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EditorialTop 5 Greatest Tag Teams Today - Chosen By Facebook

Top 5 Greatest Tag Teams Today – Chosen By Facebook



I am here to (once again) bring you another top five list article chosen by our Facebook followers. For those unaware with my top five list format, I shall explain it for you below.

  • As Facebook Admin, I asked our Facebook followers (majority of whom are Males aged 18-44) for a top five list each.
  • I stated that teams have to be currently active and can be from any promotion.
  • Any incomplete lists (and random comments) were disregarded. As a number of our followers could not decide a top five list (or simply never read my instructions) they gave me a list of their top five tag teams of all time. Those lists were not counted towards this whatsoever, and I gave them time to edit their lists if they wished.
  • After multiple posts asking for lists, I managed to collect 28 top five lists. I did not include a list of my own.
  • Majority of lists had tag teams numbered, however some didn’t, so I counted 1st – 5th from left-to-right, or top-to-bottom depending on the comment.
  • Exactly like previous top five articles, I included a point system in the following manner: #1 = 5 Points #2 = 4 Points #3 = 3 Points #4 = 2 Points #5 = 1 Point.

(It so happens that if you do not see your favourite tag team in this article, they did not get enough points and you cannot blame me for the numbers!)


The Briscoe Brothers – 17 Points – ROH – Jay & Mark are regarded as the most dominant tag team in ROH history, and one of the greatest tag teams to never wrestle for WWE. Jay Briscoe is the current ROH Champion, however the brothers still wrestle together in ROH and NJPW.

The Ascension – 17 Points – NXT – Conor & Viktor held the NXT Tag Team Championship for 364 days from September 12th, 2013. They were the most dominant tag team in WWE until they were defeated by the Lucha Dragons.

reDRagon – 26 Points – ROH – Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish are the current ROH World Tag Team Champions, and the second most dominant tag team in ROH history behind the Briscoe Brothers.

Gold & Stardust – 32 Points – WWE – The Dust Brothers are the current WWE Tag Team Champions, and they were only two points away from the top five list. With a few more lists they might have made it, but the numbers came out as such. The team in its current form is still somewhat new, and it remains to be seen whether the team can become the most dominant in the WWE’s tag team division.

#5 The Hardys – 34 Points – TNA

Jeff Hardy (37 years) and Matt Hardy (40 years) are slowing down a bit, but they continue to put their bodies on the line just like they did in 1999. Both men have had their ups and downs over the past few years, especially due to their drug problems. They rarely reunited as a team after they left WWE in 2010, but after they both pursued singles careers (with Jeff being a mainstay in TNA’s main event scene, and Matt working for ROH), they reunited on the Independent scene, and in TNA Impact Wrestling during the summer of 2014..

The Hardys played a pivotal role in the latest tag team series with Team 3D and the Wolves. Despite their short run as a tag team again, their popularity has not dwindled much. The Hardys have always excelled in tag team action, and even more so when ladders are involved.

#4 The Young Bucks – 37 Points – Independents

Matt (29) and Nick (25) are two young talented wrestlers with an incredible amount of athleticism and chemistry. The two brothers have been wrestling for over ten years, and are true wrestling fans at heart. They have been compared to the Hardy Boyz, as their style mimics the team when they were younger. They also run their own wrestling promotion just like Matt and Jeff did with OMEGA.

I don’t get enough time to see their work on the independent scene, but I did watch them in TNA as Generation Me. It was a travesty that Matt and Nick never won the TNA World Tag Team Championships. They had many epic matches against the Motor City Machine Guns, and I also remember an excellent match between Max (Matt) and Kazarian for the X-Division Championship. It’s hard to explain just how good these guys are if you have not seen them in action. If the wrestling world had a god, he would have made them tag team champions in WWE or TNA by now. Their chemistry is on another level, and their high risk moves are fast, unpredictable, and totally exciting. I would go as far to say they have better chemistry than the Hardys. The only thing that lets them down is their image. They look like two regular dudes you would pass in the street, but once you see them in a wrestling ring, you realize they are definitely not ordinary.

They continue to work for many wrestling promotions across the world including ROH, NJPW, CHIKARA, Dragon Gate USA, High Risk Wrestling (their promotion) and PWG. They have won 17 Tag Team Championships and five tag team tournaments across the world. They have a long career ahead of them, and they are already so decorated.

#3 Team 3D – 45 Points – TNA

You can’t have any tag team list without this team showing up somewhere. The 23-time World Tag Team Champions are the most decorated in wrestling history, and they reunited only recently. After the singles run for Bully Ray with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, (with Aces N’ Eights backing him up) it appeared that Team 3D was effectively dead and buried. Devon kept coming and going from TNA, and was always in the shadow of Bully Ray. Rumours of Devon retiring also added to the possibility we would never see Team 3D again.

