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Swerve Strickland Thinks Free Agents Are Going To Be Targeting AEW



While speaking to Q93 in a recent interview, Swerve Strickland discussed wrestling AEW World Heavyweight Champion Samoa Joe and Hangman Page in a triple threat match at Revolution 2024 this Sunday. He said, 

“Revolution is truly the perfect name for this because that’s where we’re going to start. That’s where I’m looking to start in the wrestling world, a true revolution. All the free agents out there that are looking to have a home, everybody’s going to be targeting AEW, I will say that. We welcome that as well. We want this place to grow. We want to showcase the best talent available, the best talent out there and for all of them to want to just assemble here and truly take the sport, the industry, to the next level… For me to be the number one guy, to be on top of the mountain with all that talent coming in means everything to me. It means something different and truly unique to the company and to the industry and the industry is going to see that. Everybody else in the industry is going to see that and watch. They’re going to watch and pay more attention than they ever have because of not just the talent coming in, but just myself being at the top of that and watching how I operate and move, which I’ve already been moving for the past year, a better part of like two years. I’ve always been in a very unique way with Rick Ross and Kevin Gates and going to the Grammys and my music, my podcast. I’ve always moved in a very unique way. Now imagine what I can do with an AEW World Championship on my shoulder.”

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