Konnan Promises A Lucha Libre Show On A “Grand Stage” In The United States


A major Lucha Libre event set in the United States isn’t a question of if but when, according to Konnan.

Considered one of the most influential names in Lucha Libre, Konnan has worked as a wrestler, booker, and promoter, and is currently working with AAA.


Speaking to “Inside the Ropes,” Konnan laid out his intentions for an event in the United States. He said,

“The only two things that I have left to do in the business that I really want to do is, number one, come to the United States and be able to show Lucha Libre on a grand stage and that’s gonna happen. It’s not if, it’s when, and that’s gonna happen probably within the next two years, that’s guaranteed.

“A TV show with a major network, kinda like what ‘Lucha Underground’ did. [In ‘Lucha Underground’] Lucha [Libre] was the appetizer to the whole shebang … this would be raw, uncut Lucha with a Latin-centric twist.”

Konnan has appeared for AEW and WWE in recent years, including appearing at this year’s WWE Hall of Fame to induct Rey Mysterio.

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