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ResultsNXTWWE NXT UK Results: March 19, 2020

WWE NXT UK Results: March 19, 2020



NXT UK has a BIG rematch in store!

Gallus gloated and the Bomber retorted, and now we have a two-for-one rematch! Who makes good on NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff redemption?

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  • Dani Luna VS Kay Lee Ray; KLR wins.
  • Ridge Holland VS Joseph Conners; Holland wins.
  • Kenny Williams VS Kassius Ohno; Ohno wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Gallus VS Dave Mastiff, Flash Morgan Webster & Trent Seven; Gallus wins.


Dani Luna VS Kay Lee Ray!

When the NXT UK Women’s Champion busted up a match of two young hopefuls, the young power lifter hit back! Now Luna looks to settle things with the Scary Queen of Scots in Coventry. But will she learn why KLR is a killer?

The bell rings and Luna rushes KLR. They tie up, Luna waistlocks and slams KLR! Then again! Luna drags KLR up but KLR elbows free. KLR kicks but Luna blocks and throws her down! Luna gut wrench suplexes KLR fast! KLR gets to a corner but Luna runs in. KLR kicks the legs out but Luna avoids the basement mule kick to roll KLR up! TWO and KLR is up to LARIAT Luna down! KLR kicks and stomps Luna then drags her into a seated cobra twist. KLR clubs Luna on the chest over and over and shouts at her to quit. Luna refuses so KLR throws her down by her hair. KLR drags Luna up to whip into a corner then throws a big forearm. KLR snapmares Luna then hops up and leaps for a missile dropkick! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally and duel as KLR looms over Luna. KLR clubs Luna on the back but Luna hits back with body shots! Luna throws forearms but KLR knees low. KLR whips but Luna holds ropes to deny the dropkick! Luna dead lifts suplexes KLR! Cover, TWO! KLR survives and Luna is learning the toughness of a champion. Luna fireman’s carries but KLR fights out and SUPERKICKS Luna in the back! KLR brings Luna up, Gory Especial for GORY BOMB! Cover, KLR wins!

Winner: Kay Lee Ray, by pinfall

Luna learned the strength of a champion, but KLR makes sure Luna learns a lesson about the viciousness! KLR goes after Luna in a corner with forearms and haymakers! The ref pulls KLR off but KLR drags Luna up for another Gory lift. But Piper Niven rushes out to make the save! Fans cheer Piper as she glares at KLR. KLR grabs her title and says, “No chance.” But is Piper’s shot at KLR and the NXT UK Women’s Championship inevitable?

NXT UK shares footage from after last week’s episode.

Finn Balor was on his way back out. “Message sent. Walter, I work Wednesdays.” But Finn passes by NXT UK General Manager, Johnny Saint, and Assistant GM, Sid Scala, and gets some nasty looks. Finn also gets nasty looks from Gallus, Trent Seven, and Ilja Dragunov. Tyler Bate encounters Balor at the door. The two stare down but don’t say a word. Is the Ring General only the first of many targets for the Prince?

Tyler Bate asks a favor of NXT management.

Bate notes as they know that Finn Balor stopped by in NXT UK and acted like he owned the place. But he doesn’t. Bate wants to knock Finn down a peg sooner rather than later. Sid tells Bate that he agrees, but there’s no guarantees. But what is coming is in two weeks. Bate will compete for a chance at the NXT UK Championship for TakeOver: Dublin. Saint says it will be a 20 Man Battle Royal! Bate likes the sound of that. Will the Big Strong Boy be able to rise above and have a chance at redemption?

Nina Samuels watches Aoife Valkyrie’s vignette.

“Witness the rise of the Valkyrie.” “Buzz” is a word used to describe the excitement surrounding someone or something. That word should be synonymous with Nina Samuels, but for some reason, the NXT UK Women’s Division is growing and growing, and the buzz is on the “new sensation,” Aoife Valkyrie. Nina doesn’t scare for someone new stealing the spotlight. Therefore, next week will show who the true leading lady of NXT UK is. Then the only words on the lips of the fans will be, “Nina Samuels.”

Ridge Holland VS Joseph Conners!

The “leading lady” isn’t the only one with issues regarding new stars. The Righteous Killer continues his campaign to prove he is #TakeOverWorthy while looking to break the “shiny new toys.” But will this shiny new toy be what breaks Conners?

