheer as Lee goes out and fetches Grimes to throw him back in the ring. Grimes boots Lee off the apron then jumps to the apron. Grimes Penalty Kicks! And leaps, but the tumbleweed is caught! Lee brings Grimes up but Grimes grabs ropes to save himself, and STOMP Lee’s head on the apron! Fans chant, “You Suck!” as Grimes builds speed. Grimes DIVES, but into Lee’s arms! Lee holds Grimes up but again Grimes uses ropes. But this time, Lee sweeps the legs!

Lee drags Grimes up and into the ring but Grimes goes to an apron. Lee stalks up behind Grimes and brings him up. Grimes throws elbows but Lee bumps Grimes off buckles. The hat falls! Grimes’ top hat is on the ground but Lee climbs up. Lee drags Grimes up by his hair, but Grimes resists the superplex. Grimes slips free to enziguri! And sweep the legs! Lee hits buckles on the way down, Grimes goes back up, and hits a BIG crossbody! Grimes can’t cover so he KNEES Lee in the head! NXT goes picture in picture as Grimes grinds Lee into the mat.

Grimes has Lee against the ropes but the ref backs him off. Grimes keeps on Lee by pulling his ear. The ref reprimands so Grimes grinds his forearm into Lee’s face. The ref counts and Grimes lets up. Lee powers up but Grimes digs his elbow into the side of Lee’s head! Grimes STOMPS Lee down! Lee goes to ropes but Grimes is right on him with a choke! The ref counts but Grimes lets up at 4. Grimes kicks Lee in the leg, and again, then fish hooks the face! Again the ref counts but Grimes again lets up at 4. Grimes brings Lee up but Lee pushes him away. Grimes KICKS the leg, but Lee throws a big body shot! Lee stands, puts Grimes in a corner, and then throws body shots! Grimes elbows back but Lee point-blank splashes in the corner!

Lee THROWS Grimes across the ring! And then runs corner to corner, but Grimes trips him up into the buckles! Grimes drags Lee up with a camel clutch! Lee endures as Grimes cranks back. Lee fights his way up to his feet, but Grimes KICKS a leg out! And stomps Lee down! Grimes stomps on the leg and Lee writhes to the ropes. Grimes grinds his boots into Lee’s head but the ref backs him off. Lee sits up and Grimes starts throwing kicks. Grimes kicks Lee in the front, then the back, then hooks on for an Iron Octopus! Lee endures as Grimes pulls back on the arm. Lee fights his way up as NXT returns to single picture.

Fans rally and Lee fireman’s carries Grimes. Grimes elbows Lee over and over and Lee starts to kneel. But Lee stands right back up! Grimes slips off the back, waistlocks and lifts, but Lee is too much! Lee pries out, standing switches, but Grimes elbows. Grimes is free and runs, but Lee hurdles over! Lee ducks under and Grimes has to hop, and then Lee CROSSBODIES Grimes! Fans are fired up as Lee ROCKS Grimes in a corner! Grimes flounders, Lee runs, but Grimes boots back! Lee wobbles but he still blocks a punch! Lee fireman’s carries but Grimes slips out to kick. Again Lee blocks the kick and then kicks back. He brings Grimes in and up, but Grimes slips out of the bomb to SUPER FOREARM!

Grimes ducks a punch to give kicks but Lee swings again. Lee back hands, Grimes ducks it to SUPERKICK! And SUPERKICK! And GERMAN SUPLEX!? Bridging cover, TWO!! Lee survives and the PC is fired up for “NXT! NXT!” Grimes and Lee slowly rise, and Grimes is up first. Grimes brings Lee up to kick, then he hops up the corner. MOONSAULT, but Lee catches him! Lee spins Grimes around, but Grimes makes it a DDT! Cover, TWO!! Grimes grits his teeth as he looms over Lee. Grimes stomps in the corner and Lee rises. No Cave In as Lee catches Grimes’ leap! But again Grimes slips out of the bomb, to SUPERKICK! But Lee runs to POUNCE! Fireman’s carry, BIG BANG CATASTROPHE! Cover, Lee wins!!

