WWE Monday Night RAW Results – January 6, 2020


Here are the full results for the first RAW of 2020.

We open the show with Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar.

Heyman wishes everyone a happy new year. Paul says Lesnar makes history, and he is wondering who will challenge Lesnar for the title at Royal Rumble. But Lesnar doesn’t believe there is anyone man enough to step in the ring with him. Heyman tells the crowd not to boo Brock because he’s going to make unprecedented history, just like when he ended Undertaker’s undefeated WrestleMania streak.

Paul announces that Brock Lesnar is entering the Royal Rumble match, and that he will be the first entrant. Heyman says he will win, and that it’s not a prediction, but a spoiler.

Rey Mysterio is speaking in Spanish backstage. He is asked how much the US Title match tonight means to him, and he says that it means a lot because he has days, not years left. He thanks his son for convincing him to stay and compete, and vows to win the title back, because Andrade doesn’t deserve to represent Latinos.

Andrade (C) vs. Rey Mysterio – United States Championship

Andrade flings Mysterio onto Zelina on the outside and expresses concern. The distraction allows Andrade to hit the Hammerlock DDT to retain the title.

Winner: Andrade

After the match, Andrade removes Mysterio’s mask.

Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe are interviewed backstage. Owens says he’s proven that he doesn’t play well with others and Joe doesn’t play at all. However, he says the enemy of his enemy is his friend, and Rollins and AOP have brought the two together.

Joe says he recognizes that backup is needed, and he proposes Rollins and AOP against the three of them. Owens asks who this third man is. Joe says all KO should know is that they should be worried.

Rollins and AOP are made aware of the challenge made by KO and Joe. Seth says they don’t need to be briefed because they live for challenges. He says what he’s concerned about the most is taking RAW to the next level. He didn’t ask to be the chosen one, but WWE has made him just that. He sacrificed everything he stood for to be the missionary, Messiah and beacon of hope for RAW. He isn’t worried, and anyone who stands up to them will be taken care of by AOP.

The Viking Raiders (C) vs. The Street Profits vs. The OC – RAW Tag Team Championships

The Viking Raiders win when Ivar hits a top rope splash onto Karl Anderson.

Winners: The Viking Raiders

Samoa Joe is asked about the mystery partner, but Owens jumps in and says he’s eager to know who it is. KO would like to prepare for who it is since he’s done a lot of bad things to people. Joe asks if it would make KO feel better if he showed him. Owens says yes. Joe and Owens walk to the back and Charly follows them.

They walk to the back, and Owens goes in the door and comes back out. He says AOP are definitely in trouble. Joe locks the door and tells Charly she’ll have to wait.

Becky Lynch comes out. She says she’s been wondering what kind of champion she wants to be and admits she let the doubters get to her, and she’s questioning her wisdom of challenging Asuka. We get a video package recapping Asuka’s victories over Becky over the past year. Asuka comes out and speaks in Japanese before Becky knocks her out.

Rowan is walking backstage and is approached by Mojo Rawley. He asks for a look inside the cage. Rowan says help himself, but not to tell anyone. Mojo looks inside and he is shook.

Zelina and Andrade are interviewed backstage and he’s asked if he crossed the line. He speaks in Spanish before Mysterio attacks him unmasked. He takes the mask back and puts it on before leaving.

Erick Rowan vs. KJ Orso

Easy squash.

Winner: Erick Rowan

After the match, he shoves KJ’s face in the cage and his face is buried in blood of some kind. Rowan smiles in a sinister manner.

AJ Styles vs. Akira Tozawa

AJ Styles mocks Randy Orton’s moves, hits the draping DDT and finishes Akira off with his version of the RKO.

Winner: AJ Styles

After the match, Styles poses like Orton before leaving. Then, it appears that a fan tries to enter the ring and security gets to him in the middle of the ring. RAW quickly cuts to commercial.

Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles is announced for next week.

Bobby Lashley and Lana with the wedding official from last week come out. The official makes things official. Lana and Lashley express their disgust at how their wedding went last week.

Rusev appears on the titantron with a projection of a beach behind her. He says that he should have gotten a wedding present, and it’s an album of last week’s wedding. Lashley says Rusev isn’t a man and lays down a challenge. Rusev says he destroys and when he’s finished with Lashley, Lana can have what’s left.

Backstage, R-Truth is interviewed but Liv Morgan stops by and announces her intentions to be in the Royal Rumble.

Charlotte Flair vs. Sarah Logan

Before the match begins, Logan attacks Flair from behind but fights back. Eventually, Logan is in the ring and she slams her robe in the ring. The two continue to fight back and forth on the outside before Flair hits a Spear and a big boot. Match never starts.

Drew McIntyre vs. No Way Jose

After the match, Drew takes out members of the Conga Line and wins an easy match with the Claymore.

Winner: Drew McIntyre 

After the match, he asks the crowd if they want to see another Claymore. He brings No Way Jose back in the ring and counts down before hitting another one.

Drew says he’s always hated conga lines.

He says he’s never had one opportunity to fight for the world title, and he says he has to put himself in the Royal Rumble to get that chance. He officially declares for the Rumble.

Aliester Black vs. Shelton Benjamin

Black wins the Black Mass.

Winner: Aliester Black

After the match, Buddy Murphy attacks him from behind. He sends him to the timekeeper’s area and knees him with a chair to the face.

Seth Rollins and AOP vs. Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe and The Big Show

Big Show goes for a double chokeslam on AOP but Rollins attacks him with a chair from behind.

Winners: Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe and The Big Show by DQ

After the match, Joe and Owens come back in the ring and Big Show knocks out Rollins as AOP drags him away.

Next week, Buddy Murphy vs. Aliester Black is announced, and Rollins and AOP vs. Big Show, Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe in a Fist Fight is also advertised as RAW goes off the air.

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