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AEW Dark Results: February 25, 2020



AEW Atlanta gets Dark!

In the shadow of AEW Dynamite making history with its Steel Cage Match, Dark brings us the Superbad grudge of Kip Sabian VS Joey Janela!


  • Jimmy Havoc VS Marko Stunt w/ Jurassic Express; Havoc wins.
  • The Dark Order VS Strong Hearts; The Dark Order wins.
  • Falls Count Anywhere: Joey Janela VS Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford; Janela wins.
  • QT Marshall & Dustin Rhodes VS Shawn Spears w/ Tully Blanchard & Peter Avalon w/ Leva Bates; Marshall & Rhodes win.


Jimmy Havoc VS Marko Stunt w/ Jurassic Express!

The hardcore veteran shows little remorse over what he does to his opponents. But as he goes against the littlest wrestler in AEW, will have little reason to change course?

The bell rings and Havoc rushes Stunt! Stunt dodges, runs back in and rams Havoc! Stunt whips but Havoc reverses hard. Havoc runs in but Stunt slips out to the apron. Havoc hits buckles, then Stunt springboards to drop an elbow on Havoc’s back! Cover, ONE, but Stunt runs and dropkicks Havoc out. Stunt DIVES to wipe Havoc out! Stunt keeps moving, another DIVE! Fans are fired up as Stunt goes for the hat trick, and DIVES, for a tornado DDT! Stunt has Atlanta at a fever pitch as he drags Havoc up. Havoc pushes him away so Stunt stomps him. Stunt puts Havoc in and heads up top. Fans rally as Stunt leaps, but the flying huricanrana is blocked! Havoc brings Stunt up for a buckle bomb! And then reels Stunt in for a BRAIN BUSTER! Cover, TWO!

Stunt still lives, but on stage, it’s Melanie Cruise and Luther! The death match legend called Havoc out a few weeks ago, so now he’s here in person. Havoc sees Luthor but stomps Stunt. Havoc drags Stunt up to clobber him, then send him hard into buckles! Fans boo but Havoc stomps and grinds his foot into Stunt in the corner. Stunt kicks back but Havoc grabs the legs to YANK Stunt out of the corner! Stunt lands hard on the mat and Havoc covers, TWO! Havoc keeps on Stunt with a neck crank. Fans rally up as Havoc shifts to a facelock guillotine. Stunt throws body shots, but Havoc throws a half hatch suplex to throw Stunt! Havoc hits a STIFF neckbreaker on Stunt! Cover, TWO! Stunt survives and fans rally up, but Havoc goes corner to corner.

Havoc blocks boots but Stunt pushes him away. Stunt wheelbarrows and victory rolls, to go up and springboard, into Havoc’s capture! Havoc drags Stunt into a modified crossface, maybe even a LeBelle lock! Stunt endures but Havoc pulls hair! Stunt gets the ropebreak with his foot! Havoc lets go as the ref counts, and he drags Stunt up from the apron. He bends Stunt backwards against the ropes and starts clubbing away on Stunt’s chest! Havoc lets up at 4, and fans boo as Havoc brings Stunt to the corner. Havoc bends Stunt back against the crossbar, then YANKS him into it! Stunt falls to the floor in a daze as the ref reprimands Havoc. Fans rally up for Stunt as the Jurassic Express checks on him. Stunt gets up and refuses to quit, so Havoc drags him in for a gut wrench toss!

Havoc brings Stunt up again, Perfect Plex! Cover, TWO! Havoc grows annoyed with Stunt as he drags Stunt up again. Stunt pushes Havoc away and SUPERKICKS! Stunt throws haymakers and body shots, but Havoc shoves him away, to discus PUNCH! Havoc ripcords but Stunt ducks Acid Rain to PELE! Stunt gets to a corner as Havoc staggers. Havoc runs in but Stunt dodges again. Stunt slides under, goes back out and enziguris back! Stunt climbs up, to DUMDUM STOMP! Havoc falls to his knees, Stunt hits a running knee! Havoc bails out of the ring but Stunt powers up. Stunt builds speed and DIVES, to MISS! Havoc puts Stunt back in and CLOBBERS him from behind! Then the ripcord, ACID RAIN MAKER! Cover, Havoc wins!

Winner: Jimmy Havoc, by pinfall

A big win over the little man, and Havoc is undefeated in 2020. But will he play ball with the lethal Luther?

Dasha Gonzalez returns to AEW Dark!

She’s finally back! It’s great to have her back and she’s excited to be back. She’s just as curious as anyone to know who “The Exalted One” is.

