CM Punk Recalls Some Disastrous Hotel Stays During His WWE Career


CM Punk shared some gross hotel and road stories from his WWE career during an appearance on the Wrestling Perspectives Podcast. Here are the highlights: 

Disastrous hotel stay: 

“A couple that come to mind is when I first started on the road with WWE, it was just like Petey [Williams] said, it was all about saving money. So you would try to jam as many people as you possibly could in the cheapest minivan while trying to hustle the person at the rental car desk about trying to get the minivan for ten bucks a day. I had a lot of different road families and there was one particular time — a lot of the ECW guys could not rent a vehicle. So a lot of the times I would land in whatever town we were in and Sabu, Balls Mahoney, Sandman, they’d all be standing near and around the rental counters because they had to hitch a ride somehow and I wasn’t going to say no to these guys. Me and Hack used to travel from Philly to Baltimore to fly on Southwest because TNA was too cheap to fly us out of Philly to Nashville. We had to drive to Baltimore to fly to Nashville. I would wind up driving all of the ECW, for lack of a better term, derelicts, who I loved. I loved them.” 

“So, one particular road trip I’m traveling with Sabu and Test and Kelly Kelly. Test and Kelly Kelly are an item. So, Test books the hotels and he gets a room for me and Sabu. Sharing a room with Sabu is f**king a real treat. When you’re a pro wrestling fan and you grow up and you think ECW is the coolest thing and you see Sabu and he’s the wildest guy and then you’re sharing a room with him, it’s just like, man, it’s wild. We checked into this room and all of a sudden I hear Kelly Kelly screaming down the hallway. Test is like, ‘what the f**k?’ He’s texting me, he’s like, ‘get over here, get over here.’ We walk into this room and we’re like, ‘what?’ He goes, ‘I need you guys to see this because I can’t believe this.’ They bring us into the bathroom and there’s blood all over the sink and there’s blood all over the bathtub. Not as much as if you had dressed a Deer, or had dragged some type of giant carcass in the bathtub, but way more than, ‘oh, I cut myself shaving and there’s a little bit of blood.’ The was, at one time, filled with blood and it was dried. It was wild and I don’t know how you give somebody that hotel room. So we went downstairs and they were like, ‘oh, the hotel’s booked, we’re so sorry, we can’t do anything.’ But me and Sabu had a room so I had to share a room that night with Sabu, Kelly Kelly, and Test, and it was a f**king disaster. I didn’t sleep at all because Sabu was wild. I remember waking up at one point and being like,’ what the f**k are you doing?’ He had taken the ironing board down and he’s like, ‘I’m going to sleep on the ironing board.’ I was like, ‘what?’ Love Sabu. Safe assumption that there was probably some substances involved. But I, as Petey said, I probably saved some money that night.”

The case of the ghost pizza: 

“Another time, and this isn’t gross of disgusting, but this is just really weird. Me and Kofi, who was probably the guy I travelled with the most when I was in WWE, we checked into a room one time and we opened up the door to the room and we looked in and there was a pizza on the bed,” Punk said. “We were both like, ‘hello?’ No answer. Kick open the bathroom door. Nobody in the bathroom. There’s a steaming hot pizza with one slice missing from the pizza. We’re looking under the beds. Call down and be like, ‘there’s a pizza on our bed. Did you give this room to somebody else?’ The beds were made, everything was fine, there was just a pizza on the bed and the lady was like, ‘I have no idea what you’re talking about.’ I’m like, ‘Well it’s not a f**king ghost pizza, lady. Somebody was in this room shortly before us because the pizza is still hot.’ It was just a weird situation. I’ve stayed in plenty of crummy places where you have to sleep on the floor and there’s bugs and all kinds of stuff but those are the two that stick out to me. The ghost pizza and the blood all over the hotel room, shacking up with Sabu.”

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