Mick Foley & Joey Ryan Respond To Controversy Over “Test of Strength” Spot, WWE Releases Free Randy Orton/Christian Match


The former manager of the Midnight Express, Jim Cornette, wasn’t pleased with WWE Hall of Famer, Mick Foley, taking part in a spot with Joey Ryan at an Over The Top Wrestling show on Saturday. Cornette was asked about the spot, and he said it was “sad” to see Foley doing comedy spots with Ryan on Twitter.

Both Mick Foley and Joey Ryan responded to some of the controversy later today on social media….

Also, Mick Foley posted about the match and spot on his own Facebook page, which you can read below.

“So last night in Dublin, there was an incident involving a case of mistaken identity, and a leapfrog that turned an innocent attempt at a mandible claw into something far, FAR more sinister! I know Joey Ryan’s #DickFlip has divided the wrestling Community in a way we previously thought only John Cena or Roman Reigns could! It has become the #IWC equivalent of the Trump/Hillary election – ending friendships, even turning brother against brother…brother! Son against Daddy…daddy! It’s quite possible Jim Cornette will never speak to me again after seeing this photo – a solid 28 year friendship over in a matter of seconds! So why, you may ask, would I participate in such a potentially divisive penile palming? The answer is simple – look at the smiles. JUST LOOK AT THE SMILES! There is a smile, literally on EVERY face! In the end, isn’t that what it’s all about? If applying the mandible claw to Joey Ryan’s genitalia last night was wrong…I don’t want to be right! Please let me know how YOU feel about this gripping problem!”


Below is the full ‘No Holds Barred’ World Heavyweight Title Match between Randy Orton and Christian at SummerSlam in 2011…..

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