The Dark Order VS Strong Hearts!

Evil Uno, Stu Grayson and all the minions await The Exalted One’s arrival in AEW, but must keep going strong until he (or she) arrives. Will they be stronger than the Strong Hearts’ Cima and T-Hawk?

The teams sort out and Uno starts against T-Hawk. Uno and Hawk circle as fans cheer for Strong Hearts. They tie up, Hawk headlocks but Uno powers out. Hawk rams Uno with a shoulder but Uno rebounds to run Hawk over! Uno runs but Hawk stays low to then follow. Uno shouts for Hawk to stop, but he doesn’t, and Hawk CHOPS Uno! Hawk runs, ducks and tells Uno to stop. Uno doesn’t and prepares to chop but Hawk puts up his guard. So Uno pokes him in the eye! Uno puts Hawk in the corner and tags Grayson. The Dark Order stomp mudholes into Hawk then Grayson drags Hawk up. Grayson whips Hawk to ropes but Hawk hops over to facelock and gator roll! Hawk whips, Grayson reverses, but Hawk comes back to dropkick the legs out!

Fans cheer Hawk as he clubs Grayson. Cima tags in and stomps Grayson, and then the Strong Hearts double whip. Hawk drop toeholds and Cima drops a leg, then Hawk has Grayson up for Cima to run and basement dropkick! Fans cheer as Cima taunts Uno. Cima brings Grayson around for the butterfly stretch! Grayson drags himself to the ropebreak and Cima lets go. Cima stalks and stomps Grayson, then swipes at the Beaver Boys. Hawk tags in and fans rally up as Hawk powers up his hand. Hawk swings but Grayson gets under to power Hawk to the corner! Tag to Uno, and Uno CHOPS Hawk! Uno throws hands on Hawk then whips him to ropes. Hawk holds ropes to whip Uno, but Uno holds ropes and bails out.

Hawk chases Uno around the outside, and then into the ring. Grayson tags in, Uno hurdles Hawk and Grayson hits an URENAGE! Cover, TWO! Grayson rains heavy hands on Hawk then brings him up. Grayson bumps Hawk off buckles then tags in Uno. Uno whips Grayson in to corner splash, then Grayson feeds Hawk to Uno’s boot! Uno scrapes his foot on Hawk’s face then taunts Cima back. Tag to Grayson and Uno suplexes Hawk high and hard! Cover, TWO! Grayson argues with the ref before he brings Hawk up. Hawk throws elbows but Grayson whips Hawk to KNEE and CLOBBER him! Cover, TWO! Hawk survives but Grayson looms over him. Grayson dares Hawk to stand and soaks up the heat from the fans.

Hawk rises and throws more elbows into Grayson. Grayson shoves, leaps, but Hawk POWERBOMBS Grayson down! Fans rally up as both men crawl for their corners. Hot tags to Uno and Cima! Cima dropkicks and runs to double knee! Cima dodges Grayson and sends him into Uno, to then O’Conner roll Grayson, only to METEORA Uno! Then double STOMP Grayson! Fans fire up as Cima tags Hawk. The Strong Hearts are on Uno with a double whip, Hawk whips Cima in to back elbow. Hawk runs into Uno’s boot, and Uno hops up, to get a CHOP! Uno tumbles down and regroups with the rest of the Dark Order. The Strong Hearts DOUBLE DIVE! Direct hit on all four men!

The referee tries to restore order and Hawk puts Uno in the ring. Hawk stalks behind Uno, goes to lift but Uno elbows and JABS back. Uno runs, into a drop toehold that puts him on the ropes! Cima flies in to double knee Uno down! Hawk baits Grayson in, for a pop-up KNEE! And a flipping Falcon Arrow! Cima tags in as Uno staggers up, missile dropkick! Cima crosses Uno’s legs for a PERFECT DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Uno survives but Cima tags in Hawk. Strong Hearts double whip, Hawk runs in but Uno elbows him away. Cima runs in but is popped up into the buckle! Uno whips Hawk into Cima then fireman’s carries Hawk. Uno grabs Cima, DDT and Samoan Drop combo!

Tag to Grayson and he runs to triangle APRON DDT Cima!! Uno pops Hawk up for Grayson to Electric Chair, to then pop into Uno’s POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Hawk still lives! Grayson tags Uno and the Dark Order prepare to finish him! Gory Especial as Grayson is up top, FATALITY!! Cover, Cima can’t get there in time, the Dark Order wins!

