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Former NXT Announcer Speaks On Roman Reigns Lashing Out At Fans On Social Media & His Announcement



As previously noted here on eWn, Roman Reigns got into a scuffle of words with a few fans over social media when Twitter users said some things that Reigns was not too fond of. Rich Brennan, former WWE/NXT announcer commented on the topic alongside Nick Hausman, as a part of the WrestleZone Daily podcast.

Here are the highlights:

Rich Brennan: “I mean, maybe he got sick and tired hearing it from people. I am with you that it probably is coming from somebody else, “Hey, push this a little bit more, or that a little bit more.” I always hated when they do this sort of thing; ‘the big announcement’ join us Monday for the ‘big announcement!’ You talk about something that never delivers; that never delivers.”

Nick Hausman: “Well, wait, unless it’s like a retirement, like Edge having a retirement.”

Rich Brennan: “Yeah, but you kind of knew that stuff. Yeah, Edge announcement was a surprise but I mean, it kind of funneled through the dirt sheet a little bit. You kinda knew that he was hurt and was contemplating retirement, same with Daniel Bryan as well. You knew that the shelf life for him probably wasn’t going to be that long so it wasn’t a huge super surprise, but if Roman Reigns comes out and says, “Guess what, I’m going to have to retire because I’ve been wrestling with a broken neck for an entire year, that would be shocking, that would deliver, but I don’t think that is the case.”

Nick Hausman: “No, he’s coming out to announce his SummerSlam plans and one of the big speculations is that he’s going to call out John Cena and they’re going to do John Cena and Roman Reigns at SummerSlam. I’ve also heard other reports, depending who you believe; but outside of Cena, what is a big announcement, a big match that Roman Reigns can announce? Maybe The Rock, perhaps if he calls out his cousin The Rock?”

Rich Brennan: “Oh man, I’m trying to think of who he can call out… Braun Strowman?”

Nick Hausman: “Yeah, but it sounds like they want to do Strowman and Lesnar, which seems to be the path here. Samoa Joe is just the first obstacle for Brock.”

Rich Brennan: “I don’t know man, Reigns, especially calling out the fans on Twitter. He has been coming on to that, you’re right, he has been kind of super quiet and laid back, but maybe they’re peeling the onion a little bit and saying, “You know what? Go this direction.” Maybe they’re taking the reigns off a little bit and kind of letting him be. The babyface stuff and all that stuff is cringe worthy, the promos they gave him were just God-awful, he’s not a natural and charismatic talker, at least as a babyface. I would believe him more as a straight up heel, or even if you want to go with a shades of gray where there isn’t anymore heels or babyfaces, kind of in the middle. He would be so much more believable with that edge to him, as opposed to be that happy, babyface guy, I don’t know.”

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