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AJ Styles Thanks Fans, Ricochet Expresses Frustration, Dijak Two-Minds About Drew McIntyre



AJ Styles was warmly received by the Lyon crowd during his title bout against Cody Rhodes at WWE Backlash: France. The live crowd expressed its adoration by singing “He is truly phenomenal” in French.

Styles took to social media to express his gratitude for this amazing fan reaction. 

He wrote, “Wasn’t sure if I should say anything, being a bad guy and all but…Lyon, France. IL EST VRAIMENT, IL EST VRAIMENT, Il EST VRAIMENT PHÉNOMÉNAL LALALALA”

WWE Superstar Ricochet faced off against Ilja Dragunov in a first-round matchup of the King of the Ring tournament on WWE RAW. Unfortunately, he failed to win and advance. 

Ricochet later shared a video on social media, writing in the caption, “Honestly, who gives a s*** anymore.”

In the clip, he said, “Here we find ourselves in a very familiar spot. It seems that no matter what I do, I can train, I can challenge myself, I can give everything I got, but it seems that it’s never enough. It’s never enough, not when it counts. So, I find myself in this position almost every week. Something’s gotta change.”

The newest member of RAW, Dijak, recently revealed that Drew McIntyre complimented him on his work on Twitter.

However, Dijak also expressed his concern that McIntyre might be setting him up, given that he has previously said nice things about CM Punk.

He wrote, “Drew told me last night he likes my Twitter work, but also that means he probably saw the nice things I said about Punk so now I’m wondering if he’s just setting me up to end my life.”

During last night’s episode of WWE “RAW Talk,” Zelina Vega was announced as the guest for tomorrow’s edition of “The Bump.”

The ticket pre-sale code for WWE SummerSlam 2024 is UNIVERSE.

And finally, you can check out some additional highlights from last night’s episode of WWE RAW below:

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