Winner: Keith Lee, by pinfall (still NXT North American Champion)

The Limitless Reign continues! The First of His Kind is on a roll as NXT heads down the Road to WrestleMania. But wait! Damien Priest appears and CLUBS Lee with that baton!! The Archer of Infamy CLUBS Lee again! But here comes Dominik Dijakovic! The Croatian Colossus runs Priest off, his knee brace showing the damage done by that same baton. But then Dijakovic spots the title belt. He picks it up and brings it to Lee, but Lee takes his anger out on Dijakovic with a SPIRIT BOMB!! Priest has made Lee angry, and no one will like Lee when he’s angry. Will Lee trample everyone under his feet to solidify his dominance?

NXT Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Qualifier: Mia Yim VS Dakota Kai w/ Raquel Gonzalez!

The Head Baddie in Charge owes the venomous snake that is King Kota for a distraction that cost her against Xia Li. Plus, taking Dakota down a peg from a cage match that she only won thanks to her new sidekick. With five spots left, who joins Chelsea Green in the coming contender’s match in Tampa?

The bell rings and Dakota rushes Mia, but Mia avoids the dropkick. Mia Oklahoma Rolls Dakota, TWO! Mia tries a school girl, TWO! Dakota runs into a waistlock but bucks off the roll to SLAP Mia! Mia CHOPS back! And again! Mia throws forearms and then puts Dakota in a corner to throw her across the ring! Mia keeps on Dakota with knees from all sides, and then another CHOP! Dakota goes to another corner but Mia whips her. Dakota reverses, Mia dodges and throws more forearms! Fans are on Mia’s side as she CHOPS again. Mia whips but Dakota reverses. Mia redirects and trips up Dakota to then basement dropkick! Cover, TWO!

Mia rains down forearms on Dakota and covers, TWO! Mia keeps her cool as she puts Dakota in a corner. She bumps Dakota off buckles then SLAPS her back! Mia goes corner to corner to BOOT Dakota down! Mia boots Dakota again, then whips her corner to corner. Dakota puts Mia on the apron but Mia dodges the kick to kick the bad knee! Dakota screams in pain and the ref checks on her, and Raquel steps to Mia. Mia kicks but Raquel blocks it, and yanks Mia onto her shoulder for an apron snake eyes! Fans boo but Raquel gets away with it as NXT goes to break.

NXT returns as Dakota kicks Mia around. Mia blocks one but Dakota clubs her to a corner. Dakota goes Around the World, but Mia dodges! Dakota hurries after but Mia dodges the ax kick. Mia sweeps the legs and now Dakota crawls away. Fans rally as Mia runs in and rallies with lariats and a boot! And a jumping neckbreaker! Mia fires herself up and she shotgun dropkicks Kai into a corner! CANNONBALL! Mia drags Dakota into a matchbook cover, TWO! Mia drags Dakota up but Dakota throws her into ropes! Fans boo as Dakota whips but Mia reverses to forearm! Mia runs but Dakota follows to forearm back! Dakota shouts, “I’m going to TakeOver!” Dakota runs, but knows Mia follows so she elbows. Then Dakota hops on, for KAI-ROPRACHTOR! Cover, TWO!!

Dakota and Raquel are shocked that Mia survives! But the PC rallies up for the HBIC even as she writhes. Dakota drags Mia up but she’s dead weight! Dakota still kicks away on Mia’s face! But Mia dodges the field go to roll Dakota up, TWO! Dakota puts Mia in a corner, goes side to side, but misses again! Mia lifts Dakota up, but Dakota holds ropes for deaf life! Mia BOMBS Dakota off, then matchbooks, but Raquel pulls Mia’s feet out from under her! Fans boo as Raquel gets away with this again. Mia glares at Raquel but Raquel plays dumb. The ref questions Raquel, but Dakota rolls Mia up! But the arguing keeps the ref from seeing the cover!! Dakota gets mad, but she walks into PROTECT YA NECK!! Cover, Mia wins!!

Winner: Mia Yim, by pinfall (advances to the TakeOver: Tampa Ladder Match)

But of course, Raquel attacks! Fans boo as Raquel looms over Mia. Raquel checks on Dakota, then goes back after Mia. Single leg SLAM!! The Daughter of the Desperado helps Dakota take her leave, but they’re still not heading to Tampa. Will Mia be able to recover and be ready for that very important ladder match?

NXT Media has Tommaso Ciampa’s arrival.

What is his response to Johnny Gargano’s claims that tonight, they do things Gargano’s way? Ciampa says, “His way?” Sounds like the Blackheart isn’t going to stand for that. What goes down as these two are again headed on a collision course?

NXT receives another new cryptic message.

