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NewsNWA Powerrr To Begin Airing On The CW App On 2/6 +...

NWA Powerrr To Begin Airing On The CW App On 2/6 + More News



The National Wrestling Alliance took to Twitter on Thursday to announce that new episodes of Powerrr will be airing on The CW app beginning in February. The new shows will appear on the app starting February 6th.

You can check out the official announcement below:

“We are thrilled to announce that all-new NWA programming will appear on @TheCwApp starting February 6th!

The app is available in all AppStores, streaming devices and viewable in your browser!

If you haven’t already seen what @thecw is building on this platform, there’s no better time than now to check it out!

We can’t wait for all of the excitement to come in 2024!”

In other news, Taiji Ishimori will be defending his KOPW Championship against Great-O-Khan at NJPW’s ‘The New Beginning’ event.

New Japan Pro Wrestling sent out the following press release to announce the stipulations for the bout:

Ishimori, O-Khan present KOPW rules
January 11 saw Taiji Ishimori and Great-O-Khan each present their choice of rules for January 20’s KOPW 2024 bout at New Beginning in Nagoya. After Ishimori escaped O-Khan’s clutches at the end of the end of the ten minute four way scramble at New Year Dash, he left with the KOPW belt, but having drawn the ire of the Eliminator, who challenges in Nagoya for the second consecutive year.

O-Khan was surprised Ishimori even showed up to the presentation, remarking ‘we figured you would run away again,’ before revealing his choice of rules- a Bullrope Deathmatch. Stating ‘you can’t just grab a quick fall and run away this time,’ O-Khan explained that both men would be connected via a bullrope and had to touch all four corners in succession. Ever gracious, O-Khan would concede ‘you cannot hope to pull us at 120 kg to all four corners, so we will allow you this- no DQs- it is a deathmatch after all’.

In response, Ishimori revealed his choice of rules to be a ’10 minute Ishimori Ring Fit Match’. In this match, the last to hold the belt via decision after ten minutes will win. However at three minute intervals, both competitors will have to undergo 30 seconds of high intensity circuit training.

O-Khan claimed that Ishimori would likely just try and escape for the duration, while his rules ‘should be perfectly fair to him, always in the gym, he should try and pull me to these four corners.’ Ishimori appealed to the uniqueness of his own rules while the challenger stated that ‘nobody wants to see you exercise and sweat, they want to see blood!’
Rule recap

Challenger: Great-O-Khan

Bullrope Deathmatch

No DQs. All four corners have to be touched in succession to win.

Holder: Taiji Ishimori

10 Minute Ishimori Ring Fit Match

Last title holder after ten minutes wins. 30 second exercise interval every three minutes.

A three day poll will take place on social media from Friday January 12 at 10AM JST.

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