Dustin Rhodes Says The AEW Women’s Division Is Currently Thriving


In a recent interview with Busted Open Radio, AEW veteran Dustin Rhodes praised the AEW women’s roster and shared his perspective on why the women’s division is currently thriving. Rhodes said,

I feel really good about it because if you look back to day one, they’ve grown so much. They’re still coming to my training practices every week, and we drill, we teach new things, we fix wrongs, things like that, and we just do it every single week, and that repetition and get them a little loose, with my talking about the audience and making people feel something. To me, I believe they’re doing an excellent job, and I believe our women’s division is only gonna get stronger and stronger. It’s really good right now, and I’m happy to see it because it took some time to get there, and it’s there, and we’re kind of thriving in that area.”


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