A television with static. A voice speaks, but what does it say? The moon, crows, vultures, an eclipse and a sunset, as well as a clock. Apocalypse. What does it all mean?!

KUSHIDA VS Raul Mendoza!

The Time Splitter returns to NXT, and he’s ready to test the Mendoza Line! Will Kushida’s time away be a factor tonight?

The bell rings and Mendoza goes after Kushida right away! The two throw forearm after forearm but Mendoza knees low. Mendoza whips but Kushida reverses. Mendoza goes up and over and keeps moving. Kushida hurdles but Mendoza handsprings, and Mendoza huricanranas but Kushida handsprings, too! Things keep moving, Mendoza handsprings out of the hip toss to dropkick Kushida down! Mendoza brings Kushida up to CHOP him in the corner! He whips Kushida corner to corner but Kushida puts him on the apron. Mendoza throws forearms and goes up top to leap, into a FAST BALL! Mendoza falls out but Kushida FLIES! Direct hit at the ramp!

Kushida brings Mendoza up and puts him in the ring. Kushida enziguris Mendoza from a corner then climbs up top. Mendoza stands but gets under the missile dropkick to back kick. Mendoza hits an anarchy suplex! LIONSAULT! Cover, ONE!! Mendoza grits his teeth and drags Kushida up. Mendoza cranks Kushida’s neck then wraps on a chinlock. Kushida endures as fans rally up, but Mendoza knees low. Mendoza back suplexes but Kushida lands on his feet! Kushida fires off forearms and a CHOP! Kushida whips but Mendoza reverses, only for Kushida to handspring back elbow! then a mule kick to a Penalty Kick on the arm! Somersaults but no DDT. Mendoza runs, Kushida hip tosses to cartwheel dropkick!

Fans cheer this fast paced action as Mendoza crawls to a corner. Kushida aims and runs corner to corner, but Mendoza dodges! Mendoza runs into a boot! Kushida hops up but Mendoza handspring ENZIGURIS! Kushida wobbles up top and Mendoza climbs from the outside. Mendoza throws forearms as he goes up top. Kushida hits back and the two brawl. Mendoza gets under Kushida to fireman’s carry, but Kushida elbows back. Kushida cranks the arm for the Hoverboard! SUPER ARMBAR TAKEDOWN!! Mendoza taps, Kushida wins!!

Winner: Kushida, by submission

The Super Junior wins big in his return! Will Kushida find his way to a title in no time at all?

NXT Media interviews Tyler Breeze.

Mackenzie Mitchell asks Prince Pretty about NXT’s first live night from PC. He was here since day one, so what does the Performance Center mean to him? “I hear all the time about this first class that built the Performance Center.” In reality, the PC built them. There’d be no Tyler Breeze without it. But then Austin Theory comes by and says he’s a huge fan. He watched Breeze on WWE Breaking Ground. That was of course years ago when Austin was in high school, but hey, no disrespect. Theory knows the PC builds superstars, “but it also made people mega stars.” And that is a high level that not everyone reaches. Tyler takes a quick pic of Austin. He looks great, “for a flash in the pan.” Both men deal out bold words, but will Breeze be able to go #AllDay?

Rhea Ripley is here!

The NXT Women’s Champion heads to the ring ahead of her historic WrestleMania match with Charlotte Flair. Rhea gets a mic and says, “If Charlotte Flair thinks that she can psyche me out before WrestleMania, well, Charlotte’s gonna have to come up with a better game plan.” She gets it, though. This is the biggest match of Rhea’s career. She does feel the pressure, but what gets her through it is “knocking the Queen on her royal ass!” So come Mania- Charlotte is here! Rhea showed up on Raw, so it seems The Queen will return the favor by returning to NXT!

Fans “WOO~!” as Charlotte struts on stage with a mic of her own. Fans troll with “You Don’t Go Here!” but she points out she made here. Charlotte says she has no problem admitting Rhea’s got guts. But Rhea, you need to focus. This is WrestleMania! It is too much too fast and too soon. And it isn’t even the stadium or the 80+ THOUSAND people chanting Rhea’s name! What Charlotte means is this. Charlotte herself will be too much to handle! Charlotte is going to take Rhea to the deep end and drown “the fastest rising star in the WWE,” and Rhea can’t do a thing about it! But Rhea does do something, by attacking Charlotte the second she’s in the ring!

