Logan Paul Calls KSI-PRIME Mascot One Of WWE’s Best Product Integrations


Logan Paul has called the involvement of KSI, dressed as a bottle of PRIME Energy Drink, one of WWE’s best examples of product integration.

During Paul’s WrestleMania 39 (Night One) match with Seth Rollins, KSI, Paul’s PRIME business partner appeared on the show in costume and took a splash through a table from Rollins.


Speaking on his “Impaulsive” podcast, Paul reflected on the spot with KSI earlier this month. He said,

“I’m biased, [but it was] probably one of the coolest product integrations WWE has ever had. They are the best organization in the world for creativity and for Prime, we’re pretty innovative with marketing. We are disruptors and so we approach marketing the same way. When we came up with this idea to jump onto the Prime bottle where [KSI] would be inside it and have a surprise reveal, I didn’t think it was going to get approved.”

This week, it was confirmed that Paul has signed a new contract with WWE but it is unclear when he will compete next.

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