The bell rings and Holland circles with Conners. They tie up, and Holland pushes Conners away. Conners and Holland circle again but Conners backs off to a corner. The ref keeps Holland back and Conners comes out. Holland rushes Conners and waistlocks but Conners elbows free. Conners throws haymakers but Holland throws a European uppercut! Conners boots but Holland blocks it. Holland choke grips and throws Conners into a corner. Conners boots back then whips, but Holland blocks and reverses. Conners goes up and over but Holland uppercuts him down! Holland tilt-o-whirl SLAMS Conners back down!

Fans rally and duel, “You’re Not Worthy!” “Yes You Are!” Holland sits Conners up for clubbing crossface forearms! Holland spikes an elbow into Conners, then stalks him to ropes. Conners jawbreakers back and runs, but leaps into Holland’s arms! Conners flails and fights free, but Holland avoids the dropkick to the legs. Holland runs in but Conners sends him out! Conners DIVES and hits Holland at the ramp! Conners puts Holland in quick and climbs up again. He leaps and hits Holland with a body check! Cover, ONE! Conners rains down rights but Holland gets away. Conners keeps on Holland in the corner with body shots. The ref counts as Conners clubs Holland around the way.

Conners kicks the bad leg, and then wraps the leg on the ropes! The ref counts but Conners stops at 4 to elbow and haymaker. Holland shoves Conners right out to the apron. Holland hobbles and Conners hotshots him! Conners runs in to club Holland hard on the back! Conners puts the leg on the ropes again to STOMP! Holland rolls but Conners hits a leg DDT! Conners is after the bad leg as he keeps hitting Holland around the ring. Holland arm triangles but Conners fights free. Only to run into the Alabama lift! But Conners cradle counters, TWO! CHOP BLOCK to the leg! Holland drags himself to a corner and Conners stomps the leg more.

Conners drags Holland to the apron to SLAM the leg on the apron! And then swing it into the post! The ref reprimands and starts a ring count but Conners swings the leg into the post again. Holland hobbles to the far side and Conners hurries over. Conners blocks the boot to jam the knee! Conners puts it on the ropes to stomp away again! The ref counts but Conners won’t let up. Conners pulls on the leg so the ref pushes him off. Conners grabs Holland but Holland tries a facelock block. But Conners still trips Holland and stomps away on the leg again! Holland kicks back but Conners just keeps stomping. Conners steps through but Holland pushes him off the toehold. Conners leaps, into an OVERHEAD belly2belly!

Fans cheer Holland’s toughness as he hobbles over. Holland blocks a punch, then another, for ANOTHER belly2belly! Holland drags Conners up for clubbing shots and a LARIAT! Now Holland is furious and he demands Conners get up. Conners rises and Holland POUNCES him out of the ring! Holland slowly heads after Connersaruond the way. Holland puts Conners in the ring but has to take a moment to check his leg. Conners goes to the far side and Holland hobbles after. Holland drags Conners up but Conners mule kicks the bad leg! Slingshot COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO!! Conners loses his cool but Holland is still down in the corner. Conners runs corner to corner, but Holland pops him up! Holland wants his slam but Conners holds ropes! Conners lets go, NORTHERN GRIT!! Cover, Holland wins!!

Winner: Ridge Holland, by pinfall

The biggest win and the toughest test for Holland since coming to NXT UK! He still gives Conners a tip of the cap, but will either of these men be #TakeOverWorthy as we head for Dublin?

Something happened backstage!

Dave Mastiff and Flash Morgan Webster find Mark Andrews down. Andrews clutches his leg. Trent Seven and The Hunt come by and see what happened. Trent hurries off to get help, but now Gallus comes over. FMW and Mastiff accuse them of doing this to Andrews, but they defend they wouldn’t need to, since they’d just beat Andrews in the match. But the match is still on, if Mastiff and Webster are still up for it. Will Mastiff and the Modfather be able to beat Joe Coffey and the NXT UK Tag Team Champions in a 3v2 situation? And if it wasn’t Gallus, then who would go after the Welsh rockstar?

NXT UK takes a closer look at Ilja Dragunov.

