Tony Khan Hopes FTR Return To AEW In The Future


AEW President Tony Khan was a guest on a recent edition of the “In The Kliq” podcast and one topic touched upon was FTR – Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood.

As previously announced, Harwood revealed that the team would be taking some time off this year to rest up, heal from injuries, and contemplate their next steps. Khan made sure to confirm that he hopes to have the former AEW World Tag Team Champions back in his company.

Tony Khan
Tony Khan

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the team’s hiatus: “I do hope to see FTR back. They do need some time to recover from what was one of the most intense years of wrestling any team’s ever done — the schedule they went through, all the different places they worked.”

On hoping to see them return: “So I think, for those guys, we wanna see them back in AEW and wanna’ see them heal up and come back at 100 percent. We’re really looking forward to that, hopefully. I think they’re a great team and would love to have them back.”

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