Daniel Bryan Surgery Update – Sources Say No Decision Has Been Made Yet


UPDATE: As reported yesterday, David Shoemaker of Deadspin
reported that Daniel Bryan may need Tommy John surgery and could be out another
three months.

According to people behind the scenes at WWE, Bryan is still being evaluated
to figure out which treatment is best for him. As of yet, no decisions have been

ORIGINAL: A new report suggests that Daniel Bryan could be
out another three months. Deadspin’s David Shoemaker posted the following to

Bryan has previously said that he has more arm strength loss than they
expected and could require another surgery, so this may confirm it. Tommy John
surgery is a UCL reconstruction most commonly done on pitchers due to their use
of a particular muscle group. However, the average rehab time for Tommy John
surgery is a year, with elbow excercises not able to begin until over a month
into the recovery. Thus, whether Shoemaker’s report of the recovery time is
accurate or not isn’t certain.

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