Arn Anderson – ‘Dusty Rhodes Put Paul Roma In The Four Horsemen’


On a recent episode of his “The ARN Show” podcast, Arn Anderson discussed the reunion of The Four Horsemen in WCW in 1993, Paul Roma being part of the group, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On having Paul Roma in the group: “You know, I just think Paul, I think his time must have ran out up north. And he came to work here, and I don’t think he had that in mind. I think that it was after the fact that he got there that somebody, it would have been Dusty I think, would have made that decision, Hey, let’s put Paul [in the group]. And now Paul, let’s be fair. He had the look, great body. Babyface skills, great dropkicks, powerslams, power moves, all that stuff. But I just think that walking into the Horsemen — which you got to remember, what is the concept of the Horsemen? It’s four guys making four other guys look better than they can make themselves. For a new guy coming in, that doesn’t sound like a great future. Your job is to get everybody else over. While he’s just getting there, it’s a new company. It’s fresh, it’s new, you know. And as you found out, as it went forward and he moved on to get out of the Horsemen and get another partner. It was much more suited to him and his situation.”

On whether Dusty Rhodes made the call for Roma to be part of the group: “That would have been — I think he was booking at that time. It would have been his call, you know. And hey, the guy looked — you know, what you didn’t see underneath that tux, the guy had a hell of a physique. I mean, he was jacked, strong. He could muscle guys around in the ring, superplex off the top. Relatively no effort. He had the skills.”

On when he knew Paul Roma wasn’t a fit in the Four Horsemen: “Oh, I’m not sure exactly when it was, but it was not too long. Plus, you gotta remember I was a rotten babyface. I had no skills, and I mean no babyface skills. So us being babyface is partners, brand new partners, it was basically just a gumshoe., stick them together and see how it flies. I don’t know.”

On whether anyone else was considered for the group in 1993: “Well again, it was backdoor meetings. You know, I was there. I wasn’t going anywhere. I just, whatever they decided would have been fine. You didn’t, you didn’t bring in those days. The booker didn’t bring talent in and see if you agree with it. He would propose it. And if you disagreed with it, that was your time to speak up.”

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