Winners: The Dark Order, by pinfall

Uno and Grayson surely please The Exalted One with this victory here. The Dark Order is undefeated in 2020, will they only grow stronger from here?

Tony Schiavone and Dasha remind us where AEW is headed next!

  • Tomorrow, 2/26/2020: The Silverstein Eye Centers Arena in Kansas City, Missouri!
  • AEW Revolution 2/29/2020: The Wintrust Arena in Chicago, Illinois!
  • 3/4/2020: The 1STBANK Center in Broomfield, Colorado!
  • 3/11/2020: The Maverik Center in Salt Lake City, Utah!
  • 3/18/2020: The Blue Cross Arena in Rochester, New York!
  • 3/25/2020: The Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey!
  • 4/1/2020: The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee’s Panther Arena in where else? Milwaukee Wisconsin!
  • 4/8/2020: The Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis, Missouri!
  • 4/15/2020: The Agganis Arena in Boston, Massachusetts!
  • 4/22/2020: The Liacouras Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!
  • NEW – 4/29/2020: The Fertitta Center in Houston, Texas!
  • AEW Double or Nothing 2 – 5/23/2020: The MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada!
  • 5/27/2020: AEW Dynamite is also in the MGM Grand Arean for DoN2 fallout!

Falls Count Anywhere: Joey Janela VS Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford!

This grudge match has been a long time coming. Superbad took the Bad Girl away from the Bad Boy, and then rubbed it in at every chance he got. But will Janela give it all back with interest?

Well speaking of giving back, Janela surprises Sabian on the ramp with a LOW BLOW from behind! That’s payback for something Penelope did when this all started! The bell rings, Janela rolls Sabian up and the ref hurries up the ramp! But Penelope pushes the cover over! Fans boo and Janela dares Penelope to do something. Penelope runs at Janela, uses the stage for the tornado arm-drag! Sabian BOOTS Janela down! Sabian drags Janela up, fireman’s carries, and starts up the Airplane Spin! But Penelope gets too close and Janela’s boots knock her down! Janela slips off as Sabian checks on Penelope, and Janela CLUBS Sabian down the ramp.

The boys leave the Bad Girl behind as Janela throws haymakers on Sabian. They go through the gap between railing and ramp, and then Janela whips Sabian HARD into barriers! Janela punches away on Sabian then kicks him against the barriers. He brings Sabian around with a fireman’s carry, but Sabian fights out to shove. Penelope runs and LEAPS off the stage!! She wipes out Janela for Sabian! This is becoming a Handicap Match! Sabian clubs Janela down and soaks up the heat. Sabian brings Janela around but Janela slips out to SUPERKICK back! Penelope handsprings in but Janela dodges and she hits the wall!

Janela heds for Sabian, but Sabain uses the barrier as a springboard! Sabian somersault sentons Janela down! He clubs Janela and brings him around the way. Sabian throws Janela into steel steps then into the ring. He wrenches Janela to a cravat, rolls, and has a modified leg nelson! Janela endures and fans rally up as Sabian cranks on the neck. They move around, end up out of the ring and tumble to the floor. Sabian takes a knee to the gut but Janela keeps him from getting away. Janela CHOPS Sabian until he falls, then brings him back to the crowd! Sabian crawls along the front row but Janela cuts him off at the pass with a BOOT! Janela dumps Sabian back over and fans cheer as Janela punches Sabian into a seat.

Fans fire up more as Janela brings Sabian up the rows and bumps him off open seats. Janela punches Sabian back downt he stairs, and then borrows a bottle of water to SMASH on Sabian’s head! Janela throws Sabian back over to ringside, but Penelope passes Sabian a chair! Fans fire up as Janela leaps, but Sabian THROWS the chair into him! Janela is down and Sabian sits him in the chair to CHOP! Fans chant, “We Want Tables!” but Sabian runs in at Janela, only for Janela to move! Sabian crashes onto the chair! Janela borrows a prosthetic leg from a fan?! Janela gets another chair, brings Sabian up to take a seat, and then runs in, to PROSTHETIC BOOT Sabian down! Fans love this as Janela returns the leg.

Penelope checks on Sabian while Janela brings out a TABLE! Fans love Janela more but Penelope goes to stop Janela. Janela shoos her away as he sets the table up by ringside. Janela goes back to fetch Sabian and bring him over. Fans rally as Janela brings Sabian up onto the apron and fireman’s carries. Sabian fights out and APRON GERMAN SUPLEXES! Bridging cover, TWO!! Janela survives and Penelope argues with the ref, but Sabian brings Janela up from inside the ring. Sabian drags Janela out on the ropes, and balances on the table, to HALF HATCH SUPLEX THROUGH THE TABLE! Cover, TWO!?! Janela’s unsanctioned matches with Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley made him far tougher than we knew!

