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EditorialWWE Royal Rumble 2015 - The Most Boring/Anti-Climatic PPV In History?

WWE Royal Rumble 2015 – The Most Boring/Anti-Climatic PPV In History?



Hello and welcome to my honest review of The WWE Royal Rumble 2015 event, I will be discussing all of the negatives, since there practically wasn’t any positives (Except The Triple Threat Match)

Lets get the smaller things out of the way first with the Divas Match.
This match was absolutely pointless in the first place, a tag match, so no title involved, no clear contender. Brie Bellas sudden Heel turn still hasnt been explained to us and after all that nonsense a f*cking Fore arm to the face won the damn match, really?

Now we move onto The Rock. We all knew that he was in the area, he tweeted it, it trended on social media, Dirt Sheets reported it, etc. But did WWE really have to show Vince Mcmahons Tweet of Rock inside the arena on the tron? Especially if Michael Cole was gonna jizz his pants when the guy ran to the ring.

And now to the outcome of The Royal Rumble match itself, We ALL knew Reigns was gonna win months ago, but my issue is with the way that every other superstar was completely buried in the match, it was madness.

Daniel Bryan randomly eliminated half way through the match without it really being a special spot or anything, Ziggler tossed put by those two pensioners Show and Kane, Bray Wyatt looking strong for an hour then suddenly being dumped out by 2 fellow heels (again Show and Kane) then Ambrose was eliminated without any fuss really being made.

Oh and not to mention Miz and Mizdow, both entered miles apart, no big turn really happened and now the story is gonna be dragged on so long that the people lose interest and don’t care.

And finally, I had a serious issue with the actual entrants for the match, The Roster is poor but I think with the surprises, the match should have been 40 men. Im not gonna lie, I marked out when Boogeyman came out, but what was the point wasting an entrant on him when he was in for 20 seconds and didn’t hit a move? Also there was no Jericho, RVD, Orton, Slater, Bo Dallas, Mark Henry, Sheamus, Los Matadores, NXT superstars, and I’m sure I’ve even missed a few. (yes 1 or 2 may still be injured)

At the end of the night (And during most of it) for the second year running, the crowd were booing to the max. Hell, the fans were chanting “We want Rusev” at the end, despite him slagging them off, ripping down the US flag and attacking their soldiers, thats how bad it was.

I know people of the IWC are always quick to complain but I honestly think that this could’ve been one of the very worst PPV events of all time.

Thanks for reading and if any facts were wrong, its because the event was so s*it, I forgot what actually happened.

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