The Queen and the Nightmare brawl but Charlotte gets the edge! Until Rhea turns it around! Charlotte pushes Rhea off and BOOTS her down with those high-heel boots! Fans troll with “Go Back to Raw!” but Charlotte goes for the Figure Four. Rhea boots Charlotte into buckles! Charlotte bails out but she drags Rhea out to throw a leg into the post! And again! And again! Fans boo as Charlotte puts Rhea in a HANGING Figure Four!! Rhea is bent against and around the post! Referees rush out to pull Charlotte off Rhea and Rhea flops to the floor! Charlotte dusts her hands off before picking up the NXT Women’s Championship. She drops it on Rhea before standing over her. “You didn’t even save anything for WrestleMania!” Fans troll with “You Don’t Go Here!” but Charlotte might rule here after history is made in Tampa!

NXT takes a closer look at NXT UK Champion, Walter.

“I am the Ring General, and I am your United Kingdom Champion. Today, and forever.” The chops, the boots, the throws and agility. All the experience and talent, the precision and dominance, there is no wasted movement. Walter is different. But why does it feel so familiar? Finn Balor says that lies travel faster than the truth. But the Prince is heading to the UK! Will he take over when he arrives in Walter’s world?

NXT Media catches up with Mia Yim outside.

She’s been waiting for an opportunity like this! Finally, Tampa will be her redemption. But a car drives up fast, and two golden masked luchadors grab Mendoza?! What are we witnessing!? Where are they taking Mendoza?!

NXT Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Qualifier: Tegan Nox VS Deonna Purrazzo!

The third spot in the Six Woman Ladder Match is about to be filled! The girl with the Shiniest Wizard won’t have to worry about her former friend thanks to Mia, but that’s only if she can overcome the Armbar Virtuosa! Who joins the HBIC and the Robert Stone Brand’s Hot Commodity in Tampa?

The bell rings and Deonna circles with Tegan. They tie up, Deonna wrenches the arm and yanks on it. Tegan throws forearms with her free arm but Deonna keeps wrenching. Tegan forearms until she’s free, then choke grips! Deonna breaks free of that to wring out Tegan’s bad arm and slam her on the mat! Tegan gets to a corner but Deonna rams her shoulder in. The ref backs Deonna off but she comes back. Tegan goes up and over but swings into an EXPLODER! Cover, TWO! Deonna is already frustrated but she drags Tegan up to wrench more. She uppercuts the bad arm and Tegan goes to a corner. Deonna stomps Tegan down and stomps a mudhole in. The ref backs her off but she’s right on Tegan with a CHOP!

Deonna CHOPS Tegan harder, then whips corner to corner. Tegan manages to reverse and hit an uppercut! Tegan sweeps the legs and runs in with the CANNONBALL into knees! Deonna BOOTS Tegan down then covers, TWO! But Deonna gets the FUJIWARA! Tegan writhes, endures, and manages to slip around to a roll up, TWO! Tegan HEADBUTTS Deonna, then SHINIEST WIZARD outta nowhere!! Cover, Tegan wins!!

Winner: Tegan Nox, by pinfall (advances to the TakeOver: Tampa Ladder match)

And in a flash, it’s lights out! Tegan gets one step closer to an NXT Women’s Championship opportunity, but will she be able to climb with one bad arm? Who else will join the three in three weeks?

NXT Tag Team Championships: The Broserweights VS The Undisputed Era!

TakeOver: Portland revisited as Matt Riddle & Pete Dunne give Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly a rematch! Will reDRagon be able to redeem themselves and again make the titles Undisputed? Or will the wild stallions ride on down the Road to Tampa with belts and Dusty Cup in hand?

But before the champions make their entrance, Velveteen Dream makes his presence known! Dream talks from the balcony as “we have four men standing in the middle of the PC ring. How many? We have four. One little, two little, three little, four little men standing in the middle of the PC ring.” Yet Dream only has eyes for Adam Cole. It has always been about Cole and the NXT Championship. Because if they think for one “dirty dog-gone second” Dream cares about Roddy Strong and his family, “you’ve got another thing coming.” Strong, they were just tights with faces painted on them. Get over it. Dream is not so vile. Strong is just dumber than he looks. And he looks pretty dumb.

