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Editorial16 WWE Superstars Who Have Yet To Win Championship Gold

16 WWE Superstars Who Have Yet To Win Championship Gold



WWE philosophy 101. Not everyone can be a champion, but it’s better to try and fail, than to give up and be out of the game. Management ingrains this mindset from the moment WWE Superstars step through the door, despite the mentions of glass ceilings and unreachable brass rings. Some have the look and don’t need to try too hard to reach their goals. Others scratch and claw their way up the ladder over many years, just to get a sniff of an opportunity. The rest are happy to be there, holding on to memories they can cherish in old age.

Everyone’s goal should be championship gold, but not everyone is championship material. A reign is prosperous when the holder makes the title, not the other way around. Tamina Snuka worked over a decade to earn her first women’s title, so opportunities can arise if you stick around long enough, but you still have to prove your worth. Today, we look at WWE Superstars on the main roster who have yet to win any championships. I did not make this to claim everyone should get a title by default. WWE has never worked this way and never will. The list does not include anyone who debuted in the past two months.

“There is no shame in going out fighting and getting your ass kicked, but there is no honor in not fighting at all.” -The Undertaker

Dana Brooke

She is the first of many who would’ve likely won NXT gold had they stayed with the black & gold brand longer. She has the power, but her character has always been lacking and NXT would have helped with that. The best she can hope for is a Women’s Tag Team title with Mandy Rose, but even that will feel hollow because it won’t be about getting her over.

Eva Marie

There has always been a lot of heat on Eva, and not for the right reasons. I think she gets too much aggro because WWE pushed her to the main roster extremely quickly in 2013. This was of great detriment, as it showed her clear inexperience. Seriously though, she couldn’t turn down a main roster run and I can’t blame her.

I believe many didn’t see her NXT work with Bayley, which was the highlight of her career. As a team, Eva & Nia Jax were garnering solid heat before being called back up to Raw. It never took place though, as she was later found to be violating the wellness policy, but it was more of a misunderstanding. Bringing her back as a face is puzzling, and I have serious doubt over her winning any titles unless she teams up with a big name.

WWE Superstars

Humberto Carrillo

This kid is super talented in the ring, but has no character. We’ve seen how much it hurts with other talents like Ricochet. I don’t understand why WWE calls up guys like Humberto, when they could keep him in NXT til he’s worth something. There’s so much potential here, that I think it would be a travesty if Humberto never won a serious title in WWE. It’s a matter of time.

Jaxson Ryker

I remember when he debuted in TNA Wrestling under the name Gunner. He was a beast back then, but I’m unsure how WWE feels about him. Ryker’s controversial remarks got him some backstage heat, so much so it spelled the end of The Forgotten Sons. Somehow he survived the fallout, while his partners lost their jobs. Teaming him with Elias is an odd choice, but at least they are getting airtime. He absolutely has what it takes to be a champion, but it hangs on this run with Elias.

WWE Superstars

Lacey Evans

I have always been a big Lacey Evans fan. She has everything. I’d say her only weak point is ring work, but it’s leagues ahead of other women who have held titles. Her character may need tweaking though, because I don’t think her “nasty” Southern Belle gimmick works as intended.

If it were thirty years ago, I think she’d have been a smash hit, people would have loathed her. But it feels outdated in 2021, and not enough to care about it to hate. She may need to ditch it and go another route to reach the next level of her game. Not winning a title in the next few years would be a massive disservice to her talent.


While Lana has the look and natural charisma to get people to care, her ring work is so excruciatingly poor it will always work against her. She was never meant to be a wrestler. After serving as a manager for Rusev (by far the most successful part of her career), WWE encouraged her in to the ring despite her lack of athleticism.

Had Lana signed with the company as a wrestler with experience, I firmly believe she would have been champion by now. As she is at the moment, she might get a tag team title run someday, but that’s about it. I’d be shocked if she ever got a singles run.

WWE Superstars

Liv Morgan

Lana and Liv Morgan aren’t too different, except Liv struggles on the microphone. She sounds more natural in recorded interviews, but there’s a huge lack of confidence with a live microphone.

Like so many who came before, Liv has the look, but she can’t work anywhere near the level of a Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Bayley or Sasha Banks. There are others in NXT who would easily take her spot. She has lasted this long because of The Riott Squad. Unless she finds confidence from somewhere, she isn’t going anywhere fast.