“Ilja Dragunov doesn’t go into fights weighing chances. I just go in.” He is UNBESIEGBAR, and he is ready to get back in the ring.

Kenny Williams VS Kassius Ohno!

The Lucky Yin may have his Bhangra Badboy buddy, Amir Jordan, back, but he still wants to see how he does solo. Will the Wrestling Genius have a plan to account for luck?

The bell rings and Williams circles with Ohno. Ohno asks the crowd, “Who’s ready for a British wrestling lesson?” Fans boo and troll by singing “Kass-see-us Ohno~” for Kash-us Ohno. Ohno and Williams tie up, go around, and Ohno turns things into a partial straitjacket. Ohno drags Williams down but Williams bridges to avoid the cover. Williams gets up, rolls back and wrenches to a wristlock! Ohno gets up, spins through and arm-drags Williams away. Williams hops and grins at Ohno, but Ohno keeps him cornered. The two circle and tie up with one knuckle lock, but Ohno spins to wrench the wrist. But Williams rolls and rolls and wrenches Ohno!

Ohno powers through to wring Williams out but Williams is on his feet. Ohno rushes Williams and throws him, but Williams rolls to his feet. Williams crosses his fingers for good luck at Ohno but Ohno rushes him again! Ohno knees low then mocks Williams’ pain. Ohno wrings Williams, Williams rolls to his feet then leaps over Ohno! Williams rolls Ohno up, TWO! Williams jumps up but Ohno blocks the headscissors! Ohno pops Williams up but Williams lands on his feet. Williams returns but his leap is caught for a tilt-o-whirl, that Williams turns into his headscissors! Williams runs to bulldog but Ohno powers out. Ohno walks into a EuroUpper, but then Williams springboards into Ohno’s arms! Ohno dead lifts and pops Williams up, for a CRUCIFIX! Cover, TWO!!

Williams headlocks but Ohno spins through to throw Williams at ropes. Williams goes to buckle bump, Ohno blocks but Williams kicks him away. The ref counts as Williams goes to the apron. Williams springboards but Ohno puts a foot on his hand to block the transition! Ohno grabs Williams’ hand but Williams climbs up. Ohno SUPER arm wringers Williams down! Williams clutches that arm but Ohno is on him with clubbing forearms. Williams flounders to a corner but Ohno CLUBS him harder. Ohno wrenches and wrings Williams down again to trap an arm and torture the other. Fans rally up as Ohno bends the crossed fingers back. Ohno JAMS the fingers into the mat!

Williams clutches his hand but Ohno SLAPS him on the head. Ohno gives toying kicks and clubbing forearms, but Williams gets mad. Williams SLAPS, CHOPS and ROCKS Ohno! Ohno wrenches the arm and goes to the apron. Williams punches and kicks away on Ohno! Williams uses a BIG dropkick to send Ohno down! Then he runs to wreck Ohno with another! Williams skins the cat to build up speed and DIVE! Direct hit staggers Ohno! Williams puts Ohno in but Ohno slips out the side. Williams comes around and climbs up to SUPER TRUST FALL! The ref counts but Williams puts Ohno in at 2. Williams climbs the corner again to springboard and missile dropkick! Ohno stays on his feet so Williams runs in, PSYCHO KNEE! Cover, TWO!!

Fans rally and duel as Williams checks his fingers. Ohno throws off an armband as a distraction to go after Williams’ eyes! Ohno whips but Williams springboards for Springstein McQueen! Williams runs to wheelbarrow, but Ohno blocks! Ohno Penalty Kicks the bad arm out! And DREAM SMASHER ELBOW!! So much for no longer using strikes! Ohno won’t end it here, he puts on the KASSIUS KLUTCH! Williams is OUT, Ohno wins!

Winner: Kassius Ohno, by submission

The ring announcer gets the name right, KASH-US Ohno wins. But that was a little less Wrestling Genius and a little more Knockout Artist. Personas aside, will Ohno be the one heading for Dublin?

Backstage interview with A-Kid.

