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NewsRaven Discusses His Hard To Kill Appearance, Thoughts On The Show

Raven Discusses His Hard To Kill Appearance, Thoughts On The Show



During the latest episode of his “The Raven Effect” podcast, Raven opened up about appearing at Impact’s Hard To Kill pay-per-view event. He also shared his thoughts on the show and his recent TV appearances.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

Talking about Hard To Kill: “It was a f*****g great show. So I’m watching the show. First of all, I was in a segment with Mickie James, putting her over because she started out as Alexis Laree, and I brought her into TNA, which was the forerunner of IMPACT. I did a little thing where I came because she was in a match where if she lost, then she would have to retire. But if she won, she won the title. It was against Jordynne Grace, and it was a hell of a f*****g match. There were like four matches I saw that were on the pay-per-view Friday night that I thought were tremendous. I don’t want to put stars to them….The Mickie James and Jordynne Grace [match] was amazing.”

Being on commentary for Steve Maclin vs. Rich Swann: “Then I did some commentary on a Falls Count Anywhere match in Atlanta match. I wanted to do a spot where they fight to the Marietta line, and one guy, they get the three count, and the guy’s halfway over the Marietta line, and it’s called off because he’s outside of Atlanta, because it was only good in the city of Atlanta. Then the angle would continue because he would say it’s Metro Atlanta, because Marietta is in the Metro Atlanta area. I’d be like, I don’t know about that, and we’d have to have a lawyer, and it’d be a big scrum and a big legal fiasco… They had a hell of a match. F*****g Maclin’s talented. Rich Swann is really f*****g talented.”

Giving advice to Taylor Wilde and Killer Kelly: “I was talking with Killer Kelly and Taylor Wilde. This was on Saturday’s show, they worked each other, and I was throwing my two cents in. I wasn’t the agent for their match, but I threw in my two cents. I asked them if they minded. I told them after the match, I said, ‘Yeah, you guys worked really hard, it was a really good match. But how long you been in the business?’ They each said about five years. I’m like, that’s not that much. Five years, you work twice a week, at the most you work twice a week, that’s only a hundred matches in a year. That’s 500 matches. My second year, I had 300 matches in one year. It takes a while until you’re just smooth like butter.”

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