Penelope helps Sabian bring out another table! They move the wreckage of the other out of the way as fans chant “This is Awesome!” Sabian SMACKS Janela with a table shard while Penelope brings out a third table! The two tables are put together while Sabian puts Janela back in the ring. Sabian brings Janela back up, but Janela holds the ropes. Janela throws body shots but Sabian keeps trying. They end up by a corner so Penelope moves a table over. Janela rocks Sabian with a headbutt and haymakers! Sabian holds on, Janela runs, to elbow Sabian! Sabian holds on and Penelope goes up top as Janela runs, to FLYING HURICANRANA! And handspring tackle!

Penelope somersaults back, but Janela puts her on the apron. She SLAPS him then climbs again, to leap! Crossbody but roll through! Janela brings Penelop up in a trophy lift, to throw at Sabian! The Superbad Couple CRASHES, but the tables stay up!? Atlanta loses its mind as the referee checks on Sabian and Penelope. Janela covers Sabian, TWO!! Superbad survives but Janela moves Penelope out of the way. Janela tries to find a table that can stand, but none can. So instead, Janela brings out a kendo stick! Janela SMACKS Sabian in the HEAD! Cover, Janela wins!

Winner: Joey Janela, by pinfall

This was as rough as rough could get! The Bad Boy gives Sabian and Penelope what they deserve and rolls on, will he be heading for gold in the near future?

Backstage interview with QT Marshall and Dustin Rhodes.

QT is now an honorary member of the Nightmare Family, and is honored to start by teaming up with an icon. He’s all but speechless. And Dustin says there is a special weapon here tonight. With Tully Blanchard and Leva Bates ringside, they better watch out. Who could they mean?

QT Marshall & Dustin Rhodes VS Shawn Spears w/ Tully Blanchard & Peter Avalon w/ Leva Bates!

The Chair Man has yet to attain tag team #PERFECT10N but the Librarians are getting a second chance. Will they measure up to Tully’s standards? Or will God’s Gift to Wrestling get some payback with help from the Natural?

As always, Avalon wants the fans to hush. “I am thrilled. Atlanta, Georgia!” But before Avalon can find clever ways to insult the fans, Dustin and QT make their entrances! And that secret weapon? It’s BRANDI RHODES! Will Mrs. American Nightmare be enough to keep both Tully and Leva in check?

Tully stirs up trouble but Brandi tells him to “kiss this.” The ref gets the teams to sort out, and we start with QT and Avalon. Fans rally up as QT and Avalon circle. QT surely wants to give Avalon some payback for criticizing him last week. They tie up, QT powers out but Avalon gets a waistlock. QT standing switches but Avalon hip tosses out. Avalon hushes QT right to his face, so QT uppercuts him! QT brings Avalon over and tags in Dustin. QT whips Avalon and throws a body shot, Dustin adds the knee lift, and QT tops it off with a standing corkscrew senton! Cover, TWO! Dustin drags Avalon up with an arm wrench, but Avalon breaks free and scrambles to his corner! Avalon glomps onto Spears but Spears swats him off. “Don’t touch me!”

Spears tags in, and fans troll with “TEN! TEN!” Dustin and Spears circle as fans rally up. They tie up, Spears headlocks and holds on as Dustin tries to power out. Spears mocks the “marks” but Dustin throws body shots and elbows. Dustin powers out this time but Spears runs him over. Things speed up and Spears fakes Dustin out, but old habits die hard as he cartwheels. Spears does his best not to do the Ten, and winds up to mock Dustin with the “deep breath.” Dustin gets Spears with the “RAR!” first! Spears mule kicks and whips Dustin, but Dustin stops to drop down and uppercut Spears! Dustin stalks Spears but Spears claims he has a bad tooth. The ref checks on Spears but Dustin storms in, only for Spears to kick him low!

Spears CHOPS Dustin in the corner then climbs up to rain down punches. Fans chant “Ten! Ten!” but that makes Spears stop. Spears gives them the dirty bird, but then Dustin gives him an atomic drop! Dustin then puts Spears in the corner and climbs up to rain down punches of his own! He goes all the way up to nine, shows Spears the Ten and then “SUCK IT!” before giving the tenth punch! Spears staggers about, punch drunk, and Dustin throws a jab! And another! And another! Avalon runs in but QT intercepts with jabs of his own! Dustin and QT jab, and jab and jab, and then wind it up, Bionic Elbow and windmill punch in stereo! Fans fire up as QT keeps Tully at bay. The chants for Dusty ring out before Dustin tags to QT.

