CM Punk Says He Doesn’t Currently Watch Wrestling, Talks AJ Lee


During a recent interview with the Bleacher Report, CM Punk revealed that he doesn’t currently watch pro wrestling, the biggest differences with live television vs. acting, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On whether AJ Lee watches the horror movies that he’s in: “She’s not a horror movie fan, so she’ll watch it because I’m in it, but she’s not a fan of blood and gore and being scared at all. She’s the kind of person that will watch this film and have nightmares, so I’ll probably have to make her pancakes the next day.”

On whether he watches wrestling: “I watched my wife’s stuff the year after I was already gone when she was wrapping up. But I watched WWE television for the first time in six, seven years to be able to formulate an opinion for Backstage….I do not [currently watch wrestling]. Whatever I know, I know strictly off of social media just because it’s huge on social media. If someone does something relatively newsworthy, it’s in the feed, so I’ll keep up with it that way. I talk to Renee, is she in the business? I don’t even know anymore.”

On differences between acting and doing live promos in wrestling: “Regardless of whether you have a soliloquy or you’re just out there standing not saying anything, I think live television is always going to be harder than television and film. Even though you don’t want to be that guy that needs 62 takes and you’re not so dialed into that scene you’re shooting on that particular day, there’s always that comfort of knowing, ‘OK, we can just reset and redo it.’ Live TV, you have one shot, so that’s a lot more stressful. It can keep you up at night. I just did it for so long that, I don’t want to say, uh, I just got good at it. I don’t have the capacity now to look back at it and say, ‘Oh, man, that was really, really hard.’ That was just what I did, every day, almost. Live TV is definitely harder than shooting TV or film.”

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