But Dream looks past Strong while they’re all looking at Dream, and here we all are looking at the NXT Championship main event for TakeOver: Tampa. Cole tells Dream to shut up, and says that Dream has earned NOTHING. But congrats, you tricked Cole into getting in the cage. Dream still lost! He did NOT earn an NXT Championship match. Because everyone is looking at “the greatest NXT Champion there has ever been.” And next week, Cole is going to celebrate what he has earned. Because next week, Cole officially becomes longest reigning NXT Champion of all time! So for tonight, Cole and Strong are going to end the charade. Not even in your dreams, Cole. Here’s a wake up call, “Bro…” Riddle and Dunne make their entrance, and this Portlandia sequel begins!

The belts are raised and the teams sort out. It’s Dunne and Kyle with the bell. They tie up and Kyle wristlocks to wrench. Dunne spins through and stands on Kyle’s foot as he trips him up. Dunne cranks the other leg in a standing toehold while fans troll Fish with the infamous tongue twister. Kyle gets up, gets around and goes after Dunne’s leg. Dunne stays out of Kyle’s grip, and the two stand off. Now Fish and Riddle tag in, and the two circle. Fish gives testing kicks but Riddle fires back! Riddle gets Fish in a guillotine but Fish slips out to get around to a facelock. Riddle sips out to waistlock and he throws Fish! Fish gets up fast and fans chant, “Riddle’s Gonna Smoke~ You!” Smoked fish?

Fish and Riddle circle and tie up. Fish kicks low but Riddle gets the gut wrench! He suplexes Fish once, then Dunne intercepts Kyle, for DOUBLE Gut Wrench Suplexes! The Broserweights both kip up as reDRagon bails out! The Undisputed regroups and is frustrated as NXT goes to break.

NXT returns as Riddle hits a corkscrew senton and Dunne adds a basement dropkick! Riddle covers, TWO! Fish is furious but Riddle gives Kyle Bro Kicks! “Bro! Bro!” But Kyle blocks one to throw forearms! Riddle CHOPS, and the two brawl! Riddle throws forearms then boots, but Kyle puts him on the apron. Fish runs over but Riddle decks him, then Riddle ducks Kyle’s punch to deck him. Fish goes to sweep, Riddle jumps over but Kyle BOOTS Riddle down! Riddle hits railing and Fish tags in to go after him. Fish throws Riddle into more railing then throws body shots. He puts Riddle in the ring to then clinch and muay thai knee. He throws more strikes in the corner then tags Kyle.

Kyle adds his own strikes on Riddle but the ref counts. Kyle lets up at 4 and Riddle falls to the mat. Fans rally but Kyle rams knees and elbows into Riddle’s ribs. Kyle runs to sliding KNEE! Now he grounds ‘n’ pounds! Cover, TWO! Kyle keeps on Riddle and tags Fish in. They mug Riddle with body shots, then Fish snap suplexes Riddle down. Cover, TWO! Fish keeps close to Riddle but Riddle CHOPS back! Riddle and Fish brawl and Fish rocks Riddle. Fish whips but Riddle holds ropes. Fish kicks Riddle down then drags him away from Dunne for more forearms. Snapmare and slingshot for a slingshot senton! Cover, TWO! Fish keeps his cool and drags Riddle over to the corner. Tag to Kyle and reDRagon double snap suplexes! Cover, TWO!

Kyle has Riddle in a mounted wristlock, then rams his knees in again! He drags Riddle back and gives him muay thai knees. Tag to Fish but Riddle fires off forearms again. Fish throws body shots and knees then whips. Riddle reverses, Fish breaks free to give more knees, but kicks into a PELE! Kyle tags in and he keeps Riddle from Dunne, but not for long! Dunne rallies, dodges Fish and gives him a rebound German! STOMP to the hands, BUZZSAW tot he head! Kyle is up, Dunne boots him back then hops up to dropkick the leg out! Fans fire up with Dunne as he brings Kyle up, X-Plex into armbar! Kyle scrambles around but ends up in a Triangle Hold! Kyle reaches and Fish help shim get the ropebreak! The ref counts, Dunne lets go at 4.

Kyle regroups with the UE, but Dunne is a step stool as Riddle runs over. BRO IN MOTION!! The Tope Bro-jilo takes out the Undisputed Era! Riddle puts Strong and Cole in but those are the wrong Undisputed Era members! But Dunne improvises and pulled an Eddie Guerrero! He makes a loud WHAP noise, and pretends Cole hit him! The ref isn’t sure what to think but Strong demonstrates how easy it is to fake all that! Riddle gets in and claims he saw Cole superkick Dunne! The ref tries to sort this out, and he has a solution. He EJECTS Cole and Strong! The PC is thunderous and the Broserweights just shrug. But this main event is far from over, and NXT goes picture in picture.

