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NewsGabe Sapolsky Shares Heartfelt Tribute To The Late Frankie Ciatso

Gabe Sapolsky Shares Heartfelt Tribute To The Late Frankie Ciatso


In a post on Instagram, WWE writer Gabe Sapolsky paid tribute to independent wrestler Frankie Ciatso, who passed away this past week at the age of 48.

Ciatso had been wrestling since the 1990s, appearing in Florida promotions IPW, FIP, Ring Warriors, D1PW, ACW, WWN, AIWF, NWA Florida, FW, Vintage Wrestling, CCW, and more.

Ciatso also wrestled for Georgia promotions like Lariato Pro Wrestling. He was trained by Adrian Street and the WCW Power Plant.

Sapolsky wrote, “That smile says it all.

I wasn’t personally that close with Francisco Ciatso, but Frankie was an important behind-the-scenes part of WWN/EVOLVE. This post isn’t about people giving me condolences. I wasn’t in his inner circle. It’s about recognizing Frankie and paying tribute to him, his close friends and family.

Frankie did everything with that smile on his face. He loved pro wrestling. He wanted to be a part of it in anyway he could. No matter how big or small the role, he embraced it with enthusiasm and that smile on his face.

Wrestle on a show in the opening match or main event of a small local indie – The smile was on his face.

Be a manager for younger talent – The smile was on his face.

Get in the van and drive all the production elements 20 hours to a show – The smile was on his face.

Get to a show and help at the merch table or setting up – The smile was on his face.

Book a WWN Proving Ground show in front of 10 fans – The smile was on his face.

Train the next generation – An unselfish, hopeful, proud smile was on his face.

Everytime I saw Frankie in recent years he would say to me that he realized his in ring days were winding down. I’m sure Frankie had dreams and aspirations of being a superstar wrestler in a major promotion. When that didn’t happen, he understood what it meant to make the most of any opportunity to contribute. He didn’t blame others or be resentful, he embraced any chance he could to help.

I always felt good when I saw Frankie. I knew whatever job he had to do would get done. He was an adult in the room. He was dependable. Always with that smile.

I trusted him enough to recommend him to guest coach at the PC. We snapped this photo there to send to Sal Hamaoui because Sal suggested that Frankie earned this shot due to all the quality hard work he put in.

Frankie never looked for praise or recognition. He just loved being a part of the show, a part of the process, a part of the team. If you ever stepped foot in a WWN or EVOLVE ring, you were walking over some of Frankie’s sweat, heart and soul. There is a GoFundMe to assist his loved ones.

When I think of Frankie, I’ll always remember that smile.”