I can’t say too much about him because all we saw before Retribution was his Monday Night Raw commentary. He has a slither of charisma and isn’t completely useless in the ring, although there’s much room to improve. It’s a tough one to call, but the fact he has enjoyed more airtime on Raw since Retribution split than his former leader, WWE must see something in him and T-Bar. If they can work on their chemistry and get over as heels, a tag title run might be possible someday, but most definitely not in 2021.

WWE Superstars

Mandy Rose

WWE loves Mandy Rose because she’s a poster girl. However, something wrong happened with the Otis storyline. It was over and I loved them as a couple, so why did WWE split them up? Maybe we’ll find out in a documentary ten years from now.

Whatever happened, WWE moved her away and slotted her in a team with Dana Brooke. It feels like a demotion from her partnership with Sonya Deville. I doubt they will win tag team gold, but you never know with Vince. He could do it just to keep fans from forgetting her. Much like Lana & Liv, ring work is her biggest weakness.

Mustafa Ali

I think Vince McMahon hates him… it’s the only logical explanation. Ali has a huge upside and single-handedly carried the awful Retribution faction. They gave him nothing, but he salvaged all he could with promos. It’s not like Ricochet where he hasn’t got a character, because Ali has proven he can talk. So what’s the problem? I assume it’s his look. He has what I call “Christian” syndrome.

Ali has everything Christian had, but because he hasn’t got the look Vince typically goes for, he will always struggle to reach the next level. Maybe he needs to change it up? Look at what Seth Rollins is doing these days. Like a few others listed here, it would devastate if he never won a title in WWE.

WWE Superstars


His fall from grace is almost sad. Otis is chock full of charisma, he’s oozing with the stuff. The fans loved him, especially in the storyline with Mandy Rose. And when he won Money In The Bank, well… it was too much too soon. WWE didn’t need to push him to the World title opportunity like that, because we knew they could never pull the trigger.

So Otis is back where he began, in a tag team with another guy struggling to get noticed. Sporting a new serious demeanor, he is proving to be a threat when he sets his mind to it. Which is healthy, sure, but it will be a long time til he holds gold. WWE are taking him down the long road so they don’t make the same mistake twice.

Reckoning & Slapjack

Otherwise called Mia Yim, she has disappeared since Retribution disbanded. I’m expecting a return to NXT, because I don’t think she is ready for the main roster. There’s a place for her, but she’s best suited as an enhancement talent. Sorry if you like her, but I can’t see any potential there. As for Slapjack AKA Shane Thorne, I liked his NXT tag team “TM61”. There’s something to him, but since his old partner left, it has been a rocky road. He’s probably just happy to be there.

WWE Superstars

Ruby Riott

One of the biggest disappointments in WWE is Ruby Riott not getting the chance to prove she can do what other great workers have done. I watched all her matches in NXT and that version of Ruby was exceptional because she could wrestle. On the main roster she is an enhancement talent and is likely told not to work hard, because it would show up the rest of the girls. She’s on the level of a Bayley, Charlotte Flair or Sasha Banks, in terms of ring work.

It’s probably a mix of her look and politics coming in to play. And how did The Riott Squad never win tag team gold? It’s a mystery. Her & Liv Morgan are the only female tag team with chemistry, yet they aren’t considered for opportunities. Ruby’s there to make others look good, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she wins nothing. But if Tamina can do it, then anything is possible.

Sonya Deville

I wonder why she hasn’t returned as a wrestler. It comes to mind as she serves Adam Pearce as an assistant while going over his head. Remember AJ Lee? She got over by creating moments in a non-wrestling role before returning to the ring. Maybe this is WWE’s way of getting Sonya familiar with the audience before she gets back to a singles push? With her fighting background, she has what it takes to be a champion, but everything hangs on the storyline with Adam Pearce. Will the fans care enough? We’ll have to tune in to find out.


I hate the name. What’s wrong with Dijakovic? Sounds too foreign? All i know is he’s a beast, and shame if you never saw his matches with Keith Lee. Get off here right now and go watch some NXT encounters between him and Lee; they will blow your mind. I just want to see these guys go at it on the main roster with no limits, preferably over a title. The guy is championship material, and if WWE won’t do something with him, there are plenty of other promotions who will.

With that said, below are short lists of WWE Superstars who have won no major titles, but have held the 24/7 & Cruiserweight titles. Three have won none of these, but are former title holders in NXT:

24/7 & Cruiserweight: Akira Tozawa, Angel Garza, Drew Gulak, Elias, Gran Metalik, Lince Dorado & Riddick Moss

NXT: Aleister Black, Damian Priest & Keith Lee

Who would you like to see win championship gold? And will any of them go on to win a World Championship? Please let me know in the comments, thank you.

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