Naomi Reacts To Earning A Match For Asuka’s WWE Championship


WWE SmackDown! Live women’s wrestler Naomi tweeted the following, reacting to getting a title shot against Asuka after her big win on Tuesday night’s WWE SmackDown! Live broadcast:

“Asuka is my friend and to me, Asuka is one of the best, as well as Becky and Charlotte. But I’m just as good as those women and I want to be in that conversation, I want to be in those matches, and I’m not sitting in the back anymore. Whenever I see an opportunity, from here on out, I’m going to do what I’ve got to do and take it. And this doesn’t change anything between me and Asuka, and our friendship. It’s all about love and respect. She gave me an amazing match tonight and I’m thankful. I learned a lot, and this won’t be my last shot at the title. I can guarantee that.”

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