Josiah Williams says the Spanish Ace has been amazing, but how would he rate his time in NXT UK? AK says he’s learned a lot here, from both being in the ring with the best, and meeting some of the best. It is definitely awesome. Noam Dar comes by complaining he’s already done a lot of interviews today, but he’ll give Josiah 40 seconds. AK talks back to Dar in Spanish. Dar responds in French. Dar explains in English: “You, A-Kid. Me, a legend.” Then how about the “legend” faces A-Kid in the ring? Dar usually only plays the big games, but if the check is right, then sure. He’ll take his golden left foot and kick A-Kid into orbit. A-Kid starts taking off the jacket but Dar says, “Tranquilo.” And see you next week, “El Dafty.”

The Jordan Devlin Cruiserweight Championship Tour is coming to NXT UK.

The Irish Ace is coming home and will defend against a long-time rival in the Kiwi Buzzsaw! The two have had a back and forth that goes far beyond their time in the WWE and NXT UK. Will Travis Banks be able to dethrone Devlin and ruin the return?

Six Man Tag: Gallus VS Dave Mastiff, Flash Morgan Webster & Trent Seven!

Back in August, the Iron King was the Last Man Standing, but the hometown heroes took the tag titles. However, someone assaulted Andrews earlier tonight and now Gallus has the numbers advantage. Will Gallus Boys stay on top in 3v2?

But wait! It won’t be a handicap match! Trent Seven joins Mastiff and Webster! Will the Man from Moustache Mountain be the difference maker they need?

Seven hands Moustache Mountain towels to Mastiff and Webster to make them honorary members of the club. The tension mounts but the ref keeps the peace. Fans sing as the trios sort out, and we begin with Wolfgang and Seven. They tie up with the bell and Wolfgang headlocks. Seven powers out but Wolfgang runs him over with a shoulder! Wolfgang throws hands then runs but Seven shows back drop. Wolfgang uses that to whip Seven but Seven comes back with a crossbody! Seven hip tosses Wolfgang then tags in FMW. Seven drops a leg, brother, then FMW hits an imploding senton! Cover, TWO! Wolfgang pushes FMW away to tag in Mark Coffey.

FMW boots Mark then jumps over him to huricanrana Wolfgang! Mark kicks low then whips FMW, but FMW dodges to DIVE onto Wolfgang! FMW enziguris Mark away then springboards in, QUEBRADA! Cover, TWO! Wolfgang returns and stares down with FMW. Mark waistlocks and pushes FMW, but FMW bucks him off. Joe Coffey swings but FMW dodges to triangle dropkick! But Mark blasts him with a running elbow! Tag to Wolfgang and the tag champs double whip. FMW jumps over Mark but Wolfgang hits a calf kick! Cover, TWO! Wolfgang keeps FMW down with a facelock. Fans rally up as FMW fights to his feet. Wolfgang powers FMW back and tags in Mark.

Mark tags brother Joe and Mark hits FMW with a corner uppercut. Joe taunts Mastiff and Seven as Wolfgang hits a corner crossbody! Joe then adds a pop-up uppercut! “Gallus Boys on top!” Fans boo as Joe drags FMW up. Joe bumps FMW into buckles then rams a shoulder, and repeat! He pushes FMW into ropes then rams shoulders into his back. Joe scoops FMW for a backbreaker! Cover, TWO, but Joe runs to hit a sliding lariat! Cover, TWO! Joe drags FMW away with a half straitjacket. FMW endures as Joe thrashes him about. Fans rally up but Joe knocks FMW down. Joe digs a knee into FMW’s head and drags him up. Fans continue to rally and FMW again endures the straitjacket.

FMW fights his way up but Joe uses the jacket to SLAM FMW down! Joe drops an elbow then covers, TWO! Joe drags FMW away and Wolfgang tags in. Gallus mugs FMW but FMW does his best to fight back. Wolfgang knees low then snapmares, for the flying senton! Cover, TWO! Wolfgang taunts Seven before putting FMW in the corner. Tag to Mark and the mugging continues. The ref missed the tag so he doesn’t approve of Mark being in. Wolfgang snapmares to cover, TWO! This time the ref sees Mark tag in and Mark stomps FMW down. FMW kicks back but Mark stomps him more. Mark drops but misses the elbow! Fans rally for FMW but Mark drags him up for a half nelson and chibar.

