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EditorialWWE Money in the Bank 2020 Reactions and Post-Show Podcast Review

WWE Money in the Bank 2020 Reactions and Post-Show Podcast Review



With WWE Money in the Bank 2020 concluded, it’s time to look back on what happened and assess the damage, praise the positives and talk about what went down.

As I’ve been doing lately, I kept track of my reactions and thoughts throughout each segment tonight. There were some positive moments here and there with plenty of negatives, too.

Check them out below, as well as my regular Smack Talk Pay-Per-Viewpoint post-show podcast at the end of this post (once it is recorded/uploaded), which reviews the event in more detail.

Without further ado, here’s what was running through my mind during WWE Money in the Bank 2020:

Jeff Hardy vs. Cesaro

  • Nice little touch of Hardy putting his foot on the ropes and reminding the referee that Cesaro shouldn’t keep attacking him. It would make sense to want to have that breather after just making a 9-count back into the ring.
  • I’m glad they’re back to calling it the Twist of Fate instead of the Twist of Fury.
  • This match has gone on longer than I thought it would. That’s not a bad thing—just an observation.
  • While I don’t love that Cesaro took a random loss that means nothing, it’s at least good Hardy got a win to give him some momentum for his future feud with Sheamus.

SmackDown Tag Team Championship Fatal 4-Way Match: The New Day (c) vs. The Forgotten Sons vs. Lucha House Party vs. The Miz and John Morrison

  • Gran Metalik is full-on looking like Juventud Guer–hey, Corey Graves agrees! Totally Guerrera-inspired tonight. What’s Juvi been up to these bunch of years, anyway?
  • Good ring gear tonight with The Miz and John Morrison.
  • Interesting move, doing the C4 off the turnbuckle onto a group of superstars on the outside.
  • They got me with the false-finish of Morrison on Big E. I thought that was going to be the end of the match.
  • Did they lose track of who is legal between Metalik and Dorado, or was it just me? I feel like they did an extra tag in there that they didn’t count.
  • Nobody is more upset in WWE than someone who has been sent away from ringside. I love it. Everyone always flips out like they were told they got a speeding ticket or something.
  • This was a rock solid match. Kind of standard, but good.

R-Truth vs. MVP…I mean, Bobby Lashley

  • I love that R-Truth is still asking the “people over there” what’s up, as if the empty arena will respond.
  • Bobby Lashley being associated with MVP is a major plus. MVP is a great talker and Lashley isn’t. I’m still thinking Apollo Crews could be a good fit for that, too, for that matter.

SmackDown Women’s Championship Match: Bayley (c) vs. Tamina

  • Zzzzzzzzzz.
  • One of the things I really hate about Bayley’s title reign is that I don’t buy into her as a heel, and it’s made so much worse with these empty arena shows. Now, I have to hear her awful trash talking in the middle of each match.
  • To be fair, Tamina’s not any better in that regard.
  • Also, what’s with this Fruit Roll-Up outfit that Sasha Banks is wearing?
  • Stop being sloppy. Good lord. You’ve all been employed far too long to be this blah.
  • The end was probably even the worst part of the match. But hey, at least it’s over.

Universal Championship Match: Braun Strowman (c) vs. Bray Wyatt

  • Don’t take the title off Braun, and I’ll be happy.
  • “I’m not the same boy I used to be, Bray.” They say Braun looked at Wyatt as a father figure, yet Strowman is four years older. Curious little bit of trivia there.
  • I got nervous after that Sister Abigail.
  • Using the puppets ringside can be fun, depending on how they pull it off.
  • Well, this started going from awkward to cringy. I don’t think people are going to be super high on this match.
  • However, at least this was just their first fight. There’s room to grow this feud.

This hacker thing is interesting, but I just can’t help but to feel like it won’t amount to anything great. Look at what happened with Liv Morgan’s tease about going away and coming back refreshed. That turned into the awful Lana story. This could be even worse.

WWE Championship Match: Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Seth Rollins

  • Oof. Seth’s new music isn’t good. I see where they’re going with this, but it’s just not catchy or anything. It feels like it’s not even a good option out of the stock production music they had to pick from. I hope this is temporary and they sort out a better theme soon enough and this doesn’t just stick around like Bayley’s awful music has.
  • I just realized this match is probably half over and I have nothing really to say about it.
  • This match would have been significantly better if there was an audience. The silence is really hurting it, in my POV.
  • Unlike the Sister Abigail in the previous match, Rollins hitting the Stomp didn’t make me think he was going to win the title here.
  • I liked this, but I think it would have been infinitely improved by having a crowd.
  • I’m a big fan of McIntyre asking Rollins to shake his hand and Seth actually doing it without trying to attack him afterward or something. That’s so much more interesting to me than the typical heel being a heel situation.

R-Truth is going to get his 24/7 Championship back from Tom Brady. Ha!

Men’s and Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Matches

  • Oh boy, this is already awkward with the entrances in front of the elevators and at the gym.
  • I love Daniel Bryan is all hyped and talking to them like they’re all campers ready to go on a hike.
  • One move in, with Asuka jumping on top of everyone, and all the other women are down while she dances. This is so weird.
  • Not a fan of the music in the background. I think they might have been better off leaving it silent.
  • You mean to tell me AJ Styles can’t slide underneath those weights? So bad.
  • Brother Love!??!?
  • That was the worst Doink the Clown ever.
  • The Stephanie McMahon bit with Dana Brooke grabbing the wrong briefcase just wasn’t funny, either. Yikes. This is bad.
  • Styles has PTSD about the Boneyard Match. I like that.
  • Food fight? Nope. Not digging it.
  • John Laurinaitis takes a pie in the face. Uuuuggggggghhhh.
  • Dana Brooke slipping on what the janitor just mopped may have been the most dangerous thing in this match. She damn near gave herself a concussion.
  • Okay, I laughed at Bryan and Styles being intimidated by Vince McMahon’s presence in his office and putting the chairs back.
  • Why was Corbin trying to stop Asuka from getting her briefcase? Why would he care? That’s stupid.
  • Asuka won?! Didn’t see that coming at all.
  • The men’s in-ring portion of this was scored by the start screen music of a PlayStation 1 game or something. Terrible. Am I playing Tony Hawk or Twisted Metal, or watching a Money in the Bank ladder match?
  • Aleister Black being thrown off the roof was so much more bland than it could have and should have been. What a wasted opportunity.
  • Otis wins, too? Are they just trying to make this whole thing a joke? Look, I’m a fan of the guy, but we all know he’s not winning a world title. They haven’t had the best of luck with the past couple men who were Mr. Money in the Bank and it seems this year is going to be another throwaway one.

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