Brian Kendrick Speaks On 205 Live, Returning To WWE, Cruiserweight Classic


WWE Cruiserweight Champion Brian Kendrick recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard to promote 205 Live. Here are the highlights.

On what fans can expect from 205 Live:

“On 205 Live, you can expect to be entertained,” explained Kendrick. “The Brian Kendrick character is a man who is going to use his wits to win. His intelligence is every bit as admirable as his death-defying stunts.”

On Daniel Bryan and William Regal pushing for his WWE return in the CWC:

“Daniel Bryan is the best in the world,” said Kendrick. “I was wrestling in Europe during WrestleMania XXX and didn’t have the chance to watch it. No one can do what he did the way he did it. When I heard the news about WrestleMania, I got a little choked up. This is a kid who I roomed with—he was eighteen, I was twenty—when we first broke in. I think they liked what I did in the ring before I got fired. I believe they did, but it was my attitude,” Kendrick added. “So had I really changed or was I just acting on my best behavior, and then was I going to crack at the wrong time?”

On not knowing what the future held for him after he was eliminated from the CWC:

“A lot of guys were getting contract offers throughout the tournament and I wasn’t,” explained Kendrick. “Then I lost my match to Ibushi, and I was told, ‘We might want to use you sometime in the future.’ I kind of sunk inside—I felt like that was a nice way of saying, ‘Thanks for a good job, we’ll see you when we see you.’ Then I heard Mr. McMahon got a chance to watch the tournament, and some people talked, and I don’t know what the plans were. But it was after I’d already been eliminated and I was gone when they called me up and offered me something. I’m going to do my best to hold onto it and not be my own worst enemy anymore.”

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