Kyle rushes in but Dunne gets him with a drop toehold! Dunne grabs a hand and tortures the fingers! Hammerlock STOMP! Kyle writhes but Dunne stalks up. Kyle throws Dunne out, Fish tags in and runs at him but Dunne dodges to mule kick! Dunne goes to the apron but Kyle gets the leg for a dragon screw! Fish sweeps the other leg and Dunne crashes down! Fish brings Dunne up and in and grabs the leg. He tweaks the knee then boots Dunne into the corner. Fish throws strikes all around then tags Kyle. Kyle adds on stomps then tags Fish back in. Fish drags Dunne up to throw more knees and then whips corner to corner. Dunne hits buckles and Kyle tags in. Fish runs in but Dunne puts him on the apron. Kyle runs in as Fish crashes down, but Dunne elbows Kyle away.

Kyle keeps Dunne from Riddle, then whips him away. Dunne goes up and over and hurries, but Fish trips up Riddle! Kyle hits a BIG forearm on Dunne, then BOOTS him down! Cover, TWO!! Kyle grows frustrated but he drags Dunne up. Dunne CHOPS, Kyle forearms, repeat. NXT returns to single picture as the brawl continues. Dunne forearms, but Kyle throws a strike fest! Leg sweep brings Dunne down, then Kyle drags him over. Snapmare and tag to Fish, Fish slingshots but onto knees! Both men are down and Fish tags Kyle. Kyle drags Dunne away again, but Dunne goes to enziguri, only for Kyle to duck. But Dunne uses both legs to push Kyle away, hot tag to Riddle!

The Bro rallies with kicks on reDRagon! And forearms! And then a DOUBLE KNEE! Riddle forearmS Fish in one corner then BROSPLODERS! Forearm and BROSPLODER for Kyle! Brotons for both Fish and Kyle! Penalty Kick for Fish! Riddle dead lift Fisherman BUSTERS Kyle! Cover, TWO!! Kyle survives but the chant of “Riddle~! Riddle~!” echo out. Riddle tags in Dunne then brings Kyle up in the fireman’s carry. Kyle slips out to deny the com-bro-nation and he shoves Riddle into Dunne! Kyle waistlocks Riddle, Fish waistlocks Dunne, DOUBLE GERMAN SUPLEXES! But both Broserweights land on their feet! Stereo knee and BUZZSAW! Dunne drags Kyle up for a POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!!

Fans rally up as Dunne brings Kyle around, for Danielson Stomps! Kyle manages to push Dunne away but Dunne avoids the kick to ROCK Kyle! Kyle knees, Ax ‘n’- ENZIGURI from Dunne! But Kyle yoyo’s to LARIAT! Both men are down but the PC is fired up as both men crawl. Hot tags to Fish and Riddle! Fish spins Riddle, fireman’s carry but Riddle slips out to fireman’s carry Fish. BRO TO- NO! Fish has the full nelson but Riddle breaks free to snapmare. Riddle ripcords to FINAL FLASH! Riddle dead lifts but Kyle holds onto Fish’s arms! That also counts as a tag, but Riddle still GERMAN SUPLEXES Fish! Kyle is up top and FLYING KNEE DROPS onto Riddle’s bridge! Cover, Dunne breaks it just in time!

All four men are down as fans rally and duel. Dunne goes to the apron to MOONSAULT, but Fish gets clear. Kyle leaps off the apron with a flying knee! Dunne gets sent into the crowd but Kyle goes to the ring. Tag to fish, they bring Riddle up, CHASING THE DRAGON! Cover, TWO!! Riddle survives but Fish tags Kyle back in. They bring Riddle up but Riddle chops and kicks away on them both! Fish boots, Kyle clubs, but Riddle avoids annihilation to DOUBLE SPEAR! All four men are down again but fans rally with “RIDDLE~!” Wait, here come the Grizzled Young Veterans! Dunne returns to regroup with Riddle, but Fish tackles Dunne out!

Kyle waistlocks, Fish standing switches, James Drake distracts the ref! Kyle throws Fish off and Gibson THROAT CHOPS! Roll up, TWO!?! No grizzled screw job here and that angers GYV! FINAL FLASH! Drake slides in but Dunne drags him out, to BLAST him with a forearm, and he knocks into Gibson! Fish runs at Riddle but is thrown out onto Gibson and Drake! Tag to Dunne and they enziguri knee Kyle in the corner! BROSERWEIGHT TO SLEEP!! Cover, Broserweights win!!

