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ROH Women’s Division Wednesday Results & Review (6/9/2021 – Sakai & Alize vs. Adora & Mazzerati)



Ladies and gentlemen welcome to this week’s weekly recap and review of ROH Women’s Division Wednesday. We are on the road to ROH Best in the World 2021, and tonight’s episode builds momentum for that event. In this show, we bear witness to a tag team contest between four women who have appeared on ROH Women’s Division Wednesday before – it’s Trish Adora and Mazzerati vs. Sumie Sakai and Miranda Alize. Without further ado, let’s get into this one.

Tonight’s episode emanates from the UMBC Event Center on tape delay. Our commentary team consists of Ian Riccaboni, Maria Kanellis-Bennett, and Caprice Coleman.

Miranda Alize & Sumi Sakai vs. Trish Adora & Mazzerati

We start off with Adora and Mazzerati (two women who have been granted their Ticket to Gold by ROH Board Official, Maria Kanellis-Bennett). They make their entrances down to ringside, and they look ready for this contest. Next to make their entrances are seasoned veteran Sumie Sakai and Miranda Alize. While Alize may have her Ticket to Gold, Sakai is the only wrestler not to be presented with the entry ticket into the ROH Women’s Championship tournament. Will she prove her deservingness here tonight? Let’s find out!

We start off with Sakai and Adora in the ring. Sakai is attempting to hype up a crowd that doesn’t exist. Sumie asks for a test of strength by reaching her arm upward, however, the 5’8″ Adora reaches upward to taunt her shorter opponent. In retort, Sakai would go down low to take down her larger opponent. Sakai would eventually tag in Alize, whereas Adora would tag in Mazzerati.

The pace quickens when Alize is tagged into the ring. The Lucha Baddie likes to keep things fast and forthcoming when it comes to her in-ring style, and it works so well for her. Alize and Sumie tag in and out frequently with double team maneuvers. Early in the match, commentary questions if Sumie Sakai would struggle in communicating with Alize during the match. Sakai and Alize prove this language barrier to be a non-factor when they hit diving dropkicks into a seated Mazzerati. Absolutely stellar!

ROH Women’s Division Wednesday (6/9/2021)

Mazzerati later takes control and gets multiple two-counts on Sakai. Mazzerati tags in Adora, and Adora hits a suplex for another two-count pin. In a shocking moment, Adora locked in the Cattle Mutilation, but Alize would break up this submission attempt. Adora’s Cattle Mutilation was a thing of beauty. Sakai would lock in a guillotine choke on Adora, but Adora would reverse this maneuver into a suplex. Adora is incredibly powerful.

After another suplex, Sakai summons that trademark fighting spirit and no-sells the maneuver, charging at Adora with a massive elbow strike. Both women go down, and both women crawl to the corner for Alize and Mazzerati’s hot tags. Alize sets both Mazzerati and Adora in a corner and dropkicks both of them. This match begins to break down as women are being thrown all over the place.

Heading to the finish, Adora would isolate Sumie Sakai on the outside of the ring by tossing her into the barricade. Alize would drop Mazzerati with a great flying headscissor whip. This would transition into Alize locking in the Miranda Rights Crossface for the submission victory.

Match Results: Miranda Alize and Sumie Sakai defeated Mazzerati and Trish Adora via Submission in 11:11.
Walker’s Words: This was a great showing for these women. This is my first time viewing all four of these women in competition, and I absolutely love them! Mazzerati and Trish Adora are brutal in the ring (and not in the Nia Jax way). Sumie Sakai seems incredibly lovable, and Miranda Alize’s moveset is a thing of beauty. This get’s a thumbs up from me!

Afterward, all four women would show grace to each other in the ring before a wrestler I had never seen before hit the ring. Max The Impaler hit the ring to attack the four women who had just competed. After laying out the competitors, Max would turn their attention on the timekeeper. After tossing the timekeeper around ringside, Max The Impaler would drop them with an intense powerbomb. Amy Rose would then make her return to ROH Wrestling applauding the actions of Max The Impaler. It seems as though there is an alliance brewing between Rose and The Impaler.

Maria Kanellis-Bennett would appear backstage and would grant the next Golden Ticket into the ROH World Women’s Championship tournament to Vita VonStarr. However, her one rule was that VonStarr could no longer interfere in men’s matches. VonStarr agreed, and it w

ROH Results & Review (#507)

This show was an easy watch top-to-bottom. If you are not a loyal ROH Wrestling fan, that’s okay! We’re slowly building up to ROH’s World Women’s Championship tournament, and the women’s division in Ring of Honor is hotter than ever. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget – support great professional wrestling.

We here at are excited to see this week’s edition of Ring of Honor Wrestling. Check out the rest of our website for more ROH and professional wrestling rumors, news, results, and articles that you’ll absolutely love. Check out Ring of Honor’s website for more on the promotion. Don’t forget to love yourself!

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