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WWE Backstage Report: March 31, 2020



WWE Backstage returns with a WrestleMania Watch With!

Mark Henry and Booker are back, and join Renee in reliving the third part of the Stone Cold VS The Rock WrestleMania trilogy! This is WrestleMania XIX, aka WM19, all the way back in 2003! Ready, set, roll film!

What Henry and Booker remember of the build was that Booker got to main event that night and was a bit too busy to watch. The crowd is electric for just the entrances, and making entrances in that environment is so different. Taker told Booker that sometimes, you gotta stop and feel that moment. The Rock knows that from experience, so it surely felt great for him, too. Renee has heard that advice a lot, too. What was the moment to revel in for each of them? Henry says his was getting his gear out and just realizing he is living a moment that will never come again. Being part of Mania isn’t a promise. You have to live in the moment of that one. So Henry was grateful to even have had one moment.

The glass breaks and everyone enjoys Stone Cold’s entrance. Booker was always jealous of the entrance because it pumps you up. Fan or wrestler, you wanted to be like Austin. Renee instantly perks up when she hears that glass break, too. Henry says that Austin is someone you can’t help but like, even when he’s being the baddest guy in the ring. The glass gives you the chills and you fire up. Booker says that both Stone Cold and The Rock, WM19 is a hard match because they’re two of the most iconic men in the WWE ever. Fans are divided because you want to vote for both. This is poetry in motion. And to think WM19 is the final entrance for Austin as an active WWE wrestler. Watching Austin move, you can see the trouble he has moving from nerve issues and pain in the knees.

The bell rings on the match and the two icons stare down. And then they start throwing hands! Booker knew Austin down in Texas as “the ultimate technician,” a truly incredible pure wrestler. Austin obviously evolved as he throws hands on The Rock against the ropes, as the “badass ass kicker” we all know and love. Booker says that was by necessity as Austin whips but The Rock reverses to swing a clothesline. Austin kicks low but The Rock denies a Stunner and bails out. Austin pursues and clotheslines him at the ramp! Henry likes that “Uh oh moment” where The Rock narrowly avoided the Stunner. Austin brings The Rock over and bumps him off railing right in front of the fans, then CHOPS him.

Booker loves the fans being so fired up as Austin bumps The Rock off steel steps. Austin CHOPS The Rock more. No one did it better than Austin, even with all the damage he took. Austin drags Rock to snake eyes him on the barriers, then CLOBBER him over the announce desk! Commentary clears out as Henry notes that no wrestler wants to show fans they’re other than what they are. Henry says Booker is much the same, and knows Booker’s still got it. Austin pursues The Rock and keeps him out of the ring to snake eyes him on more barriers! And then the steel steps!

Henry admits that when he got to a point where he couldn’t do what he used to do, he started to doubt. But Austin never did, and was still Stone Cold. But even Austin knew he wouldn’t look this good a year or two down the road, so that is when he started the transition. Austin puts The Rock in the ring and stomps away on him! Renee asks Booker and Henry about The Rock and being behind the scenes. Austin chokes The Rock as Booker notes that working with Rock “was an experience.” You get in there and realize you need to take it up another notch. Austin back suplexes The Rock high and hard! Cover, TWO! Booker remembers the stories about MC Hammer, being told to tone it down and responding with, “No, I gotta pump it up!”

Austin brings Rock up and whips him corner to corner as Booker notes going against icons like those two, you have no choice but to bring your A Game. Just look back at Austin VS Booker in the grocery story. Austin whips The Rock corner to corner again, then again. The Rock reverses but Austin comes out to LARIAT! Henry notes this was also a time of transition for The Rock. The Rock was going Hollywood and filming Walking Tall. Austin chokes The Rock on the ropes but the ref backs him off. Austin argues with the ref, but The Rock chop blocks Austin’s legs! Renee sends WWE Backstage to break, but promises there will be more WrestleMania watch-along when we return.

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