Winners: The Broserweights, by pinfall (still NXT Tag Team Champions)

Riddle and Dunne survive cheat after cheat, and are still on top of the NXT Tag Team Division! But are the Grizzled Young Veterans SOON to be recognized as their next contenders?

Next week’s NXT promises to be big!

For one, Adam Cole’s NXT Championship Celebration is confirmed! How will Cole celebrate his historic accomplishment? Plus, the next NXT Women’s Championship Contender Qualifier will be Candice LeRae VS Mercedes Martinez! Whose long wrestling journey brings them one step closer to the title?

Tommaso Ciampa heads to the ring!

The Blackheart was clearly defiant in his arrival earlier tonight, and now he is even more daring as he walks down the ramp. What will Ciampa have to say about Gargano after NXT returns from one more break?

NXT returns once more and fans chant “Daddy’s Home!” as Ciampa grabs a mic. “Johnny, I don’t know if you can hear my voice, I don’t know where you are, but I sure as hell know you hear all these people.” Gargano gave these people a promise, and he gave Ciampa a promise. He said we’d all find out why! So time’s up. And Ciampa knows why, but the people- Gargano speaks via titantron! And Gargano says Ciampa doesn’t know a single thing about Gargano, but Gargano knows everything about Ciampa. Gargano also said that they’d do things his way. So now it is time for fans to admit they were wrong about Ciampa! Or did everyone forget the past three years? Gargano didn’t. He didn’t forget what Ciampa did to him, to the fans, to NXT! “Tommaso Ciampa is the worst person in NXT History!”

Ciampa has had enough of listening to Gargano from some random boardroom so he goes in search of Gargano! Gargano says that Ciampa leaves for six months and now everyone just loves him! Everyone chants “Daddy’s Home!” But where was the apology? What redeemed Ciampa? Gargano didn’t realize Ciampa had left the ring, and now Ciampa spots Gargano! Gargano shoves a chair at Ciampa, and the brawl is on! Ciampa shoves Gargano into a wall so hard it breaks, and then he throws Gargano over the boardroom table! Gargano gets up but Ciampa SMACKS him with a laptop! The chase is on through the office space, and Ciampa BOOTS Gargano down. Ciampa SMACKS Gargano with one of the framed PPV posters!

The chase ends up in the PC’s medical area and superstars like Kushida and Tegan have to get clear. Gargano grabs a crutch, a fitting choice given this rivalry, but Ciampa shoves a medical cart into him first! Ciampa has the crutch now and SMACKS Gargano on the back with it! Ciampa stalks Gargano but Security runs in, so Ciampa DECKS them! Gargano scurries away but Ciampa still pursues. Ciampa throws trash bins as Gargano ends up in the gym. Gargano throws Ciampa into one of the machines! Gargano whips but Ciampa reverses and sends Gargano crashing into a garage door! Referees want them to stop but Gargano flounders against more cards. Ciampa staggers over but Gargano sprays something in his eyes!! And then throws Ciampa through glass!

More security hurries over but Gargano decks and throws them aside! Ciampa crawls blindly from whatever Gargano used. Gargano mocks “Daddy” as he throws him over a tractor tire. Ciampa writhes but Gargano says the “liar” lied to everyone. Gargano kicks Ciampa while he’s down then drags him back up. Gargano brings Ciampa up and throws him into a rack of bench press weight bars! Referees keep trying but Gargano tells them to get back. Gargano rains down punches on Ciampa and dares Ciampa to look him in the eyes. Gargano is seething as he sees a weight just lying around. He picks it up, and aims at Ciampa, but Ciampa kicks low! The weight goes flying into other weights, but now Ciampa picks it up, to JAM into Gargano’s stomach!

Gargano crawls but Ciampa picks up a smaller weight. And he THROWS it! Gargano gets clear and the weight SMASHES the mirror on the wall!! Gargano hurries over to PC lockers, and he punches back. Ciampa punches, but Gargano keeps fleeing. They end up by the rings now, and Gargano goes up to the bleachers. Ciampa throws hands and we have a brawl in front of the NXT fans! Gargano SUPERKICKS Ciampa back! Gargano takes a fan’s towel to mock the rallying. Ciampa BOOTS back! And bounces Gargano off chairs! Ciampa folds a chair, has fans give him space, and then he comes running in to SMASH Gargano through railing! They both fall onto people down below!! Fans lose their minds as Ciampa gets up and shouts, “This is MY house!”