Tag team wrestling in TNA was on the back burner until The Wolves signed with TNA after WWE decided not to sign them. The Wolves wanted to prove a point, but the tag team division only consisted of The Wolves and The Bromans, so after their feud died down, there was no one else left to challenge them. Cue the tag teams of the Hardys and Team 3D to save the day and reunite.  Despite Bully Ray being 43 years old, he is in the best shape of his life, and his ring work hasn’t faded one bit. Devon is 42 years old now, and although he is visibly slower, and not as athletic as he used to be, he is still willing to take bumps through tables. You can give credit where it is due with this team. They live and breathe professional wrestling, and they love nothing more than a good tag team match. ****3D!!!****

#2 The Usos – 55 Points – WWE

I was a little surprised to see so many points for these two young Samoan’s. They clocked up a lengthy title reign of 202 days recently, before they were defeated by Gold & Stardust. As the sons of Rikishi, they have been taught well, and they always bring the fast paced action and excitement. It is a testament to their work ethic, and at the age of 29 years, this team has many years to flourish. They may not be the most charismatic, but they have plenty of time to build on their characters. The most important thing is that crowds react to them, they enjoy cheering for Jimmy and Jey. Many of our Facebook followers immediately thought of these two when I asked for a list. They appeared in 18 out of 28 lists, but despite that, they were placed as #1 in only two of those lists.

The Usos are the longest serving tag team in WWE today. They started in FCW in 2007, and seven years later, they continue to team up. This team is one that you can’t imagine ever splitting up, it just wouldn’t feel right. They was never handed a single thing, they have worked hard, and they were rewarded with the tag team titles earlier this year. They have a legacy to build, and with the Anoa’i family behind them, the sky’s the limit.

#1 The Wolves – 92 Points – TNA

(AKA) The American Wolves have been voted the greatest tag team in the world today by our Facebook followers. It’s a clear win, there is no doubt about it, these two are that damn good. 

After Triple H decided not to sign them (read the details here: Link!), Davey got angry at the fact and wanted to prove why it was a huge mistake. Eddie Edwards decided to join him in TNA, and the team would simply be known as The Wolves. This could be seen as quite the “FU” moment to WWE management. WWE has been looking for talent for NXT, and they do need new tag teams, **cough** Slator Gator, Los Matadores **cough** as they haven’t had a truly great tag team since the days of Paul London and Brian Kendrick. The Wolves could have dominated the WWE Tag Team Division for years, but instead, they are showing off their talent in TNA.

I already explained how The Wolves had no one to compete with when they came in, but TNA management decided to get the established teams of Team 3D and The Hardys back together to take them on. TNA put them over a treat with the tag team series, especially with the epic main event from last weeks episode of Impact. It is clear that The Wolves are a selling point for TNA now, and I hope they can find some new blood for them to compete with. Who can stop The Wolves when Team 3D and The Hardys can’t? It’s a pretty solid question.

The facts speak for themselves. Out of the 28 lists I gathered, The Wolves featured in 23 of them. They came 5th only once, 4th twice, 3rd four times, 2nd five times, and 1st an amazing 11 times! Aside from The Usos, they had well over double the points any other team got. It shows just how popular the team is, they are the present and the future.

As singles wrestlers, Eddie has held the ROH Television Championship, and both men have held the ROH World Championship. Davey held the World Championship for almost a year, defending it ten times between 2011-2012. As a tag team they have won five tag team championships, two in ROH, two in TNA, and once in 2CW. Their longest title reign was the first tag title they ever won together in ROH, which lasted 253 days after nine defenses. At the ages of 31 (Davey) and 30 (Eddie), they are in the prime of their careers, and they have a lot of time to carve their legacies in the professional wrestling industry.

I want to thank all of our Facebook followers for participating, this article could not be possible without your contributions! When will the next list be? Who knows! I make it up as I go along, just keep an eye out on our Facebook page because you never know when I’ll be needing more lists. I don’t like making my own lists anymore, because let’s face it, any list will see people wanting you dead for putting one guy they hate over another guy they love. These lists always generate positive comments on how accurate they are, and I can only give that credit to those who continue to support the page and as a whole. With that said, I will leave you with a little treat. Something to get you pumped up. “Let the hunt begin!”.

Lyrics: Watch For The Perils As They Hunt In The Night,
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They Just Appear For The Fight, Oh, What Ways That Paralyze
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,Beware Of The Force Of Nature,

Beware Of The Force Of Nature, Watch For The Perils As They Hunt In The Night,
Coming From Nowhere
They Just Appear, For The Fight, Beware Of The Force Of Nature
It’s A Vital Animal Behavior,
It Hastes For The Taste, Leaves Nothing To Waste
Beware Of The Force Of Nature, Beware Of The Force Of Nature.

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