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NewsJosh Alexander Excited For TNA, Chris Sabin Doesn't Want To Use Option-C...

Josh Alexander Excited For TNA, Chris Sabin Doesn’t Want To Use Option-C On Alex Shelley



Impact Wrestling will be rebranding back to TNA Wrestling at the Hard to Kill 2024 pay-per-view event next month.

In a recent interview with The Sporting Tribune, former Impact Wrestling World Champion Josh Alexander discussed the upcoming return of TNA Wrestling and the current momentum of the Anthem-owned promotion.

Alexander said, “It’s been amazing. It’s all momentum, and the momentum’s growing show after show after show. We show up to a town like Memphis, where I’d never wrestled prior to IMPACT Wrestling going there, and I’m unsure of how the reception’s gonna be. I’ve never wrestled there before. I don’t know if I’m gonna come out and people are gonna be on board with all that ‘The Walking Weapon’ Josh Alexander is, and from the moment I step out, everybody knows me, everybody’s behind me. It’s just the momentum, man. I think everybody’s on board with pro wrestling right now, and everybody wants to see a little bit of what everyone has, and the one benefit that we have in IMPACT, and I like yo call it TNA now because we’re almost there, we’re a month away, is our locker room. We’re all passionate. We were all fans of this product, we all became wrestlers because of this product. The Knockouts division on its own inspired our entire Knockouts division that we have here that’s carrying forward, and it’s one of the best female divisions in all of pro wrestling. Same with the X-Division, same with our tag division. It grows upon itself because we all challenge each other because we want to get back to what TNA was. I was the biggest fan in the world watching Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, and AJ Styles go at it at Unbreakable in 05. We want that crowd that, in Orlando, where you just see behind the ring, the match is going on, everybody’s on their feet jumping up and down, losing their minds. It’s coming back, and it’s beautiful to see, and we just gotta keep working.”

On a recent edition of the “Battleground Podcast,” X-Division Champion Chris Sabin declared that he has no intention to use Option-C to challenge Alex Shelley for the Impact World Championship.

Sabin said, “I’m 1,000% happy being the X Division champion. For a long time, I thought Alex Shelley deserved to be a World Champion in some sort of major promotion and I’m happy to see him finally accomplish that. He’s having a good run and I want him to continue that. He’s not just my partner, he’s one of my best friends. So I want him to succeed and there’s no reason for me to go after him. I’m happy being the X-Division Champion. I want him to enjoy his run on top.”

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