Ciampa looks for Gargano but Gargano has started retreating again. Ciampa catches up and brings Gargano over to commentary! But Gargano powers out of the bomb to shove Ciampa into railing! Gargano hurries away again but Ciampa will not stop pursuing him. They go up to the perch! Gargano realizes it’s a dead end and Ciampa punches him over and over! Ciampa tries go dump Gargano over the edge, but Gargano rakes Ciampa’s eyes! Gargano SUPERKICKS Ciampa again! Gargano moves railing aside now, and he drags Ciampa over. Fans are again losing their minds, but Ciampa holds on for dear life. More railing comes off and the two start brawling. Gargano tries to slip under the railing but Ciampa KNEES him down!

Referees try to reason with both men but Ciampa only sees the table below. But Gargano puts on GargaNO Escape! Gargano pulls hard on the bad neck and a referee goes up to pull Gargano off Ciampa. Gargano DECKS the ref!! That’s a fine right there. Fans boo as Gargano catches his breath, to SUPERKICK Ciampa again! Ciampa is hanging over the edge but Gargano brings him back up. “I want you all to see this. This is a teachable moment.” He brings Ciamap up, but Ciampa lifts Gargano!! SUPER AIR RAID CRASH THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE DESK!! Fans again lose their minds, but have these two lost all semblance of sanity?!

My Thoughts:

Incredible stuff from tonight! There was a lot of advancement in many stories, and even a new one popping up. Is anyone else really intrigued about where this Mendoza story is going? Cheesy as it might seem for two men in lucha masks forcing Mendoza go with them, like something out of a crime drama movie, I want to know what that’s about. Also what great timing to have Kushida back, as I hope he is part of Team NXT for the coming Cruiserweight 5v5 Elimination match on 205 Live. The interview setting up Theory VS Breeze was also good, that sounds like it’ll be a great match.

Opening with the North American Championship was great, Grimes still looked really good against Lee. Commentary did a good job of making it out to be Lee misunderstanding the situation, thinking Dijakovic attacked so he could get the title. I feel even more now than last week that the North American Championship could be on the line in a Triple Threat for Tampa so that all of this is settled at once. The cryptic message was very confusing, I had no idea if the voice was saying words that we could even understand. Still no idea who this is hyping, which actually makes it even better. And the Balor episodes of NXT UK are finally airing, so I actually hope that they aren’t going to rush this for WrestleMania and actually take this to TakeOver: Dublin. It just makes more sense somehow.

Yim VS Kai was a really good qualifier for the coming Women’s Ladder Match, and it’s great for Mia to get this win. It mostly means we won’t have to worry about Raquel helping Dakota all throughout the match in Tampa. Nox VS Purrazzo was good but quick, but that works towards Nox’s favor as far as rankings. LeRae VS Martinez next week could go either way, and I’m still hoping Io Shirai can return to get into the Ladder match. Rhea and Charlotte had a solid segment, but NXT fans sure are rowdy. They were really trying to troll Charlotte, but she handled it well. The fight and Charlotte standing tall surely tips things back in Rhea’s favor, but it’d make for quite the shake-up if Charlotte won and returned to NXT full-time.

Everything surrounded the Undisputed Era was great. Dream calling out Cole, the Broserweights getting one over on Cole and Strong, GYV trying to do the same and it backfiring, all great stuff. Everyone can surely guess Cole’s celebration will be crashed by Dream to compel Cole into giving Dream that NXT Championship match at TakeOver. As for the NXT Tag Team Championships, obviously GYV moves up now to try to become the first team to have held both prime and UK tag titles in their careers. I can’t be sure they will with the roll Riddle & Dunne have been on, but it could be another big shake up they have in mind. Rhea got to do it in the women’s division, why not a tag team now? And GYV are a great choice as far as perhaps some of the purest Heels going right now.

And wow, that ending with DIY. I was hoping we’d get another brawl and we got a BRAWL. That could’ve easily just been their payoff right there but to think there’s still a match after this. We still don’t know the reason(s) why but Gargano was hinting at something when he called Ciampa a liar. It is one thing for Gargano to make this about the past, or at least the past we’ve seen on screen. There must be some new twist that they’re waiting until a week or two from now to spring on us because it’s that big. Hopefully it’s worth the wait.

My Score: 9.4/10

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