FMW endures as Mark thrashes him about. Mark rams a knee into FMW then sucker punches Seven! FMW keeps kicking but Mark stomps him down. Mark clamps back on with another half nelson but fans still rally. FMW fights up and throws elbows. FMW reaches, fights Mark off, but Mark spins him around. Mark swings, FMW ducks and puts up his hands. Mark falls for it and gets a HEADBUTT! FMW flounders and tags in Mastiff! Fans cheer as the Bomber rallies on Gallus! Mastiff clubs away on Mark then whips him to ropes for a BIG back drop! Wolfgang runs in but is sent out! Mark tags to Joe and rushes Mastiff but is sent out, too! Now we get the Cardiff Last Man Standing rematch!

They ram and ram and ram, but Joe ducks down to redirect Mastiff. Mastiff still LARIATS back! Cover, TWO! Mastiff drags Joe up but the two grab each other’s throats with both hands! Mastiff breaks Joe’s grip and pops him up for a SPINE BUSTER! Cover but Wolfgang just breaks it! Seven fakes Wolfgang otu to CHOP the leg and DDT! Seven DIVES onto Mark! But Mark catches him for a CHOKE SLAM! Seven and Gallus are down on the outside but Joe swings at Mastiff. Mastiff fireman’s carries but Joe fights out. Joe shoves Mastiff away and spins, but the two collide head to head! Mastiff staggers back and FMW tags in! Mastiff fireman’s carries Joe and hits a ROLLING SENTON! FMW is up top for the RUDE BOY BLOCK!! Cover, TWO!!

FMW fires up and drags Joe into an arm wrench. But Wolfgang is back so FMW KNEE TRIGGERS him out! Joe pops FMW up in a waistlock, but FMW rolls through to cover! TWO!! Joe and FMW get up, Mark anchors FMW’s foot! FMW kicks Mark away and avoids Joe’s Glasgow Sendoff spear! Joe stops short of the buckles and hops up. Wolfgang tags in before Joe crossbodies FMW! Wolfgang tags Mark before he dropkicks Mastiff! Mark feeds FMW to Wolfgang’s scoop, enziguri and POWERSLAM! Joe tags in and he runs, ALL THE BEST FOR THE BELLS! Cover, Gallus wins!

Winners: Gallus, by pinfall

#GBOT, Gallus Boys On Top! It wasn’t for lack of trying that Mastiff, the Modfather and the Man from Moustache Mountain failed. Gallus is just a well-oiled machine. Will NXT UK still become their kingdom as we roll down the Road to WrestleMania and Dublin?

My Thoughts:

A pretty good episode for NXT UK. The next couple of weeks are going to be big now that we know a #1 Contender’s Battle Royal is happening. I’m very curious how that turns out since it leads into TakeOver: Dublin. I don’t expect it to be Tyler Bate, Kassius Ohno, Ridge Holland or Joseph Conners. All those guys could have different TakeOver matches and it’ll still be great. I would expect Finn Balor will want in on the match, and perhaps there will be NXT USA promos to help propel that story, since we’re likely not getting matches. Finn winning a battle royal would be pretty big but it’d be a hard fought and quick way for him to get at the NXT UK Champion.

The matches we got tonight were pretty solid. Naturally KLR wins against Dani Luna and naturally her attack after the match prompts Piper. That is the very obvious NXT UK Women’s Championship match and there’s already plenty of story to feed into it given the Blackpool Triple Threat and the I Quit with Toni Storm. Conners VS Holland was really good, certainly Holland’s best match so far, and it showed his character could deal with someone as experienced and vicious as Conners. Bate may want after Balor, but I hope we still get Bate VS Conners for Dublin. Ohno VS Williams was pretty good, but mostly a filler until a clear new rival pops up for the Wrestling Genius.

There was a lot of great stuff going into the main event match. Andrews being attacked to keep him out was an interesting twist, and it was great to see Seven back in action. Gallus clearly didn’t do it, because that’s too obvious. I’m thinking it was The Hunt, Primate and Wild Boar. They came by but barely reacted to the emergency. This could be a way for The Hunt to turn Heel, perhaps upset that they’re not being seen as good as the other teams. Plus there’s story there where they might have expected Mastiff to come to them to help fight Gallus and the attack was out of being disrespected. But the Six Man Tag was really good, and Gallus gets a good win. The tag team scene is also open, so who knows who steps up next.

My Score: 8.3/10

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