Kevin Nash – ‘It Took LA Knight 29 Years To Get Over With Fans’


LA Knight has taken close to three decades to get ‘over’ with fans, according to two-time WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash.

Earlier this year, Nash called Knight a rip-off of The Rock, which Nash would later apologize for, admitting that he hasn’t watched much of the ‘megastar.’


During a recent episode of SmackDown, Knight mocked a WCW promo by Nash in which he said the word ‘play’ was an adjective when it is actually a verb.

Speaking on a recent edition of his “Kliq This” podcast, Nash addressed Knight’s recent dig. He said,

“I apologized and people want him to be their chosen one, he can be the chosen one, I have no problem with that. It looked like I took the high road, and he, for some reason, I understand why he did it because he doesn’t fu**ing know.

“It took him 29 years to get over, he’s going to make mistakes along the way. It wasn’t like he had any clear-cut pattern or plan to make it besides, Rock and Steve have been gone long enough, he could do their sh*t. I see where he’s up for a new contract.”

Knight’s most recent televised match saw the popular Superstar defeat The Miz during last week’s SmackDown.

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