QT waits as Spears tags Avalon in. Spears shouts for Avalon to “Get in there!” Avalon runs in but QT dodges to ROCK him with a right! QT brings Avalon up to whip, Avalon reverses but QT stops himself before running into Shawn’s cheap shot. QT elbows Avalon away and ducks Spears’ new cheap shot to DECK him! Leva swipes at QT and Avalon dropkicks QT out! Spears tags in and the ref keeps Dustin away. Spears throws QT into railing! He rains down punches and stomps, then back suplexes QT onto the apron! Tag to Avalon, and the two mug QT with stomps. Avalon drags QT up, whips him to ropes and knocks him down with a leg lariat! Cover, TWO!

Avalon keeps on QT with a wrench and tags to Spears. Spears brings QT up for a scoop slam! Fans rally as Spears throws the bottle out, and SPITS water in QT’s face! Spears raises his hands in mocking victory but the ref makes him put the arms down. QT throws body shots but Spears throws forearms. QT enziguris back! Both men are down and fans rally up again. Spears and QT crawl, hot tags to Avalon and Dustin! Dustin ducks Avalon to rally with clotheslines! He hits Spears, too, then whips Avalon. Avalon reverses but Dustin again drops down to uppercut! Dustin has Avalon in a corner, whips him corner to corner, spinning powerslam! Spears is in, fakes Dustin out, but Dustin dodges to hit the powerslam after all!

Fans fire up as Dustin brings Avalon up and makes him assume the position! Avalon’s legs are wide open but Spears tags in! Dustin comes back, to get the SPINE BUSTER! QT runs in and ROCKS Spears! Avalon runs at QT to get a backbreaker to Complete Shot! QT runs at Spears but is sent WAY out! QT crashes hard and Spears is after Dustin. Dustin cradle counters, TWO! Dustin hits Spears first but Spears spins out to fireman’s carry. No C4 as Dustin slips out and boots back. Dustin hops on, CODE RED! Cover, TWO!! Fans rally up as Dustin stands back up. Dustin stalks behind Spears and hoists him up to the top rope. Dustin throws uppercuts and climbs up to join Spears, but Leva hands Spears a book! Spears SMACKS Dustin with the hard back copy! FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO!?! Dustin survives and Spears is furious!

Spears drags Dustin up, fireman’s carries, and Avalon tags in. Spears didn’t approve of this and he drops Dustin. Avalon says he’ll finish this, but Spears DECKS him instead! The Chair Man and Tully bail out again, and Dustin ROCKS Avalon! Dustin sets Avalon up in the corner, fans fire up, but Leva anchors onto Dustin. Dustin drags her along and then brings her up. Brandi gets in to take off all o’ this, and aim at Leva! Leva turns around, SPEAR! UNNATURAL KICK! Dustin drags Avalon up, QT gets in, Canadian rack leads to the Dominator Cutter! Cover, Dustin and QT win!

Winners: Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall, by pinfall

The Nightmare Family brings another win home as Spears leaves another tag partner high and dry! Will the Nightmare Family continue to roll onward together through 2020?

Do you love AEW?

If so, Tony and Dasha encourage you to buy one of the new “I <3 AEW” shirts from AEW’s official shop. If you do, 20% of the profits goes to the American Heart Association as part of American Heart Month.

My Thoughts:

A pretty good AEW Dark this week to lead into Dynamite’s go-home for Revolution. Havoc VS Stunt was good, but I was hoping Luther and Mel were going to do more to bring Luther VS Havoc. Maybe that’ll be a bigger thing after Revolution. The Dark Order VS Strong Hearts was a really good tag match, and it partially explains the offer to Cima during Dynamite. There are still a lot of possibilities with The Exalted One, that can also be something for after Revolution, leading into Double or Nothing 2.

I really liked the Falls Count Anywhere match, but boy those tables didn’t want to play along. I feel like AEW has had trouble getting their tables to cooperate, but Janela had a good ad-lib of the kendo stick killshot. AEW midcard title for Janela please? And the main event tag match was good, but I expected a bit more of Brandi having to play counter to Leva and Tully than that spear spot. It’s clear AEW wants Brandi to have part in things, but I’m not sure this is working much better than the Nightmare Collective.

My Score: 8/10

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